As you come into a conscious realisation of the powers within you, you will have more to express. Therefore “your best“ will be constantly getting better, with the consequence that your reward will be greater. In other words, as you develop “within“ as you build up the “unseen powers“ so in like manner will your powers to achieve material success be manifested in your life, and more success and prosperity will be attracted to you. All this is dependent upon your giving to clients, your service quality, your value added by intention and a “good deal” freely. If you give grudgingly you’ll receive a scanty reward; if you give fully of the best that is within you you will reap a rich and abundant reward.

Give the best that is within you. 

How can I find words with which to express all that I mean? Give your best thoughts, hold nothing back; give your most faithful service, do not doubt yourself, because all cosmic forces are yours, there is nothing to doubt; give to the upmost of all the powers, the forces, the emotions, the inspirations that are within you; do this, and you will never lack for anything. The universe is not run by caprice or chance, everything is according to law. The law of compensation is immutable, it can never be tricked. “Whatever you give shall be measured to you again“

These are scientific facts. We hold our lives and our destiny‘s in our own hands. We can give our best to the world – our best in service, in love, in devotion, in honesty, in faithfulness in inspiration in beauty – our best in all that you do or attempt to do; and back to you will come unerringly the highest good, the greatest joy, the best that life can offer. Or on the other hand we may think to value someone else’s needs, and give poor service, try to get what we do not deserve, endeavour by sliminess, trickiness and sharp practice to snatch an advantage at the expense of others, steal time from work and satisfy ourselves in other ways and still demand income, and in return we shall reap a miserable harvest of trouble, disappointment, unhappiness and failure.

“Then give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.“

No longer can you offer the world the more or less imperfect service which has forever been the best that others would suggest you offer. Now you are entering into the depths and glory of the big powers of your subliminal mind, now you are controlling an ever-growing stream of creative thoughts; now are all these inward forces being translated into action and that action can only be better service, better work, higher accomplishment, more abundant success than ever you have known before.

This is not rhetoric or marketing hype. It is not long hours spent watching television or time spent satisfying the demands of emotionally impoverished people. Let imperfect work belong only to the past; the badly scrubbed bath, the mediocre book, the commonplace photograph, the half-hearted service in your work; time serving and people pleasing, instead of working for a grand ideal; let it all go, it belongs to yesterday and yesterday is dead. It belongs to the imperfect past. Now you live in a more perfect present, and press on to a still more perfect future.

Mistakes and shortcomings of the past have no more domination over you; in your hands is the key which opens up the way to all freedom and accomplishment.

From now on the new and wonderful life within you will well up with increasing power and find expression in better work, in jobs more perfectly performed in service more generously given in more complete self control.

Leave the past and its failure; you have nothing to do with either. Today is yours and the future will be according as you build it today.

This weeks affirmation is;

I give to the world the best I have. And the best in the world comes back to me.

Then visualise yourself giving the very highest and best service of which you are capable and then picture of the highest good coming back to you in return. Make this mental picture very real; it will have a great affect for you and good in your life.

As a visualising exercise take a flower and picture its “growth“ backwards from the full bloom right back to the planted seed. Actually “see“ the whole process in reverse.


  1. “There is no need for me to anxiously scratch and Graham, to horde and scream, to cheat and squeeze my fellow human beings. I do not have to run after success in fortune; instead, they kneel down at my feet and pay me homage. I need not stoop to know subtle forces, no low cunning, no doubtful methods, for everything I need is mine, all that I desire comes to me, by the operation of natural universal law. I realise now that I am one with, and form part of, the infinite mind. I realise that the infinite mind is “everything there is“ and that everything there is, is infinite mind. Therefore as I am a part of the infinite mind I too am all things and all things are in me. Therefore everything that I can possibly require, peace of mind and health of body, achievement of wealth, friends, love, prosperity, success, these are all mine; they hasten to support my eternal joy. 
  2. I am a magnet, I attract to myself only the highest good.
  3. I am attuned only to the highest vibration of health, success, accomplishment, happiness; the lower vibration of disease, failure, want and unhappiness can find no place in my mind, no manifestation in my life.
  4. I am in my inner, higher, better self a radiant and sublime mental being, partaking of the nature of the infinite mind, of which I form a part, supporting who I live and move and express my being.
  5. I pour out instantly upon my fellow human beings my best work and efforts my richest thoughts and emotions; I give to the world the very best that is in me. Yet the more and selflessly I give, the more richly I am blessed, the more abundantly are life’s choices and gifts, showered upon me.


Give to the world the best you have, not merely your labour, your work, your earnest endeavour, but your inspiration, the very best that is in you. Not only work in the usual sense of the word, not only labour by accomplishing your daily task better than ever before, but in addition work mentally, work creatively, work along inspired lines. Strive to do something fresh, create something new, add something to the world’s total sum of joy and happiness. This can only be done by spending your spare time, not in frivolous pleasures, but in concentration in the silence on your affirmations and visualisations. Stillness for your outer mind and the senses, (balanced, centred, calm) and then in the silence listen to the inner voice of inspiration. This way, you will receive your messages which will send you out into life with a glow of passionate desire in your heart. In this way you conceive that achievement which is till now, to eluded you. Only by this means will you be able to evolve the original thoughts which will make your life really successful and useful.

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