SUCCESS FORMULA #37 Competitive Advantage in Your Life and Work – Your Personality

See where other people are lacking and supply what is necessary. It is the person who comes along with a fresh idea, who breaks new ground, who discovers that which other people have never seen, who inaugurates a better service; in other words, it is the one who gets ahead with their ideas, and is the first in the field, who gets the business and makes a fortune. Therefore be original, do not copy other people. Do not be a feeble reflection of someone else; be yourself. Remember that there is something you can do better than anyone else, that no one can do it as well as you or in precisely the same way – in other words you have personality. 

Therefore, develop your personality; let your work be distinctive; make it different from that of your competitors. Let your personality be written all over your business and career and relationship; let there be a personal touch about everything that you do. This will distinguish both you and your business from other people and other people‘s business; this will be a reason why the public, or a large portion of it, will come to you to buy your goods or services rather than go elsewhere. This however, this personality is not loud, it is not evil, it is not negative. This personality is creative, or inspired. Inspired thinking is a personality. Success mindset is a personality. Fear of failure is not a personality.

If people are to prefer you, your business or your professional services to those of others there must be a really good reason other than the service, delivery or product itself. You can be copied so those tangibles are simply requirements. Do not get into the trap of thinking that your consulting advice is better than another. Do not think your product is enough. It is your brand – the intangible notion of what you represent as an experience in the presence of others that makes the difference.

As the best example. Online you can buy an apple pen for $15 that works perfectly. It is good looking and exactly perfect. You can also buy an Apple Pen from Apple for $200. The function is identical but the pens are radically different. And worth paying 1500% more for. That’s character. People are not going to do this in a sustainable way simply because you affirm that they will. The only way to get them onboard is by supplying better goods, more perfect service, higher skill, greater probability of result and trustworthiness. All of them.

Another great factor in winning success is the mental attitude of cheerfulness and brightness. People are attracted to the cheerful optimistic person, and repelled by the one who is gloomy and pessimistic. Be cheerful and bright under all circumstances and this alone will be worth a fortune to you. These qualities alone will bring you in more money every year than most people get my hard work, to say nothing of the joy and cheerfulness which this attitude of mind will attract to you. By your brightness, cheerfulness and optimism, by your appearance and personality, you will create a good impression wherever you go. I mention appearance advisedly, because the face becomes in time a reflection of the soul. Joy for life becomes deeply marked on the faces of its owner and so does the face reveal the mind and thoughts that are directed into the right channels of good service. Your face will reflect the calm and peace and courage of the mind within if it is truth. As time goes on the face demonstrates the attitude and carriage of the body. When those change considerably, so too does the face no matter what the age and this makes one more attractive; which is essential to attract success, because when you attract to yourself people of the right kind they bring your potential success with them.

My associate in the USA, an old friend and very wise man, has many botox injections in his face to mask the strain and drain of his many years of travel. He chooses to impress and attractive appearance to stay approachable to the younger students of his teachings. Actors use the same and also hematoid cream to remain wrinkle free. This is not bad.

This is an acceptance of the fact that the face does reveal the person within and sometimes there is a need to modify what is reflected in order to be authentic especially when the camera is up close and personal. Do not condemn those who use these arts to modify their appearance, it is a real reflection of their intent to be attractive to their market and deliver a better version of themselves.

Clothing also represents a part of this appearance. However, a word of warning: if the face says peace but the attitude is in conflict with this face, then there will be unresolved questions in the audience and those around. People are intuitive and so the personality and the face need to be aligned. This shift in personality might require a shift in appearance if time has etched a worry line in your brow. That is just as important to consider as a new colour pattern on your shift to demonstrate you have shifted your personality.

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