Looking at the problems of the world, it is natural to feel great pain and sorrow, and wonder what should be done to help. However, any action that does not come from your own original stillness will only increase those problems ad infinitum.

If you really wish to help others, you must be free from your emotional attachment to them. Such attachment is merely the product of your ego. Thus the best way to help others is to:

  1. Deny there is a problem and therefore still yourself of agitation.
  2. Affirm their amazingness in whatever sphere they seek support.
  3. Visualise them in the prime of their existence.

This means that you are in your own original peace. When you are in the depths of your subliminal mind you can see things as they really are, without the emotional distortions of your thinking mind. Then you can truly be of service.

This can most clearly be seen in the medical world when a doctor or surgeon starts to feel sorry for you they are and have become part of the problem of your illness. Instead, they affirm your well-being, describe to you the process of becoming well and see you as a potentially healthy human being at the end of the treatment. If they distort in any way there medical practice they become emotionally involved and therefore unable to clearly separate their own judgements and limited mental capacities from what is needed which is healing.

The very same process applies to leadership in any field of life extending from business to social change. The true leader will separate their emotional lower minded judgements, there rational mind from the task at hand and instead deny all such judgement, affirm the best, and visualise the best describing the latter to as a leader must to their followers. In other words the clearer and more regularly a leader refers to their subliminal mind with affirmations and visualisation the clearer and more powerful will be their leadership. The more often they refer to their emotional and rational mind the clumsier and less inspired will be their leadership. This is clear in every great person who has ever existed on this planet and caused something to be greater than themselves.

We often talk about the value of life purpose in leadership. The reason life purpose becomes important is that it reveals the limitation of operating from the lower emotional states, rational thought and the objective mind with its judgements and transmits a sense of possibility way beyond the limitation of this finite thinking.

The true power of a healer or a leader in any walk of life is revealed in their willingness to accept the power of the unseen world in manifesting outcomes in the material or seen world. Even when a leader claims to be making judgements and decisions on their own merit they will acknowledge that they are creating something far bigger than themselves and therefore are inspired by something far bigger than themselves. Therefore, it is important for you as a student, to transcend your lower finite thinking process and to find a home in the process of denial, affirmation, and visualisation. If there is one single process that will enable you to live a life full and with achievement beyond the limits of your talent then it is the ability to sustain and hold firm with denial, affirmation and visualisation over an extended period of time (two years).

We human beings except and lead our lives, completely unaware that we are the realisation of some hundred million years, and that our lives are beyond the realms of possibility for water dwelling creatures.

Out of the water and onto the land, we are now living lives that at one time seemed utterly impossible. However, then, can anyone conclude that we are in capable of actualising somewhere which, from our present standpoint, also appears impossible? If we assume that a spiritual being will never emerge or enjoy living in some higher dimension beyond this materialistic earthly plane, such an assumption comes from limitations of our finite mind, of ourselves as earthbound creatures. It is as if we deny the possibility of birds that fly, simply because we are fish.

You may have a burden in your mind as to whether you are making progress, or whether you are merely going around and around in circles. This is because you have expectations of going somewhere, getting somewhere, becoming something better. But what is progress anyway?

I do not mean to say that it is alright for you to stay as you are now. You must take each step and new, burning out your old life completely. But there is no way to achieve this by negotiating with your finite mind which will always find fault. Therefore the true practice of progress is denial, affirmation and visualisation. In this way you have faith and hope for the future, faith and belief in the present, and you are not trapped by the constant measurement of where you are compared to where you want to be. That is the trap. If you are constantly comparing where you are to where you want to be you are constantly in the habit of judgement of yourself and others and will create infinite trauma in your finite mind that will cause you extraordinary discomfort and pain and set you back many years that are unnecessarily wasted. By denial you refused to judge where you are, by affirmation you know with certainty your path, your destiny, by visualisation you hold the strongest influence of your behaviour.

Take this opportunity to imagine a prison cell the bars of which are of your own mental construction. Why are we living in this world? What is the purpose of our lives? What are we seeking throughout the whole of our existence?

We are seeking real happiness. This is the fact. All of us are. And have we really achieved it? From morning till night from the cradle to the grave, we are making plans and all sorts of efforts. For example, earning money, giving education to our children, trying to keep our bodies healthy, by every conceivable means, we are doing all that we can to achieve our final happiness. So, have you achieved it? Not yet? Then when?

In fact, we are not achieving it. All of the effort we make throughout the whole of our lives is in vain. Isn’t it? If you could get it by your effort or willpower or planning, you should already have found your final happiness. But you haven’t yet. Why?

From our earliest use we have, unconsciously, always been forced to do things with intense effort in order to obtain some specific purpose or position. Our parents and school teachers, all of them, encouraged us to become cleverer, stronger, bigger, and always more “moral”. And again at our workplace everybody is competing to be better than the rest. In such a manner we are swept forward into our graves. It is a completely senseless and stupid way to live.

Think this through. Our limited finite mind is constructed by our ego to create a safe and secure haven for our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, rational thinking and education. This limited finite mind is also filled with our subconscious thoughts which we are unaware of, but play and a huge role in our behaviour and our attitude. We do all types of therapy and mind manipulative games in order to improve things in this limited finite mind but even the most advanced individuals in the utilisation of this limited finite mind have not found what we are all looking for. It would seem apparent that the answer to our questions is not in the manipulation or the governance of this limited finite mind but rather in some other aspect of our humanity that we do not value war has been kept confidentially locked away from us in case we should buy following it deny our addiction to moral fortitude, religion, culture etc.

The freedom to choose beyond the limitation of this finite mind does not belong to everybody because there are extreme dangers in breaking out of this prison environment to recognise the role of the subliminal mind in manifestation of the life and happiness and material possessions that we wish to have. There is a powerful connection to the source that is currently governed by intermediate teachers and preachers and leaders who fear that we will achieve such independence that it will threaten the very structure of their commercial power. Denial, affirmation and visualisation are the keys. They question the concept of this constructed ego as being any form of causation of success.

The very idea that we can achieve something without extreme effort puts the notion of competition being the process for achievement in question. It puts the notion of becoming cleverer, stronger, bigger, and always more “moral” in doubt as a source of happiness or success.

As we have discussed in the earlier presentations in this course on success formula thinking we recognise the importance of willpower, of stickiness, of faith and hope, of personality and character in the development of success. These are all elements of mind control, the refusal (denial) to accept the excuses and reasoning of the rational mind and instead focus completely on the affirmation and visualisation that we have generated in the subliminal mind as being causation of success. We have also agreed, that success is a holistic result, that happiness does not come from achievement but instead from service and giving at 100% of one’s capacity. These things are about setting a path that has no wasted time.

You are success….

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