The human spirit

The human spirit is a competitive animal. It loves competition. Give it a challenge and it is awake. Give it peace and quiet it rests. It does have patience.

The greatest opportunity to tap the essence of your spirit is in your vision of life. A large global or even universal view of life means the spirit is indomitable – can never be crushed.

Human suffering, in the form of stress, worry, anxiety are the road blocks we throw up when we are not committed to the spirit. They are the consequences of the search for pleasure, a topic the human spirit has no comprehension of. Only the ego, our sense of self, seeks pleasure as a reward for effort. And with those rewards comes the punishments, two sides to every ego driven ambition, pleasure and pain.

The human spirit on the other hand does not divide its journey into end games of finite result. It’s mission is challenge, and no challenge overtaken rests in the lack of a new one. It is the same as a purpose in life, it can never be achieved. Purpose is a mission. A never ending mission.

A goal satisfies the ego. Win this, achieve that. Get this, own that. Be this be that. Goals engage the lowest of human consciousness and by so doing engage it in a healthy way. The lowest of human consciousness will, if left untamed, waste its entire time, trying to fix or avoid what isn’t broken. Hence goal setting is a key to living with spirit in life but it is definitely not the path.

One could say, that when we plant a tree we often tether the young seedling to a vertical post to make sure the environment or accident doesn’t send the young tree off on an angle that will, when the tree grows large, become it’s demise. To live with spirit the lower aspirations of life, lower consciousness ness, needs to be tamed, satisfied and replenished frequently. Hence the daily habits that establish routine are, for most, simply a way to gratify the lower self’s in order to prevent their appetite from ruining a perfect enjoyable and love filled day.

The human spirit has mission. Loves challenge. Seeks relationship with the energies of creation. It can’t be motivated by food, greed, sex or spirituality (escape). It is immune from pain because it has no expectation of pleasure. This spirit is the competitor. It’s primary mission is to beat a challenger, not to hurt it, simply to rise above it. Winning is not the game of the human spirit, simply winning over a challenger, is it’s appetite. But first it must win against its lower self.

In a dream board we are facing two objectives. The first is to gratify the lower self, but, in doing so, tame it into submission to bring that energy toward the centre of the board, to the target, the challenge we have been set for the spirit to be awake, alive and in dominance of our every thought. This is a great life.

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