How to Find the Order in Any Chaos

Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are, this is Chris. And today we’re going to discuss why the universe wants your success more than you do. This is a really important component of the work given that we work on from, where to go in a wealth on the universal laws of nature, trying to give us all philosophy or a belief system that we can be grounded with that helps us what they call take off our coat of armour when we get home from work and be real again.


00:27 Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are, this is Chris. And today we’re going to discuss why the universe wants your success more than you do. 00:38 This is a really important component of the work given that we work on from, where to go in a wealth on the universal laws of nature, trying to give us all philosophy or a belief system that we can be grounded with that helps us what they call take off our coat of armor when we get home 00:58 from work and be real again. So we’re going to talk about that. And but first, let’s go over some of the things we’ve discussed in the previous videos. 01:07 The philosophy of success, which is what you must believe in before you get even to the second element of success is goes as follows. 01:16 Firstly, there’s a difference between incremental or incidental and permanent success. And a lot of people get these two confused incidental being things that happen on a day to day basis that really don’t link to the future. 01:30 Second one was know your give gratitude, inspiration, vision and enthusiasm. What you give up everything for the third one was to respect your boundaries to know that your inheritance really does impact the degree of success that you can experience in life and your boundaries include your environment 01:49 and your negotiation with relatives. What have you? The fourth one, your stepping stones. What are the five six things that you need to do on a daily basis? 02:00 We call it back on track, but what are the five or six things that you need to do on a daily basis to get you to success? 02:07 The fifth one was your avoids and your denials. They’re really important things because there’s places you can go that are a toilet to success. 02:17 There’s places you can go that are comfort zones and they aren’t going to work for you. Your mood, the success mood and we’re going to talk about that tomorrow. 02:26 You’re the way that you create an energy or an environment or a mood of success. And last but not least, your influence, the definition of success is actually the number of people you don’t react to in the world and therefore you can influence. 02:42 I hope that that philosophy of success summary is helpful. The daily self-help checklist, the back-on-track process, are you using your power to the best advantage, are you seizing opportunities, are you honestly trying to fill your relations in life in the best possible way with love, are you adapting 03:00 and changing to keep up with the changes in the environment and are you making each day a sure reflection of the future. 03:08 Let’s get started. At the foundation of all the work that I do in the world are the other universal laws and as you know I’ve transcribed those universal laws which are quite out there in the universe into the universal laws of nature because I want people to be able to observe the universal laws in 03:32 everyday life, in every country in the world not just Australia or not just the US, not just English speaking and the way I do that is by not talking about universe and out of space and things of quite high brow language I talk about nature and nature is a wonderful thing about nature it is universal 03:59 and its behavior is universal and therefore if we search in for the mind of whatever was created everything we just have to look into the principles and the processes of nature if we’re looking for guidepost how to live our lives whether somebody is right or wrong at work whether we’re being bullied 04:19 or not being bullied whether we’re living in a right home whether we’re behaving correctly whether we’re doing all these things the smartest way to deal with this is to look at nature and so I bring it down today into why is success a topic well the fifth the fourth and the fifth law universal laws 04:44 of nature explain something very important the fourth law of nature is everything vibrates according to its own kind and what does that mean well if we’re a grub in the garden we vibrate at the kind of vibration a grub will vibrate at and birds will search for that grub because the birds are animals 05:11 of prey and so most of them love eating meat and grubs are easy to get what’s that got to do with you well when it comes to thought and it comes to success you got to ask yourself are you predator or prey now I know I know this is uncomfortable conversation but it’s very important to realize that whatever 05:39 you are predator to whatever you sell to whatever you deliver your product to whatever you deliver your services to whoever buys you buys your product in in some sense no it’s not in some aspect of life having something they want and so you deliver down you deliver through the system to somebody something 06:08 they want and that’s a very important concept to have because the person who wants something will eventually not want it because they’ll grow out of it and they’ll want something more and if you’re not growing up the consciousness cone if you’re not evolving going through frustra the vibration of your 06:28 thoughts will end up being that relatively of a grub and so very often I meet people in in socially or around Bondi or in in travels around the planet who are well paid but but have the the consciousness and the vibration and the energy of a grub which means they’re not going to last long that’s number 06:52 one two they’re having lots of emotional mental struggles with life three they’re probably not in a good health state for their relationship is probably in the pickle at home all of those things are vibratory all of those things come from the resonance of the thoughts we have all of those things come 07:13 from laziness all of those things come from comfort zones all of those things come from prioritizing the wrong things prioritizing pleasure prioritizing family prioritizing things that need to be important in our life they’re vital to our existence they’re crucial to our happiness but when it comes 07:38 to we need to prioritize consciousness in order to prioritize consciousness in the thought process and vibrate at a level that will evolve those things around you and build those people in that you love and help them have better lives and build the family and relationships and the health and the work 08:00 and everything around you that you want you must continue to evolve your thoughts your thoughts are locked down they are comfort zones your thoughts are typically repetitive habits your thoughts are ways of seeing the old world the way the new world is your thoughts are automated especially in the subconscious 08:22 which you don’t have access to and so the first thing about success it drives you it drives you to evolve your thoughts because the measure of success is the measure of the vibration and the tonality of your thought process the second part of success is that the fifth law of nature is everything is 08:47 hierarchical predator prey now whether you again whether you like to hear the words predator prey or nature and nurture you can convert that into a language you enjoy but the tallest tree in the forest dominates the forest and every other tree in the forest every other tree is trying to get beyond the 09:07 tallest tree that’s where the sun is every animal is trying to get the food the every other animal if there’s plenty of it they’re happy to graze like cows but if there’s a scarcity they’ll start to fight in our world resources elements success leads us to the scarcity of the high fruit in the high 09:33 tree and therefore seeking success is an evolutionary process crucial to the success of nature therefore the universe nature wants you to succeed it’s on your team it’s not on your team if you seek pleasure it’s not on your team if you seek to be right it’s not on your team if you take emotionally everything 10:00 that goes on around you so the fourth law of evolution of thought the vibration of your thought and the fifth law of nature which is the the one and the many the hierarchy they work hand in hand because you cannot rise into success in the fifth law of nature become a leader become evolved become have 10:24 access to rare resources that are competitive you cannot go there without aggression on the one hand which is what a lot of people do they fight for the resource or consciousness which is the way nature deems is the fourth law the vibratory law the law of rhythm the law of harmony so when I’m talking 10:49 about success although it sounds like I’m buying into paradigm or an idea that has nothing to do with the teachings that have been that I’ve been sharing for nearly 50 years on the planet that’s not the truth success is nature’s law so that brings to an end today’s recording and I hope that it’s really 11:12 helped you remember the elements of success the leaf and philosophy of success physical health power of will alertness fidelity honor hopefulness courage confidence brain power faith in the system physical magnetism all play a massive role in developing the concept of creating an environment within 11:34 you of success we’re going to talk about more of these tomorrow hope you’ve enjoyed this please share it with those you love and care about this is Chris take it great care see you next time bye for now

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