It will come as a surprise to some readers, but not to those I coach, that nothing is missing in your life. That the universe you live in would never deprive you of what you want, that there are only magic moments, there is order in the chaos we call life.

Nothing is missing, it just changes in form, are words that spill easily from our lips but we immediately experience the anger, frustration, stress and disappointment that reveal we do not know how to apply them.

The primal response to life is all or nothing. In such a view, one either has it all, or wants it all. In this scenario, people either act as we desire or not, and when not, we protest vigorously. All or nothing responses have no possibility of including the potential of ambiguity, even the potential that there exists an order, instead they are either satisfied by conformity or disturbed by the lack of it.

The emotional response to life is more sensory, and one can be forgiven if this feels great. Sensory satisfaction, taste right, touch right, feel right, looks right, sounds right, it must be right. But equally, if it tastes wrong, feels wrong, looks wrong, sounds wrong, it must be wrong. Like the swaying tree this individual moves with the breeze of opinion, their own and others, and a rhythm is broken, they cannot imagine it any other way. Emotions however, automatically reject the great secret, that nothing is missing. Accepting nothing is missing would mean all emotions are lies, a statement most people would refute, through anger, or violence. Which makes the point clearer.

Working from an example:

In our spiritual life, the quest for connection to a greater power than our self, we might be tempted to say “I am not spiritual” but “I love sex.”

Spirituality is never missing, we are born spiritual, it is not an achievement. However, we can express and experience spirituality in many different forms. Sex being one of them, a beautiful connection to love and soul.

But this is also subject to change. One can recognise spirituality in sex, and then lose connection to a partner and be found saying “I lost my connection” or “I am single.” Feeling very bad about this, a reaction can cause all manner of strange response. But is a partner missing or just changed form? Is spirituality missing or just changed form?

When we become single out of a relationship we may look at our wonderful ex partner and cry. This is not essential. Given this great secret that nothing can be missing we might even be tempted to ask “what form is my new relationship?” and look for the different pieces we miss, in a new and better form. They are always there, the universe never deserts us, but if our eyes are shut, it is hard to get past the primal and emotional viewpoint.

For a business leader, lover, friend or simply as a spiritual being having a human experience, it is important to embrace this concept. The Discard form and Emotional Shower depend on a good practice in finding where “nothing is missing, it just changes in form.” We cannot lose anything.

I wish you a beautiful day applying this principle to your day and week ahead.

With Spirit


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