The Power of Inner Wealth: Discipline and Influence

Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris, coming to you from the beautiful Bondi Beach. It’s a crisp, cool six degrees centigrade, the sun is shining, and the whales are back. The surfers are out, and my cold is finally subsiding. It’s truly a perfect day.

The Importance of Discipline

Today, I want to talk about discipline. It might sound like the most boring subject in the world, but it’s a fundamental part of your inner wealth. At Innerwealth, we practise being real so we can give more to others. We aim to reach a state of contentment—happy with what we have, what we do, and where we’re headed.

However, how can we rest in contentment when conscious of the world’s suffering? How can we ignore the starvation in refugee camps or the increasing rates of child slavery? It’s impossible to remain in our bubble of self-contentment when we know we are needed. We need to conserve resources and provide political balance to the world.

The Real Purpose of Inner Wealth

The purpose of studying inner wealth is to become strong enough to move beyond our desire for contentment. We want to help those who are struggling and in danger. The world is changing around us, and we need to be proactive. Recently, I noticed another incident involving a knife-wielding teenager in Melbourne. Such events highlight the turbulent world we live in.

People often share their thoughts on social media about restricting access for teenagers, but these opinions come from those who don’t face the reality of raising a teenager. It’s easy to theorise and philosophise, but actions speak louder than words. You study inner wealth to become brave and take action, even if it’s just within your own family, with strength, courage, and dignity.

Taking Action Starts at Home

If we’re constantly troubled by our quest for contentment, we disrupt our lives and those around us. We study inner wealth to free ourselves from this appetite for contentment. By doing so, we can care about the world genuinely and act where it matters. We need to know what we can change and focus our efforts there.

Consider yourself a lighthouse—a beacon radiating energy and magnetism. Who you are and the energy you project can significantly influence those around you. There’s no point worrying about distant problems if you can’t address the issues within your own domain.

The Power of Attitude

Many people get caught up in grand ideas of fixing the world but neglect the issues close to home. We must start by being solid, loving, and good. Discipline is key. Present an attitude, whether it’s loving, friendly, or kind, and maintain it regardless of what happens around you. This constancy makes you a satellite, a beacon of energy for your family, clients, or colleagues.

Caring about distant issues is important, but our attitude is the most powerful influence we have. We can make a significant impact by being disciplined and presenting a consistent, positive attitude. It’s about having a purpose in life bigger than ourselves.

Be the Change

Trying to change things beyond our reach can be frustrating. Instead, focus on changing your attitude. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This philosophy is at the heart of Innerwealth—changing the world one heart at a time through our own actions and attitudes.

This is Chris. Have a beautiful day. I’m certainly having one. Bye for now.

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