Consider pondering these thoughts between the hours of 6 am and 9 am and between 9 pm and 11 pm especially just before going to bed.


“In the past I have listened to the distracting voices of this imperfect unsatisfying life of the senses. I have been pulled this way and that, by desire, by impulse, by uncontrolled emotions, and have been influenced by the advice of those who have had no inward knowledge. From now on I turn a deaf ear to all those voices and listen only to the inward voice which always speaks with perfect wisdom. No more shall I be perplexed and worried not knowing which way to turn or what to do, instead I shall be guided perfectly by the inward voice of inspiration. I raise my mind above this life of the senses and dwell in the perfect world of mind. all thoughts and suggestions and states that are not in harmony with the highest good, I reversed into their opposites. Thus I cleanse my mind, my thoughts, my life, my circumstances, my world, and build up my new life. When confused or faced with difficult problems, I retire into my inner self, and, by thought control, I keep out, or reverse, the unwonted thought, until my inner mind is stilled and calmed, and I can hear the invoice of wisdom. This voice of wisdom never makes a mistake, never lead astray, but always guides me towards the highest good. Therefore I have no worry or care or confusion because I always know how to act even in the most confusing circumstances, being guided perfectly by the inner voice of wisdom.”

What we are learning here is how to engage in instructing the subliminal mind in regard to what we want it to cause. The inner mind, the higher mind, the subliminal mind, the all knowledge mind, can solve your every problem. What we have come to realise here is that the ability to park the conscious mind and allow the subliminal mind to have a voice is very important. To most students it is a difficult task to still the senses and control unwonted thought, but it is a comparatively easy, if instead of trying to inhibit a thought and keep on concentrating upon it, simply focus on something magnificent to you. I often imagine images of infinite beauty such as the stars and the solar system, I even deliberately have the Hubble telescope in my social media and other beauty universal images, such as natures magnificent miracles and sometimes even micro awareness of plants insects and other such things. Hence instead of controlling the mind I am, in most cases, distracting it towards something that I would prefer to focus on (magnificence and beauty). I consciously do not focus on a particular individual as this distraction. I will explain later.

“The life that lies before the student of truth is one of great glory – of infinite expansion and unfoldment. It does not, however, always appear that way to the student. In order to test your metal, it often appears drab and hopeless. Everything seems to go wrong, and voices whisper “go back, why trouble any longer, the journey is hopeless.”

If the student does go back they prove that they are not worthy and for them there can be no steep ascent to inspiration and creation. But the one who will keep on in spite of all discouragements and opposition, and who proves their worth, grows on to a life of indescribable joy, of victory and achievement, of abundant health and peace of mind. 

I affirm for you the life of true freedom. “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” …

Chris Walker

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