Do not strain after success; rather realise that you yourself are “success“ and that you therefore attract to you all that you desire. Go about your duties calmly and with confidence, knowing that you are “success“ and therefore must succeed. 100 times a day, if necessary, affirm “I am success.“ The last thing at night, just before you fall asleep; the first minute of your waking day, affirm it and affirm it again, always picturing yourself happy successful and all conquering.

But you also attract you many things you don’t desire. This is where you need to be accountable. If you think about it, you bring about it. What you think about you bring about. And so, if you worry, stress, fear, have anxiety about it, think about it, you bring about it. Everything bad that comes to your life started in your own mind. This is not what you want to hear, but if you want to hear that you attract to you success, then you have no choice to admit and own the reality that you can have the same power toward the negative. If you fear it you bring it near.

So many people do nothing but worry. They build their vision in their mind but forget to control the thoughts that surround that vision. They look at today and complain it isn’t good enough or that their situation is not aligned with their vision result, but that thought of failure or worry about failure attracts failure. You must be a witness. Nobody treats you worse than you treat yourself. If your partner in life treats you with disrespect you must be prepared to accept that this behaviour is a reflection of the way you treat yourself but only you treat yourself worse than your partner. So we must deal with the downside of manifestation as well as be aggrandising the upside.

Divorce, heartbreak, stress, disharmony at home, poor performance review, addiction, insecurity, dissatisfied with your life, unfulfilled at work. These are just a few of the topics that can reveal you are disconnected from your true nature. Let me help you avoid them and if it’s too late and you got them, let me help you get rid of them. This is about today’s SUCCESS FORMULA Lesson.

Weak people attract bullies. Why? Because weak people treat themselves as idiots. Aggressive people attract aggression. Why? Because aggressive people treat themselves as pathetic. You can see the shadow of all behaviour (how people treat themselves) revealed in how the world treats them. A loving person attracts love, good nature’d people attract good nature. But we want more than this. We want SUCCESS. So you must treat yourself as a success. If on the other hand you define success as being treated lovingly by your family, you best not treat yourself as a success but instead treat yourself as a super loveable person which usually means weak and making others happy. SUCCESS you can realise is not always being loved or not loved. Success is more aligned with RESPECT.

Respect comes from routine. Unemotional problem solving. Pure calm. Strong motive. Love for self and other’s journey. Disrespect comes when we act in the moment to create an emotional peace but in doing so deny the long term waste of energy. It is important to translate SUCCESS into the behaviours that cause it and in turn be in denial of the behaviours that destroy it. For example: all big open hearted people end up poor. If they wanted to become wealthy then that would demand a mix of head and heart. But they might not understand this separation. They might think being open hearted is going to cause wealth. Success, as we are speaking of here, is material in all its forms. Financial, career, and mental with the preservation of supreme health, social contribution and family. Success is not a family. A family is a byproduct of success, or at the least, a part of success, but it is not success alone. Health is a byproduct of success.


The special visualising exercise for today is as follows; sit upright in a quiet place and, closing your eyes, send out to all humankind the best and noblest thoughts of which you are capable, thoughts of goodwill and love to everybody in the whole wide world. Now feel these thoughts being projected from you in all directions, and mentally see them being sent out like the beams of light from a lighthouse. See them penetrating further and further, all over your own country and then through every other country. Do this for some time and then reverse the process. Feel the thoughts coming back laden with other thoughts of a like nature. See your beams of light pouring into you from all over the universe. Feel yourself filled up and overflowing with the riches of all the most glorious thoughts which the world has ever known. The first part of the exercise may exhaust you, but the latter part will fill you with courage, confidence, calm serenity and peace.

Persevere and endeavour to make this exercise as real as possible. By this exercise you enrich the world by your own noble thoughts, you lessen its pain and sorrow, and help to assuage its griefs. In return you are blessed and strengthened in a way which could never otherwise be possible. The more freely you give of your best thoughts the more bountifully you will receive.

Now you have, through this practice broken through the ONE ON ONE bubble mentality that causes failure. You have moved beyond the concept of pleasing one significant other person and believing that by doing so you will be rewarded with joy and happiness and success. You have in this one practice broken through what causes most and many people failure and that is the confinement of their consciousness to the family, to seeking the approval of one person or four people and then asking in return for SUCCESS on a global level. Pleasing individuals – especially those we love – is nice – good – fun but it is not the path to self-fulfilment, success or happiness. It is a byproduct of it.


Deeply embody, on a daily basis, the following words; “you say you are chained by circumstances; you cry out for better opportunities, for a wider scope, for improved physical conditions, and perhaps you inwardly curse the fate that binds you hand and foot. It is for you that I write, it is for you that I speak. Listen, and let my words burn themselves into your heart, for what I am about to say to you is the truth; “you will bring about that improved condition in your outward life which you desire, if you will and unwaveringly resolve to improve your inner life. I know that pathway looks barren and it’s commencement (truth always does, remembering that it’s only fantasy, infatuation and illusion which are at first inviting and fascinating), but if you undertake to walk it; if you persevere re-discipline your mind, eradicating your weaknesses, and allowing your soul forces and spiritual powers to unfold themselves, you will be astonished at the magical changes which will be bought about in your inward life. As you proceed, golden opportunities will be presented to your path, and the power and judgement to properly utilise them will spring up within you. Your friends will come and support you, because love and affection are gleaned from respect and respect comes when your behaviour aligns with your material success; sympathetic souls will be drawn to you as the needle is to the magnet, and books and backing that you require will come to you unsought.“


Continue to deny evil, sickness, illness, disease, failure, poverty, limitation and all negative states. The more perfectly you expunge them from your mind the more blessed will be your life. Constantly affirm health, success, prosperity, freedom and all positive states and carry a vision of them always before you.

Remind yourself that the seeking of affection from one or a few people in the form of family does not lead to success but success leads to the gaining and giving of affection from family and others. Put your mind to success and all the blessings for doing what is right for achieving your result will follow.

Spend as much time as possible in silence, for in quietness confidence will be your strength. Also whenever, during the day, you have to make a decision, mentally remove your mind into the silence and gain wisdom and inspiration from the infinite (your subconscious mind).

Thus shall you be kept from all the mistakes and blunders, and your life become rich with blessing, because it is lived in obedience to the universal laws. Let nature be your guide.

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