We have seen in these lessons on SUCCESS FORMULA that within us dwells the universal mind, and that when we look within we find infinite power. In the same way humankind is also animated by the infinite life. So long as people ignore the infinite nature of their life, so long will they be weak, diseased, ill and miserable.

The animal health of our forefathers is passing away, and human beings are becoming more sensitive, more mental, more spiritual and therefore depend more and more and more on mental and spiritual forces for their life and their health. Everyone is getting more nervous and highly strung, more imaginative, more sensitive to power of thought and other spiritual and psychic forces. Therefore we must look more and more to the one source of all life for our health, energy and vitality.

Those who seek perfect health, and who does not these days, should deny every thought of and belief in sickness, illness and disease and instead, constantly affirm and visualise a state of perfect health and well-being. Always before your mental vision let this idea of health be dominant, let it be a pillar of success by day and a pillar of fire by night, leading you ever out of paranoia that sweeps the planet around pending sickness into the realms of perfect radiant health.


“The unseen is greater than the sEen, therefore to work in the unseen is to deal with the cause of which the outward life is the effect. By working in the unseen by means of DENIAL, affirmation visualisation and by adding in your mind the highest ideals you arouse the power that SITS hidden within you.”

“The power that is within YOU is the power of the universal mind or spirit, therefore it is infinite and unlimited; the only limit there can be is the limitation we placed upon it by our lack of faith. Therefore in all your difficulties and battles remember that the power within you is infinite. You are one with the infinite if you will only believe it, if you can only realise it. WAKE up and go forWARD INTO LIFE with confidence, your highest ideals can be attained too, if you will believe and have faith and reach upward to higher and better things.

I affirm for you the inward knowledge of these things.”


Humankind is divided into two types, positive and negative. Let me try to describe each to you.

Positive human beings are magnetic, attractive, courageous, happy, cheerful, healthy, energetic, a full of vitality, power and ability to succeed. They never doubt their ability to go and win, they never worry when things go wrong, they do not complain when things are not smooth. If they meet with a temporary setback they become the more determined to succeed. They do not lay upon other people the blame for their own mistakes, but instead learn a lesson from their temporary failure which raises the height and becomes a learning beacon in all future things they do. Positive person can always find people to believe in them and to finance their operations. They never like friends, but people are always anxious to be their friend. Consequently people around them support them, invest in them, and opportunities, as a result, are always coming their way. They are optimist, but this is not a foolish or blind optimism. They are above being petty or mean, or selfish for cruel; neither do they let hate, fear or anger sway them or influence their life or business. They inspire confidence, compel attention they are a leader rather than a follower, and generally it suits atmosphere of success.

A negative person is, of course the antithesis of this type. They are fearful, given to worry, apt to look on the dark side of things. They are afraid to act too much on their own responsibility and seek help and advice of other random and unqualified people in everything they do. They have difficulty in making up their mind, and when they have made it up they often change it. They let others pass them in the race of life and then worry because they fail to get on. They have never much success in life, in their opinion, because no matter what they achieve they think and criticise themselves thinking they might have done very much better in their opinion. They seldom realise that their failures are due to their own feelings but, instead, lay the blame upon other people’s shoulders or associate their failures to bad luck, chance or misfortune. Their energy is not cheerful and is not sort out by other people, except one or two as miserable as themselves.

All their thought conversation are tinged with pessimism and their face, in a course of time, becomes expressionless and miserable, an accurate mirror of their state of mind within. (This also happens with anti depressant medication, alcoholism or plastic surgery). They have no belief in themselves. They believe in fate, luck and the influence of outside circumstances. They are, so they say, as nature made them, fixed in mind and defensive in thought. They blame parents and childhood and claim to be as their childhood environment has shaped them. They want to dig up the past in order to blame it. If they are a failure it is, they think, not their fault, and if their character is not all that it might be, it is due to hereditary links and the environment.

There are of course, infinite degrees for positiveness and also negativeness. Therefore one maybe said to be more positive or less positive according to one’s stage of development, or one can be more negative or less negative according to the degree of helplessness and misery in which one maybe stuck; but the essential difference is this: that where has the positive person looks within for their power to achieve, and look forward with the confidence of the future, the negative person, on the contrary, having no confidence in themselves, looks to others and outside sources for help and assistance and fears that fate may bring them down. The positive person believes in themselves completely and absolutely, the negative person does not; that is the great difference.

It is hardly necessary to point out that all successful people are of the positive type and all the failures in life belong to the negative class. If you were able to make an examination of the minds of numbers of successful people ranging from sports people to business heroes to management consultants to people of loving care down to the successful tradies in your own village or suburb, you would find them to be all this positive type. If you could examine the minds of the leaders of professions, the surgeons, the physicians, lawyers, musicians, artist, journalist, designers and poets, you would find all of them positive types. On the other hand, if you get into conversation with the person who is a failure, it does not matter what situation in life they may belong to, or what their education may have been – you’ll find that their mind is of the negative type.

It is obvious then that we who want to succeed must belong to the positive type.

And, if we belong to the wrong type, if we have adapted our default thinking as the negative type, or mostly negative, or even slightly negative, how can that be fixed. There must be a remedy because we have truly seen those who come from the most dour of upbringings turn it around and become positive.

We are what we are as a result of the past thinking. Our mental attitude is built-up by the thoughts we habitually recognise and harbour. We cultivate our mental habits. Our mental habits are how we approach the solution to our problems. It is written “as a person thinketh so shall they be.” It is never more true that positive or negative thinking. And therefore we can say that, after a time, we are the result of our thoughts and our future will be determined by them. Positive thinking is as automatic as negative. What one person sees as fun another wants to tear into their children for non compliance. It can be changed but only if the individual is willing. In a home it is not uncommon to find two people thinking the opposite (on positive and one negative) and in this home, their is no progress as the couple negate each other in a competition for who can be the most extreme. But there are homes where both aspire to agree on a philosophy of positive thinking and this requires agreement on the laws that govern live. (A religion or an understanding of the universal laws we share.)

If we entertain positive thoughts only and deny negative thoughts, replacing them by their opposites whenever they intrude, we gradually build up a positive attitude of mind, which means that we become positive people, and as such cannot fail to be successful in life. Therefore it all comes back to the old question of thought control. “For one to govern their thinking, then, is to determine their life.“

Thoughts are positive if they dwell on the following; success achievement accomplishment, overcoming, conquering, mastery, prosperity, power, courage, calmness, dignity, perseverance, purposefulness, patience, wisdom, faithfulness, confidence, faith, hope, cheerfulness, love, joy, peace, health and happiness.

Thoughts are negative if they dwell upon the following; failure, difficulty, bad-luck, hard times, occult, fear, dread, grief, worry, care, anxiety, loss, fate, unfaithfulness, grievances, criticising others, imputing bad motives to others, blame, hate, envy, covid news, brooding, lost, impurity, immorality, selfishness, self-interest, misery, unhappiness, disease, ill-health and death.

The former build up character of mind and health of body; they create security and serenity and peace. The latter break down the nervous system, produce ill-health and disease, rob the life of nearly all its joys and destroy all hopes of success. And they create their opposite in children and partner to cause a war in the home and all workplaces they inhabit.


Concentrate your thoughts on the positive words above, or listen to them on the audio one by one, for a few minutes and let your imagination embody each word, and conjure up in your mind just what it means. A sense of power, unlimited and all comprehensive will take over your being.

This is the infinite power of the subliminal mind being aroused. All these positive qualities which these words represent within you, trigger your subliminal energy. If you repeat the negative you will realise that you can not arouse the sense of power, but instead, with anger generate a physical force which is, driven by negativity, a path to failure. So it is wise to sing, chant, remember, use and speak these positive words to create a trigger for your sub-mind to create your SUCCESS. This is the beginning of your SUCCESS FORMULA, controlling positive trigger words that will eventually become your thinking habit.

By concentrating your thoughts for a few minutes upon success, a sense of unlimited power of accomplishment will stir within you, then you have actually with in you unlimited powers of accomplishment. If by thinking only of joy for a few minutes, a sense of intense joy pervades the mind, then you have simply called into activity an inexhaustible reservoir of joy that already exists within you. You cannot call into activity that which does not already exist. In the same way if you concentrate your thoughts upon negative qualities, such as misery, you will after a few minutes become gloomy and depressed, or if your mind dwells on rubbish and self-criticism, you will soon become full of dread and apprehension.

Therefore your success, health and happiness all depend on the type of thought that you entertain. If your mind dwells on positive thoughts only, then you become positive and by sustained action, successful. If however you think negative thoughts you become negative and consequently a failure. And those who try to rescue you by changing your success without changing your mindset, will fail as well.

How can you control your thinking that only positive thoughts are allowed?

The answer is, by vigilance, constant watch and Goal, and by incessant denials and affirmations. Whenever a weak or foul or unworthy thought attempts to enter your mind, deny existence and in your perfect mental world affirm it in its place a thought the exact opposite of the one which you have denied. For instance, the thought may come to you that you will fail an exam for which you’ve studied hard, or blow it at an important interview and that it will end disastrously for you, or that you will not be able to pay the mortgage in the next months. Whatever the thought maybe if it is negative, deny it from the mind. Raise yourself into your perfect world of mind and say “there is and can be no failure, human beings are a perfect mental creature, potentially all the powers of the infinite are theirs, therefore there can never be failure.“ And then affirm;

I am success

Everything that I attempt I completely accomplish

I am success

Then visualise yourself successful in that which you have attempted: the examination success, the interview wonderful, the mortgage paid. See yourself radiant with success feel yourself lifted up by the power within let the thought I am success sink deeply into your subconscious mind. Let this be projected into the space to gather itself into your thoughts of similar quality and power, which will come back within to strengthen your joy and you will find the negative fearing thought will run away. Therefore, you’ll become a master in your own house and captain of your own soul. This will enable you to build up in character and strength with a determination and ability to accomplish in this way you’ll be enabled to go forward with joy and confidence to possess your glorious heritage.

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