00:00 Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. I hope you’re having a great time. I’ve even brushed my hair a bit for today’s presentation. 00:07 Today we’re gonna talk about super powering you and Superpowered by life. Let’s have a look at a fewer things that go on in this process. 00:17 Life power, it’s hard to do good if you don’t feel good, and isn’t that the truth of life? So we only need fuel from three different sources. 00:29 They’re all from the self, self leadership. We need a fuel from self-sufficiency. We need fuel from self-care, and we need fuel from self-mastery. 00:41 And today we’re going to talk about self leadership standing alone as probably the single most important of the four when it comes to fuel for life. 00:52 Super. You, you are a vision. You are a purpose, and you are a, an inspiration. You’re an inspiration to yourself. 01:00 You’re an inspiration to others. And what I think is really important here is to recognize the impact of these three on your energy for life. 01:08 When your vision is really clear, it has the most power on you. When your inspiration is going well, in other words, enjoying the ride that has somewhat of an impact and your purpose. 01:19 Well, it has more of an impact on the inspiration of everyday life. Let’s talk about them. Words of words, thoughts or thoughts. 01:29 Ideas or ideas. But results are reality. And so what we’re trying to do is become content or fulfilled in each of the seven areas of life through a vision, through an inspiration, through a purpose. 01:42 Let’s keep working through this. The super you. 40% of your energy will come from your inspiration. 70% of your energy is going to come from your vision. 01:57 And last but not least, 50% of your energy is gonna come from your purpose. Your vision is actually your ego at work. 02:07 And I think it’s really important to recognize that your vision comes from your ego. The bigger the vision, the bigger your life, the bigger your ego, the bigger your vision. 02:16 And the only thing we have to do is to make sure that your ego is heading in the right direction. 02:22 We’ll talk about that in a jiffy. So we need three things from your ego. We need clarity. We need strength, and we need a self-belief, which is what your ego generates. 02:33 It generates a sense of what can I do and what am I capable of and where can I go? And those three things are important ingredients of your ego. 02:43 Your purpose is the summit. Now, the only people who get to the top of the world and to the summit of their life, to their actual highest goal or their highest achievement, are those that find a purpose bigger themselves. 02:56 About halfway up the mountain, all of us come to a point called a midlife crisis. We’ve all had them, where you get to a point where you go, is it worth it? 03:07 And you look to you to those people that you’ve given things to your family, your identity, the people around you, and you, you, you, you look and you go, man, I’ve given a lot, but I’ve got very little. 03:19 And suddenly we need a purpose bigger than ourselves, which is our ego. And our ego is quite often built on our attachments to our partner and children and family. 03:30 And so sometimes we need to go through a process of letting go people and letting go our attachments to other people and become more self-sufficient, as we’ve called it in this per in this program, we’ve called it self-leadership, in order to get up the mountain further. 03:46 Many people don’t make it. They stay attached and they cause all sorts of mental and physical and emotional health problems. 03:52 By doing so at the bottom of the mountain, any rule applies. And so all the books and the podcast and the Ted talks and all the things you hear about so frequently out there in the big wide world are being offered to you, to the majority, to the masses. 04:09 And in that, at the lowest level of the mountain where, where everybody can go any person’s values, any person’s objectives, and any ideology will work. 04:23 So your inspiration for life, it’s very important to understand that inspiration comes from self talk. What you say to yourself is more important than any other thing in the world for your inspiration. 04:37 If you look at a beautiful, beautiful person or a beautiful flower, or you’re having a tough day at work, it’s all because of the way you see it and the way you see it. 04:49 Your, your interpretation, the way your viewpoint of things, whether you see it emotionally or mentally or physically. Your interpretation of things ultimately comes down to three things. 05:01 Your self-talk, the motivator in you, the instructor in you, and the rewarder in you. Your v i p is fuel for life. 05:12 You’re inspired. And by being inspired, what we’re saying, we are grateful for what we’ve got. We link it or sink it. 05:18 It’s really, really base level fuel. The second part of it is goals, setting goals which turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. 05:28 The third part of it is a vision, a really nice vision of a long-term view of what you want to get. 05:34 And while you think you’re gonna get that vision, your ego works for you. And when you think you’re not gonna get that vision, your ego works against you. 05:42 This is a bit of a mind game. And last but not least, a sense of purpose. The holy grail for life. 05:49 So within a wealth, what what we do is we develop over the process of time a toolkit for the soul. 05:55 In other words, we develop a toolkit, a whole range of options, and we process and process using the universal laws of nature. 06:03 So you keep clear on your vision, keep clear on your inspiration, keep clear on your purpose, and you have fuel for life. 06:10 So the best way to describe it is the happy chappy is a crab. And nothing’s missing in this life for the happy chappy. 06:19 He’s on holidays 24 7, and he puts a smile on his dial. No matter what’s going on, there are warning signs. 06:27 When the crab gets angry, when the happy chappy, when you get angry, when you get p****d, when you get disappointed, then you know you’ve lost the plot. 06:37 You go in the direction of your dominant thoughts. And these, this crab, this happy chappy can chase you around in circles. 06:44 If you’re not inspired, you’re going to get fired. So what we are saying here is chillax, but don’t relax chillax, but don’t relax and don’t react. 06:58 Ultimately, stay happy on fire. Hold the vision. Now, no matter what happens, you’re going to be challenged and that vision is going to be put in question. 07:07 So the whole thing is how do you stay committed to your vision? You find the treasure, you find a purpose to everything. 07:15 And that’s a really big and important fun game to play. Finding your purpose in every calamity, every disaster, every challenge you get, look for your look for purpose in it. 07:26 Look for your purpose in that. So what I advocate to people and what I live and what I found to be possible is to live a holiday lifestyle. 07:35 It impacts you positively. It impacts others positively, enjoying your work, enjoying play, enjoying whatever you do as if you are on holiday. 07:45 And that’s what v i p is super fuel for life, vision, inspiration, and purpose. That’s the clue. So probably time for you to take out a pen and paper and write. 07:57 Ask yourself what inspires you? What is it? What is it? Is it movies? Is it going on the beach? Is it going for a walk? 08:04 Is it riding a bike? Is it going for a run? List out the things that inspire you and make sure, just like you would on holidays, you do a lot of them. 08:14 The second thing you can do is recognize when you do a vision, the what and the when and the how are really key to a great vision. 08:22 But the who is self sabotage. Don’t put another person’s name in your own vision, say I, I, I, and then invite others to join you. 08:32 Your goals are really critical. The way you do this is you do a five year goal. You do a four year goal, you do a three year goal, you do a two year goal, and finally you do a goals for next year. 08:47 And each of those goals, I recommend using the seven areas of life. So you have seven goals for five years, seven goals for four, seven for three. 08:56 You can call them visions if you want, and write them in the form of be, do, and have finally your purpose. 09:03 There’s the right way and the wrong way to, to explore your life purpose. The right way is to ask yourself, what have you most wanted to get from people in emotionally and mentally for the entirety of your life? 09:16 When you find that you’ll know what you want to give people energy for life, you know that life n never goes in straight lines when you’re on purpose. 09:27 It’s not like you’re gonna have a straight line between A and B. It’s gonna have ups and downs. That’s still energy for life. 09:36 When you lose your mojo, you know the energy’s going down. You know you’ve lost your vision, inspiration, purpose. You can take time out and go and sit somewhere for half an hour and reconnect to your purpose, reconnect to your vision and reconnect your inspiration. 09:50 And that’s the role of a coach. To make sure you stay strong in inspiration, strong envision and de deliberately and accurately on purpose, inspired as self-talk. 10:03 Make sure that you practice it between performances. A lot of people do their self-talk in the easy times and in the easy times they go quite lightly. 10:12 I would say go, go. Talk to yourself as if it’s tough. Times in the easy times. So when the tough time comes, you’re a really good mate and a really good coach, and a really good friend to yourself. 10:23 Internally, reengage, reimagine the future. Every time you get a chance, sit down, read your vision statement, look at it, think about it, dream it, imagine it, visualize it. 10:35 Remembering your purpose is timeless. What we are trying to do with our sense of purpose is leave a footprint on the planet after we leave it. 10:44 This is leaving an immortal impact. And that’s the idea of a sense of purpose. A purpose beyond self, beyond the lifespan of the self. 10:54 Something that stands the test of time. This is Chris. You have a great day. Bye for now.

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