The Miracle of Disappointment

Nature never apologises. Everything she does, she means to do. There are no accidents in nature. She intends everything that happens. Everything has a purpose. And, one such miracle is disappointment.

We project our hopes onto a screen as a movie projects onto a television screen. We have a script, a light for energy, and the story is there, written on that screen. And sometimes the script and the projection differ. Our hopes and reality can be very different and with this comes, disappointment.

So, to be clear, only our expectations can fall short. Only our expectations can be the cause of disappointment. If we expected to get less than what we got, we would never be disappointed. This is a fact.

So it is, that disappointment turns our focus from the screen to the script. If we want what we get, our script would be perfect. But this is rarely the case when there is disappointment.

Nature is, in delivering disappointment asking us one of two questions: 1. What are the foundations of our story/ expectations and 2. Are those expectations real?

If our expectations are unreal, then it is our story that needs to be rewritten, and this involves a deeper examination of our understanding of life. If, on the other hand, our expectations are real, but we have failed to apply ourselves, then the question might be whether we are living someone else’s vision, because if we are living our own vision, and the expectations are real, then we will never fall short.

Hope is the mindset of an animal, humans are meant to be more aware, but when desperation sets in, hope is a saving grace for us all. Hope sits at the border between true and false expectations.

And this is a problem. The world is awash with projections amd expectations of what things should or could be. what should we expect from a loving relationship? What should you expect from your partner? What should you expect from a child? It is a dark night when science and morality combine to create expectations more blind than the flat earth thinkers are.

what can you achieve? This is the other side of the coin and it has little to do with capacity, only a small amount, but it has much to do with ownership which in turn depends on the price one is willing to pay. The greatest inhibitor of achievement is therefore, family.

We often regret the demise of a relationship that is caused by work, but this is often the essential nature of achievement and a very serious commitment must be made to avoid falling through the crack between achievement and compromise, an unwillingness to pay the price and instead succour to the wishes of too many.

In contrast, there are relationships that thrive on achievement, they were built of it. And so we come to the conclusion of this article: the gift of disappointment is to reveal either false expectations, poorly planted roots, or the revelation of compromise and the questioning of whether we are willing to pay the price, follow our start or subscribe to a Victorian notion of subscription to an obligation in a family dynamic.

Ultimately disappointment stems from compromise, which. If not revealed, turns sour.

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