How to Strengthen Your Willpower Part 3

Why Magnetic Will Wins – PART 3. Exercises 9 – 12 below.

The highest of willpower is not brute determination. That is simply force and force is never a winning formula for success.

Magnetic will does not seek submission, instead it secures cooperation.

The whole idea of magnetic will is not to crush others into submission, but instead, capture the will of others.


  • Your Soul Battery must be charged
  • Your energy and intent must be vibrating within you and transfer to the mind and body of other.
  • There must be focus in sending this thought, intensity and enthusiasm to transmit it silently.
  • There is this complete absence of weak vibrating thought, confusion, uncertainty and doubt. Let your doubts be cleared.

Magnetic Will is therefore: (a) Powerful in its impulse. (b) Vibratory in its action. (c0 Continuous in its discharge. (d) Single pointed in character.

The Problem: Force as a Leader is a Very Short Term Solution

The magnetic will achieves power by granting freedom.

Let’s think it through. True willpower is a magnetic wave, a million attractive vibrations proceeding from our soul battery, through flesh, bone and ether and arriving at another. There is no resisting harmony. 

The subject of these influences feels your will, your desire, your vision, your purpose carried along by magnetic waves, until they feel that they must do, desire to, choose to and would love to do the thing you are aiming at for their own happiness and welfare.

The Solution: Magnetic Will

Magnetic will therefore creates friendships. 

  1. It changes circumstances
  2. Harmonises conditions
  3. Improves environment

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List of Steps

Step 1 – the action of Magnetic Will is

  • Persuasive
  • Persistent
  • Harmonised in purpose and motive

Step 2 – Build Magnetic Will

As long as you have committed to influence others through magnetic will it is your next step to build the skills of transference. Steps 1-12

Step 3 – Let go of Experience being Attractive 

Experience and hard knocks can achieve success. It is the long road. Magnetic will cannot replace experience if that is the way you choose. But, in climbing anything, experience can mean a fall and falls are absolutely necessary. Magnetic Will is the harness, safety rope, map and route and therefore is, undoubtedly the most viable process used by those who succeed as well as thrive on the journey.

Steps 9-12 of the 12 Exercises for Building Magnetic Will 

step 9

The Magnetic Mask

Magnetic success frequently requires closed doors. The magnetic mask is composed of four things; (a) invariable courtesy; (b) The total absence of unjustifiable and unnecessary criticism and thought or word; (c) The guard of reticence; (d) And a presence which conceals what is not intentionally disclosed. Please note, the magnetic mask will not for long cover a dishonest mind, which is essentially and in the Longrun not magnetic. I please note the value of the mask is proportion to the moral integrity of its use. Please note mere policy is not magnetism. So what are we saying here? You don’t wear your on your sleeve nor do you tell everybody what you are feeling and at the same time you do not falsify the mask. This is in simple language known as the bark on the tree. I what you feel is not for public consumption. Your vision inspiration and purpose is private. Use establish a character or personality that is agreeable and positive to the world but most importantly you own authenticity within you regarding your emotional dialogue with yourself. Put it another way you don’t put on a mask that says you like somebody when deep down inside you don’t. You don’t fake interest in somebody or something when deep down inside you are not enthusiastic. You don’t be enthusiastic on the outside and completely asleep on the inside. RULE: “I control the outgoing of all my inner impulses.” The mask can show interest in but this interest must be packed by enthusiasm. This is all to do with Innerwealth.

step 10

The Magnetic Will-Attitude

And attitude is a thought or feelings toward an object or an act or a state which (attitude) expresses itself in mental or physical activity. There are two general ways of determining, either to accomplish the task or to influence of person, each having its own particular attitude. Start developing the attitude with a hard setting of the will to do a purpose. Then there is no Richard fixing of the resolution or the process but the mind assumes an agreeable, winning condition and the outward appearance is self controlled and attractive. So the end magnetic attitude would be “I’m going to accomplish this thing whether or not.” Or “I am determined to force this person to my way of thinking” that attitude is entirely and magnetic and repelling. Instead the magnetic attitude declares itself as follows; “I am resolved, without disturbance to my own mind or repulsion to others, to do this one thing, splendidly satisfactorily. I am determined to attract this person to the doing of what I really would love to have done.” Can you see the difference? So to put this more simply and help you put this into action there are three important things. Firstly, analyse your will and attitudes for non-magnetic elements. This can be summarised in the context of making sure there is zero frustration in your attitude and tone. Secondly you are urged to cultivate a permanent attitude of Will which you are easily able to exposed everybody and it is agreeable. You can summarise that by saying you are enjoying the process of of whatever is going on. Finally, check yourself to make sure that you are not operating from an aggressive conflict driven counter-productive space and that you are operating without war, without friction, in your soul or in the soul of the outer world. This is the magnetic attitude. RULE: “I WILL what I want, without war, without friction, in my soul or in the outer world.”

step 11

Turn Irritation Around

The really magnetic Will has the Longview. It never forgets the distant purpose. Maintaining perfect attractiveness, means the will hold steady to its distant goals. This persistence is a high heart which involves the essence of turning aside irritation. It means throwing off all irritation and any sense of defeat. You can do this by; assume and in a sense of personal dignity (not outer stiffness) too valuable to be sacrificed to trivial impulses or other people’s opinions. 1. HOLD to the magnetic attitude and allow nothing to disturb the self. 2. Cultivate the power to turn disagreeable things of life into humour. Keep the joy at the centre of the soul a smile. 3. Develop a feeling of indifference toward such matters because of your personal superiority. 4. Say to yourself always under irritating conditions, “it is really a privilege to me to pass through these experiences.” THE RULE: “I give back to every irritation the serene smile and joyous laugh.”

step 12

The Imaginary Gym Workout

I am going to take you on a shortcut through the eastern science of yoga, meditation, tai chi, kung fu and Qigong. You are invited to establish an imaginary gymnasium for every day use. It is not the physical muscle we seek, but the defined fire of energy energy and no vitality trained by methods that serve the magnetic will. It is a scientific principle proven by medical science, that concentrated thought, intelligent purpose and controlled will energy carried into muscular exercise charge the blood, nerves and muscles with electric or vital qualities of the highest value. This we call life-force. As the ether pervades the body these thought forces vibrate throughout the circulatory system, nervous and muscular systems, and build powerful strength for magnetic use. Practice the entire list for a few seconds each once or twice a day.

1. Dumbbell Curls _ slow deliberate with a sense of slight weight resisting the muscles and a strong inner feeling of magnetic energy.

2. Heavy clubs – as per 1.

3. Rowing – improvise a seat at the right height and work as if rowing into a head wind.  

4. Ball – throw and catch a heavy ball

5. Chord and pulley. Arms stretched in front of you raise arms alternately, and lower as if there are chords resisting movement in both directions.

RULE: In this exercise the mind should be fully engaged, the innocence of energy needs to be maintained, and the muscles should be given the feel of actual resistance. It is all however imaginary.

Remember, these blogs are designed to stimulate conversation in your weekly coaching sessions with me. Make notes and ask for clarification where needed ….


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