The power of auto suggestion tells us that we develop a sense of magnetic faith or trust toward all the universal forces of good if we repeat to ourselves magnetic statements that hold their power. These statements are specifically designed to be repeated at night just before bed however they can be repeated any time during the day to engage a sense of connectedness and personal magnetism.

  1. I entertain Good will toward all people on earth
  2. I am now at one with the universal desire and will with the universe manifest what I’m thinking
  3. I am striving to live with the universal life
  4. I am magnetic – mine is the all powerful sense of purpose and meaning
  5. I trust that the universe will support me in unquestionable achievement
  6. I am
  7. I am power
  8. I will this day make the most of my endowment for honours sake
  9. I will this day put honour into observance of the laws of nature and health
  10. I will this day put my willpower into this life
  11. I will this day make myself prominent in all my alertness
  12. I will this day exhibit all the courage required of me
  13. I will this day put put forward my brainpower to honourable uses only

Although it seems quite corny to use these statements of power morning and night it does however lead to a type of talisman if we devote 12 days to repeat in the morning and night. These constitute a prayer to the universe because they prepare you to receive and they appeal without impulse or whimpering or complaint. Tool laws and forces which nature of things cooperate your life is the most important. There is no magnetic power in the complaining individual. This composite prayer guarantees success.

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