How to Strengthen Your Willpower Part 2

Why Magnetic Will Wins – PART 2. Exercises 5-8 below.

The highest of willpower is not brute determination. That is simply force and force is never a winning formula for success.

Magnetic will does not seek submission, instead it secures cooperation.

The whole idea of magnetic will is not to crush others into submission, but instead, capture the will of others.


  • Your Soul Battery must be charged
  • Your energy and intent must be vibrating within you and transfer to the mind and body of other.
  • There must be focus in sending this thought, intensity and enthusiasm to transmit it silently.
  • There is this complete absence of weak vibrating thought, confusion, uncertainty and doubt. Let your doubts be cleared.

Magnetic Will is therefore: (a) Powerful in its impulse. (b) Vibratory in its action. (c0 Continuous in its discharge. (d) Single pointed in character.

The Problem: Force as a Leader is a Very Short Term Solution

The magnetic will achieves power by granting freedom.

Let’s think it through. True willpower is a magnetic wave, a million attractive vibrations proceeding from our soul battery, through flesh, bone and ether and arriving at another. There is no resisting harmony. 

The subject of these influences feels your will, your desire, your vision, your purpose carried along by magnetic waves, until they feel that they must do, desire to, choose to and would love to do the thing you are aiming at for their own happiness and welfare.

The Solution: Magnetic Will

Magnetic will therefore creates friendships. 

  1. It changes circumstances
  2. Harmonises conditions
  3. Improves environment

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List of Steps

Step 1 – the action of Magnetic Will is

  • Persuasive
  • Persistent
  • Harmonised in purpose and motive

Step 2 – Build Magnetic Will

As long as you have committed to influence others through magnetic will it is your next step to build the skills of transference.

Step 3 – Let go of Experience being anything Attractive as a Skill

Experience and hard knocks can achieve success. It is the long road. Magnetic will cannot replace experience if that is the way you choose. But, in climbing anything, experience can mean a fall and falls are absolutely necessary. Magnetic Will is the harness, safety rope, map and route and therefore is, undoubtedly the most viable process used by those who succeed as well as thrive on the journey.

Steps 5-8 of the 12 Exercises for Building Magnetic Will 

step 5

The Curb of Impulsiveness

What unconscious spasmodic physical movements are to the nervous system and vitality, so are thoughtless and unregulated impulses to the psyche. In both cases there is waste, there are bad habits to overcome, and there is the inevitable loss of personal rhythm and power. You perceive rhythm, a beat or measure, in the voice, the walk of some people, graceful, full of power, you feel it in the presence of people, harmonious, smooth, symbolised by curves, circular lines, according to surroundings. Angular is ugly. Impulsive starts, jerky actions, resolutions half formed on the spur of the moment, without caution, deliberation or intelligent forecasting of results – all this causes etheric interruptions, cross currents, counter waves and endless confusion, in other words, it kills magnetic will. THE RULE: “I have power over my wayward impulses.” Undertake nothing, do no nothing, without thought, and balanced thought at that, Let the will control impulse by thinking balance. You are in total control of your impulses by use of the will to balance thoughts on all actions.

step 6

The Ideal of Effort

This is the outcome of “DOUBLE MOOD.” the mood of internal energy coupled with the mood of willed interest. It adds to the idea of enthusiasm with genuine interest. If you permanently posses this double mood, you will do your very best in every situation. This single DOUBLE MOOD becomes the most essential factor in Magnetic Will. You will see that this alone, this DOUBLE MOOD is the single most essential quality in achieving the Success you are capable and suited to achieve. RULE: “I put the best of me, inner energy and outer interest into everything I do.” This is not slowness or stupid hesitation or second guessing or doubt. It is not posing, pretending nor conservatism all of which are water on your fire. Walk with purpose, live with purpose, time is life, value both.

step 7

The Value of Plan

Majority of people live without a definite plan. They simply drift. When they decide, it is usually to drift. If they do not decide it is because drifting is easier. I really, to decide is to make some definite idea dynamic, that is, to be deliberate and choose and this mindset is not common. Most people live at the bottom of the consciousness cone. They’ve got to, or should do. In other words they drift to accomodate the mindlessness of others, the subconscious approval of those they resent or their own self criticism. And because you are reading this you are not part of that class of people. Success in life, you believe, involves a goal. Winning a goal signifies intelligent and persistent effort. Effort without a plan cannot be intelligent. One cannot persist without forecasting. Forecasting, future seeing, to a determined goal is planning. But forecasting to a desired goal without considering detail steps is merely guessing. Many people guess under belief that they are planning. It is the equivalent of starting a business without a business plan that has been checked by at least 10 people. This is why we employ coaches and mentors. Only the deliberate, intelligently conceived plan has assured that you and eliminate risk. With the magnetic person it is certain. Certainty does not come by guessing it is a deliberate future seeing well planned detailed program. The the deliberate plan in the successful life is the expression of an acquired habit. RULE: Understand, now, the value of plan, and in order more fully to develop the planning habit you would be wise to;

  • In the morning or in the late evening planned out the day ahead in as much detail as possible and then proceed to live it. This exercise has many values, too many to mention here but one month of this process will prove to you its value.
  • Plan out particular tasks, either of a physical or an intellectual nature, or any arrangement for  amusement of service. And example might be your training program for health and plan this with detail.
  • Form some definite idea of your life goal, life purpose, and determine on that really, really distant goal, a plan, and thoughtfully and resolutely, the methods by which you will reach that outcome.
  • Repeat in your affirmations daily the deliberated, detailed plan gives me magnetic power over the future.

step 8

The Magnetic Connection

In all dealings with other people, maintain consciousness of magnetic energy. Put that controlled feeling of energy and the wish to attract people into the glance of the eye, the tone of your voice, the touch of your hand. Observe perfect courtesy, close your reception to unwelcome influences, by self-talk, “I shut out all unwelcome influences, my knowledge of me is better than yours.” Make every honourable concession to others and sacrifice your opinions, impulses and desire for the sake of the end goal, remembering your main ultimate objective and quietly and mentally insist “I will win you eventually to my own will.” In 90% of life situations you can use this to your benefit. If you make it permanent, it will transform your career.

Remember, these blogs are designed to stimulate conversation in your weekly coaching sessions with me. Make notes and ask for clarification where needed ….


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