The Battle Between Gravity and Growth: A Journey of Self-Discovery


Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. Today, I’m coming to you from Ben Buckler, where the sun is shining, and the wind is brisk. It’s a beautiful day to delve into a fundamental law of nature: the eternal struggle between gravity pulling us down and growth pushing us upward.

Gravity vs. Growth

Imagine a tree; it strives to grow towards the sun, yet ultimately, it succumbs to gravity, as all things do. This principle applies to us as well. If we don’t actively pursue growth, we’ll inevitably find ourselves at ground zero. This concept extends beyond physical fitness and health to every aspect of our lives, including wealth. Without continuous growth, even our financial success can dwindle to nothing.

The perpetual struggle between gravity and growth is evident in every facet of life. Whether in business or personal endeavours, taking your hands off the steering wheel for a moment can lead to decline. The forces of nature ensure that anything left unattended will gravitate towards zero.

The Role of Human Effort

From a young age, our growth is primarily physical. We strive to jump higher, run faster, and achieve more. As we mature, this drive transforms into emotional, moral, or even religious pursuits. We join communities, clubs, or institutions that recognise our potential and help us fight against gravity.

Being part of a supportive environment that sees and nurtures your potential is a gift. However, the day you stop striving for your potential, you begin to gravitate towards zero. This concept becomes even more crucial as you age.

Emotional and Spiritual Growth

In adulthood, growth often shifts towards emotional and spiritual realms. Collaboration with others, whether in personal or professional contexts, becomes vital. However, pushing too hard can backfire, as the harder you strive, the more gravity seems to pull against you.

You cannot outgrow gravity. The key to sustainable growth lies beyond physical, moral, or emotional efforts. It resides in the spiritual realm, where gravity has no hold. The human spirit, unburdened by physical mass, can defy gravity.

Tapping into the Human Spirit

As you age, particularly past your mid-40s, you may find it challenging to keep pushing forward. At this stage, the question arises: how do you continue to grow without succumbing to gravity? The answer lies in harnessing the power of the human spirit.

The spirit is indifferent to your physical, emotional, and mental states. It exists independently of the gravitational pull that affects these areas. To tap into the human spirit, you must embrace certain qualities:

1. Imagination: A vivid imagination allows you to expand your present reality into the future, offering a sense of spirit.
2. Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is not something you wait for; it is a construct you create.
3. Belief: Beliefs must be disconnected from the gravity of your history, requiring a firm commitment to a new way of perceiving yourself.
4. Nature: Being in nature helps you feel disconnected from reality in a way that enhances your spirit without rejecting the world around you.

Embracing Reality

Recognising the duality in everything is crucial. The media, marketing, and promotions often present one-sided narratives designed to appeal to our mental, physical, and emotional states. However, the spirit remains unswayed by these seductions.

Engaging the human spirit requires a balanced approach that does not disconnect you from the material world but prevents you from gravitating towards zero. By embracing imagination, enthusiasm, belief, and nature, you can align your spirit with your material achievements, fostering sustainable growth.


The battle between gravity and growth is a lifelong journey. By understanding and harnessing the power of the human spirit, you can continue to grow without being pulled back by gravity. Embrace this balance, and you’ll find a path to fulfilment and sustainable success.

This is Chris. You have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

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