The Power of Unthinking: Cultivating Pure and Productive Thoughts

The Power of Unthinking

In this blog post, Chris discusses the concept of “unthinking,” emphasising the importance of cultivating pure and productive thoughts from the outset. He compares unthinking to driving a car and the inefficiency of correcting negative thoughts once they’ve been set. Chris explains how our initial thoughts, whether positive or negative, transmit energy that impacts our success, relationships, and overall happiness. By practising positive thinking and focusing on gratitude, balance, and goodness, we can avoid the pitfalls of rethinking and maintain authenticity in our lives. Ultimately, Chris advocates for developing the habit of good thought to transmit the desired energy from the beginning, enhancing our inner wealth and well-being.



Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris coming to you from indoors today. We’ve been out from 5 a.m. until 8 a.m. in the warm winter, rainy, cloudy weather at Bondi, and it’s just pristine out there. But as it’s raining now, I’m indoors.

Remember our motto? Keep it real, keep it messy, and keep practicing. Today, I want to talk to you about something that can confuse even the best of us: unthinking.

The Concept of Unthinking

In my book, “Innerwealth,” which you can get for free from my website as I’m withdrawing it from Amazon soon, I’ve talked a lot about unlearning. But unthinking is something that I don’t want you to do.

Imagine driving a car and doing a wheelie drift, smoking the wheels to the point where the tyres wear out. You replace the tyres and think it didn’t matter that you did the drift because you have new tyres. Unthinking is like this; it’s about trying to reverse a thought, and it’s much harder to unthink something you’ve already thought than it is to think it correctly in the first place.

The Energy of Thoughts

Consider the metaphor of a rocket going to the moon. When launched, 90% of the fuel is used to get into orbit, and the remaining fuel is spent on small adjustments that save energy over long distances. Similarly, in life, thinking correctly from the start saves energy and prevents the need to constantly readjust our thoughts.

Negative thoughts such as “I don’t like this person,” “I don’t like my job,” or “I don’t like myself” are toxic. These thoughts set a course and become difficult to retract. Even if you try to change them later, the initial negative energy has already been transmitted.

The Impact of Negative Thinking

Every negative thought you have affects not only you but also those around you. Thoughts are transmitted much further than you think and influence your success, happiness, and relationships. For instance, if you dislike your partner but pretend to like them, they will sense your true feelings. The first thought, the most powerful one, is already out there.

Practicing Positive Thinking

The goal is to cultivate the habit of good thought. Look for beauty, balance, and goodness in everything and everyone. Focus on the positive aspects, treat people as you wish them to become, and see the two sides of every situation. By doing this, you won’t need to rethink your thoughts.

Negative thoughts can set a harmful course, and rethinking them only makes you inauthentic to yourself and others. Authenticity in our thoughts and actions is crucial. Historically, sales strategies did not focus on authenticity, but today, liking and disliking people has become a common habit. We must step back and ensure our original thoughts are clean, pure, and productive.

The Framework of Inner Wealth

Inner wealth involves gratitude, presence, certainty, and love. High emotion thoughts, such as gratitude and inspiration, defeat low emotion ones. This framework helps us transmit the energy we want in our lives from the start, without needing to reframe our thoughts.


The worst thing you can do is rethink a thought. Instead, focus on thinking the original thought correctly so that you transmit positive energy from the beginning.

Have a beautiful day.

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