How to Strengthen Your Willpower Part 1

Why Magnetic Will Wins

The highest of willpower is not brute determination. That is simply force and force is never a winning formula for success.

Magnetic will does not seek submission, instead it secures cooperation.

The whole idea of magnetic will is not to crush others into submission, but instead, capture the will of others.


  • Your Soul Battery must be charged
  • Your energy and intent must be vibrating within you and transfer to the mind and body of other.
  • There must be focus in sending this thought, intensity and enthusiasm to transmit it silently.
  • There is this complete absence of weak vibrating thought, confusion, uncertainty and doubt. Let your doubts be cleared.

Magnetic Will is therefore: (a) Powerful in its impulse. (b) Vibratory in its action. (c0 Continuous in its discharge. (d) Single pointed in character.

The Problem: Force as a Leader is a Very Short Term Solution

The magnetic will achieves power by granting freedom.

Let’s think it through. True willpower is a magnetic wave, a million attractive vibrations proceeding from our soul battery, through flesh, bone and ether and arriving at another. There is no resisting harmony. 

The subject of these influences feels your will, your desire, your vision, your purpose carried along by magnetic waves, until they feel that they must do, desire to, choose to and would love to do the thing you are aiming at for their own happiness and welfare.

The Solution: Magnetic Will

Magnetic will therefore creates friendships. 

  1. It changes circumstances
  2. Harmonises conditions
  3. Improves environment

Bring Your Questions to Your Next Coaching Session

The blog post is a learning tool. And like all learning tools, practice makes perfect. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know, and so, this blog is intended to awaken another step in your journey and equip you to thrive where others flounder. The world needs powerful people with good hearts on track. I’m here to help you be that. On Track 100%

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List of Steps

Step 1 – the action of Magnetic Will is

  • Persuasive
  • Persistent
  • Harmonised in purpose and motive

Step 2 – Build Magnetic Will

As long as you have committed to influence others through magnetic will it is your next step to build the skills of transference.

Step 3 – Let go of Experience being anything Attractive as a Skill

Experience and hard knocks can achieve success. It is the long road. Magnetic will cannot replace experience if that is the way you choose. But, in climbing anything, experience can mean a fall and falls are absolutely necessary. Magnetic Will is the harness, safety rope, map and route and therefore is, undoubtedly the most viable process used by those who succeed as well as thrive on the journey.

4 of the 12 Exercises for Building Magnetic Will 

step 1

Morning Resolutions

Between wake and awake, before the day begins, go into the quiet and become perfectly composed in your mind and body, relax, but with intense internal energy and no outward sign, and do your resolutions. PAC and Affirmations such as “I am resolved to acquire magnetic Will” 

step 2

The Energy Exercise – Walkachi

Oblivious to all that is going on around you, stand feet apart, tall and erect. breathe deeply and slowly a few times. Image you are about to lift the heaviest barbell over your head, maybe 2000kg. Prepare inwardly with no external muscle tension. “I can and will accomplish anything” then raise your arms up and out repeating “the universal forces flow through me.” 

step 3

The Jewel of Thought

Put your mind into everything you do, 100%. Do not be absent minded, thinking one thing and doing another. Link it or sink it. Engage your mind in all action, no matter how small the action, no matter how trivial link this to your goal. Hold your thoughts to the task at hand, think, link or sink. Mobile meditation. Focus your mind and avoid vacuity, be purposeful. In this you are acquiring magnetic will.

step 4

The Growth of Self-Control

The loss of energy, magnetism is the cause of failure. Do not waste energy. Unnecessary movements, trembling, moving about, running here and there mindlessly must be avoided. Every physical movement has an intent. Place don’t throw. Walk with intent and purpose. Deliberate, smooth and economical action. Make this second nature to you. Deliberate no matter how fast the movement, mindful no matter how complicated.

We continue with the next four exercises in the next blog


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