Another word of warning around denial, affirmation and visualisation, and it is this; 

Exercise a wise business prudence. 

Do not, just because you feel within you the flattering of a new and wondrous power, rush thoughtlessly into business speculation, which may either ruin you or seriously jeopardise your career/business. Be prudent, be wise, do not get carried away by your enthusiasm; instead go slowly and feel your way, as it were, step-by-step. Be sure and steady; do not risk failure for the sake of getting on more quickly.

Keep your expenses within your income. It is a happy person who spends less than they earn. The troubles of many families are due to their expenditure being in excess of their income. This leads them into endless difficulties and cares. All because one person has a fantasy of investment before results.

Success: there is no success that does not extend to the home. By scientific right-thinking, happiness, peace and harmony can be made to shine in a home where there were misunderstandings, friction, bickering and unhappiness; while, with careful judicious denial, affirmation and visualisation, ever-increasing health will manifest in the home, instead of intermittent sickness.

Cleanse your own heart and mind by denials, build up your own character by affirmations, calm your own spirit by visualisation, dwelling in the perfect purity of the world of infinite mind, and you will find, strange though it may seem, that everybody else in your household will get more loveable, and helpful, and restful, in their attitude toward you.

Remember to “reverse“ every undesirable thought, suggestion, sight or impression that comes to you. Deny them each and all in your perfect world of mind (universal laws of nature) and affirm their opposite. For instance, two members of your family maybe getting angry with one another (your kids) and the air becomes electric. Immediately raise yourself into your higher world of mind and say to yourself or even out loud; “perfect people are never angry. They are perfect mental creatures dwelling in a pure atmosphere of the infinite universe and can never be angry“; then: affirm, “ humanity is love, perfect love; they dwell in the atmosphere of infinite love, universal love.“ If by doing so you get a clear concept of that perfect world of mind, which is perfect, and is real, and is permanent, and a clear realisation of the perfect love of this perfect world, then the quarrelling ones will cease to quarrel, will love one another instead and ever afterwards will quarrel less.”

Remember the three great laws; 

  1. The law of love and attraction. “Give love, and love will flow to your heart – a strength in your utmost possibility and in times of your utmost need.“ 
  2. The law of compensation. “Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.“ 
  3. The law of absolute justice. “With what measure you give out, it will be measured back to you again.“ 

Therefore the ability to win the highest success, to draw to yourself the greatest happiness, to create in your life the highest good, it all depends upon giving. 

The mistaken idea of the animal mind is that, to be happy and successful, one must seek and grab, is entirely false, and leads to bitter disappointment. The voice of wisdom that is heard in the “silence“ tells us that only as we give do we receive. That if we give of our best – our best thoughts, emotions, Service, love – then the best will come back to us in the exact proportion, no more, no less.

Again let me emphasise the necessity for “stickability“ and perseverance. 

Keep at it, never know failure, let this word be expunged from your vocabulary. It is the person with the greatest staying power who wins through the hard times.

Again, possess your soul in courage. Remember that if you use your inward mental powers right, and bring your business and your life and your conduct into harmony with the laws, you can never fail. The possibilities of your life are great, because great, beyond all humankind, is the infinite power within you. You have nothing to be afraid of. Big corporations cannot smash you. You can always beat them by personal service, by individuality and originality. By straight dealing, by integrity, by honesty combined with efficiency, and businesslike procedure, you can make for yourself and enduring reputation. 

When faced by problems, difficulties and perplexities, you can at once raise yourself into the perfect world of your universal mind (your higher mind), use denial with the universal laws, and realise that you, your real self, can never be perplexed, because being one with the universal mind of all wisdom is yours. You know that in the “silence,“ having hushed the loud voices of the emotional, surface, material, objective mind, you can hear the stillness, the voice of intuition, of infinite wisdom. For you, having learnt how to raise yourself above the life of the senses to the perfect world of the mind, there is wisdom, understanding and illumination; there can be no perplexity or worry, only infinite calm and peace.

By being calm and unflurried, you immunise yourself from your environment, you are no longer worried by who you work with, live with, walk past or share a cafe with. By dwelling in the atmosphere of peace, you can preserve your nervous system and your health. Meanwhile, your “tense practicing“ competitor is tearing their nerves to pieces and breaking down their constitution in order to achieve what you do with ease. This is ultimately called leadership.

Above all, remember to deny every thought, sight, influence and suggestion that is negative, evil or pessimistic, or critical, or fearing or selfish and create in its place it’s exact opposite by affirmation. Deny evil constantly, and affirm infinite good, deny fear just as frequently and earnestly as it surfaces, “THERE IS NO FEAR”, and affirm confidence and courage; “I AM SUCCESS” – do this persistently and you will transform your life.

Now that you have finished the lessons do not lay them lightly aside and forget them. This course is not a course for once through listening, or merely enjoying a distraction, it is the repeated practice of your entire life. You have gone diligently through the course and probably think that you have mastered it, but it is highly improbable that you have mastered this. If you will now begin again and start with lesson one and work steadily through the course, downloading the audio and pausing morning and afternoon in silence to listen, you will find fresh light and understanding, and many hidden and deeper meanings, unsuspected before, they will come to light. This work has been prepared in layers. Study the lessons and practice their teachings for the rest of your life. Do not expect immediate results. The effects of thought are slow in manifesting. It is my experience that what we visualise and think today becomes manifest in about two years time. 

By that I do still mean that by affirming certain qualities you will immediately begin to develop these qualities, because they do, right from the first affirmation. What I do mean is this, that suppose you want to demonstrate and build a big business venture, a large practice, a new career or say a house in the country all bought and paid for, or perfect recovery from a lifelong health issue, or a greater advancement in spiritual freedom, then if you hold in your mind a sharply defined picture of what you want, and visualise it by joyful emotion, and confident affirmations, and spend at least a quarter of an hour every night and morning holding this picture in your mind besides calling it up at intervals during the day, then in about two years time what has been held in the mind will become an actual accomplished fact in your life. 

I have done this many times. Yes, I may have many setbacks and disappointments but if I persevere and persist and concentrate, then whatever I desire most, objectify in my mind, will manifest within 2 years. Actually, of course, I have been progressing all the time towards the realisation of my desire, but it is in about two years time that the tangible results are physically seen. After that, one can never look back because success attracts success and once one has demonstrated it, one becomes so full of success vibrations that success becomes the habit of one’s life.

It was in 1988, I drafted the affirmations and visualisations to become a professional speaker on the world circuit, speaking about corporate consciousness. I started daily affirmations and visualisations and nothing happened. Instead I built a yoga school, and taught yoga and then I also started helping an associate running his training events for corporate and then I met a partner who had a friend who was a book publisher, and then I got to speak at a conference I was attending and then I spoke at a church and a community hall and then and then … none of which I thought was what I was visualising, it was, for me, crumbs when I wanted the whole cake. But the yoga school ended up global and I spoke at many events as MC, and then the associate got ill and I took over his speaking events, and then the conference event I accidentally spoke at was world reported and I was invited to speak in Canada which started a North American career in speaking and then and then …. Now I have spoken at 3,500 professional events, been booked through speaking bureaus and event management, taken groups all over the planet on retreats and yes, those affirmations and visualisations are still not manifest as I envisage but they have manifest. I know, had I not persevered and stayed true to the visualisation and affirmation nothing I have now would be in existence. 

Therefore my guidance to you my students, is to keep on persevering, persisting, use your ‘stickability.’ Never cease mentally to picture and affirm confidently. It is by this mental activity that you win success. It is not done by striving so much as “thinking“ and visualising because these two add to belief. Of course one must work, but it is the mental activity of affirmation and visualisation that crowns the work with commitment and attracts the resources for lasting success.

By bringing into play, as taught in these lessons, the unlimited powers of your subliminal mind, directing it by the use of denials and affirmations, by harmonising with the immutable laws of nature, and by the art of visualisation, you can accomplish all that you desire. There is no height to which you cannot climb, no success that you cannot achieve, no happiness that you cannot attract into your life. All things are yours. Everything has been delivered into your hands. You do not need more than you already have in order to be the success you imagine. You can do whatever you please, you can achieve what you will, you can be all that you desire. Act according to the teachings of this course, making in future, your own denials and affirmations as are required, extemporising your own meditations, and you will have set your feet on a path that leads ever upwards. Where it ends, if it ever does, no one can say, but this I know, it is a path of joy and blessing and happiness and success; it leads to heights the grandeur of which cannot be described.

If I have helped you take the road of right-thinking, which leads to your eternal joy and satisfaction, I am rewarded above measure.

I affirm for your success in its richest and full of sense and all the joys of overcoming.

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