Unlocking Mental Health: Insights from a Coaching Session

You will find the audio of this session eventually on Soundcloud.


Hello, everyone. I’m Chris, and I’m excited to share insights from a recent coaching session. With permission from the individual I coached, I’ll delve into key takeaways that shed light on mental health and well-being. Mental health isn’t an elusive goal; it’s the default state of being. However, various factors can derail this equilibrium, leading to challenges like depression and chronic fatigue. In this session, we explore steps to realign with mental wellness, emphasizing gratitude, presence, and certainty.

Gratitude for the Past

The journey to mental wellness often begins with acknowledging gratitude for the past. It’s natural to reflect on past experiences, but dwelling on regrets can distort our perception of normalcy. The Chinese proverb beautifully captures this sentiment, suggesting that with time, even the most regrettable moments may be viewed with gratitude. However, embracing this outlook shouldn’t be postponed until old age. Rather, it’s a mindset shift essential for reclaiming mental health in the present.

Embracing Presence

The essence of mental well-being lies in being fully present. Presence isn’t a skill to be acquired through meditation or yoga; it’s innate. Imagine savoring the crispness of an apple, fully immersed in its taste, smell, and texture—that’s presence. It’s about engaging all senses in the current moment, fostering genuine connections and avoiding distractions. By honing this ability, individuals can navigate life with clarity and purpose.

Cultivating Certainty

Uncertainty often breeds anxiety, making certainty a prized asset in mental health. However, true certainty isn’t derived from external factors but from within. It stems from the power of imagination—the ability to envision a desired future despite external uncertainties. While doubt may initially serve as motivation, clinging to it as a default state undermines mental wellness. Certainty isn’t about having all the answers; it’s about trusting the vision and embracing the journey.


In this segment of the coaching session, we’ve touched upon the foundational pillars of mental health—gratitude, presence, and certainty. By reframing our perspective on the past, embracing the present moment, and nurturing a sense of certainty, we pave the way for holistic well-being. Stay tuned for further insights from this transformative coaching session, where we’ll explore additional strategies for unlocking the full potential of mental wellness. Remember, mental health isn’t a destination; it’s a journey—one worth embracing with gratitude, presence, and unwavering certainty.


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