The Nature of Things ~ Is it You or Your Ego? Speaking, Thinking, Deciding, Choosing Well.

When you fart your body is releasing gas it doesn’t want. It only has two choices, up or down. That’s the nature of things. Depression, poor performance, lacking motivation, mental health and physical health all fall into the same category. The Nature of Things.

You are definitely not “what you think” that’s just your ego at play. Your ego and nature are not friends. That’s the challenge of life. Knowing when your ego is talking or when you are… it’s a dilemma because the ego builds monuments to ignorance, you don’t.

Divorces, heartbreak, addictions, obesity, eating disorders, business collapse, colitis, erectile dysfunction and 20,000 more identifiable conflicts exist between what nature intended and what your ego intends. Hence, it might be a good thing to know the difference between them.

You make around 400,000 decisions a day. 300,000 of them are subconscious. Meaning you don’t know you are making them. Like pulling your pants down to pee or putting on your shoes the same foot first every time. This decision making, the subconscious stuff is also reactive at an emotional level, and those reactions are patterns called memes as opposed to genes and they’re deeply embedded.

Evolving in life means to break the grip your ego gets on you. And the consequences of not evolving in life are just too frightening to mention. Calamities, disasters and very humbling circumstances are the synopsis of it. So, this begs the question; how do you know what the your ego is thinking versus what you are thinking? At least that gives you the option of slow suicide versus living as nature intended. It gives you choice. 

Choice is a beautiful word. To choose… it eliminates the victim hood, blame and whingybitch self talk which are all key driving elements of ego. 

Suffering is the best way to reveal the difference between you and your ego. If you suffer long enough in deprivation – pain – you’ll know the difference between you and your ego because your ego wants to run away but you can’t. Meditation is a form of this suffering -sitting still for 10 hours for 10 days with no chatter, that hurts, but we humans are really clever and learn coping skills like counting down the days or distracting ourselves with fantasies. So, one in 10,000 meditators achieve any form of separation between ego and self. More reinforce the confusion.

Sport can do it too. Running a marathon there’s this thing we experience called the second wind. If meditation achieves 1 in 10,000 odds then sport would be far worse like 1 in 100,000 odds of separating ego and self. And that’s allot of time for very low odds.

There is a way that has odds of 100% success. That’s innerwealth. I packages up five universal laws of nature. If what you thing passes through any of those five, then it’s not ego. It’s you thinking independently from your ego.

The great thing about innerwealth – universal laws of nature is the workbook, it’s a tree. So apart from the Sahara desert, or some outback parts of Aussie, or Iceland, your workbook goes where you go. and when a tree won’t do, an ant, grub, bird, elephant, kangaroo, river, sand, beach or high rise building can substitute. Failing those, your imagination will do the trick.

Free will (no not Free Willie the movie), free will is this exact proposition; think anyway you like about anything you like. And we do, and we pay the price for thinking short term when we want long term, thinking pleasure when we want love, thinking righteous when we want a promotion. The negotiation between your ego seeking approval of others and you giving approval to yourself is a never ending story, a battle, a fight that nature always wins, so I’m not so sure there is really any such thing as free will, ultimately, there’s no option, evolveyabastard.

  • The ego seeks pleasure avoids pain. You don’t. You seek purpose at any cost.
  • Your ego wants calm, peace and order. You don’t. You live at the border of order and chaos, supported and challenged, and treat both equally well.
  • Your ego wants what it hasn’t got. You don’t. You want what you’ve got.
  • The ego loves motivation, infatuation, elation. You don’t. You love inspiration. Authentic sustainable drive.
  • The ego wants to build itself up and be better than some, worse than others (hero’s). You don’t. You recognise that the only way to lead is to be more conscious than those you lead because you can’t manage anything you can’t see the balance in (consciousness)

Well, that’s it folks. Any questions?

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