Video the Power to Influence

00:00 Ride cowboy, come on, saddle up and let’s go. We’re going, how a deal cowboy. Get that While y’all, good morning.
00:37 That is your cowboy Chris. So if you want to get what you want, you’ve gotta give people what they want.
00:45 That’s the truth of it. The question is, how do you empower others without shooting yourself in the foot or having a very bad cowboy accent like this one.
00:58 So I’m going to tell you, if you give too much, they’re not going to appreciate. If you give too little, they’re not going to appreciate it.
01:08 So a person with power does not empower others at the disempowerment of themselves. Let’s have a look at that. So let’s look at the secrets of giving people what they want.
01:25 The first one, you gotta ask, man, you can’t assume anything. You can’t second guess people cuz usually it’s you projecting yourself onto them.
01:39 Ask and listen. Ask and listen. The second one is a good shot. Don’t over deliver. Remember, if you give people more than they actually need, they’re not going to value it.
01:56 In fact, the more you give them, the less they’re going to value it. The next one is doozy. Don’t underdeliver.
02:07 So sometimes when you first start a job or you’re doing something, you really give it all and then bit by bit you go, how can I give less?
02:19 But the question really comes down to how can I give more and more and more in less time? Finally, check for gratitude.
02:31 If a person is complaining about you, it’s because you ain’t given enough or you’re given too much. But the way you check this out is you go and find out if that person is grateful for you.
02:52 Let’s move on. Let’s move on. There are three threats that come from people playing games with given too much or too little.
03:08 The first game is the energy sucker. If you ever met one, they’re going to suck your energy right outta your bones by pertaining that they’re given you something that’s not true.
03:22 The second one is the trickster. Somebody who’s saying, I want to engage you, I want to get you engaged. But really what they’re trying to do is get something from you.
03:36 And the last one is the collaborator. The person who fears making a decision alone and just wants you to make it so they can half the chance of making an error or half the responsibility of making a decision.
03:53 That’s a very normal thing. Justify by the concept of collaboration. Collaboration is just how you gather information. It ain’t how you dilute the responsibility for a decision.
04:11 So the prisoner mindset comes along and says, well, I gave to you last month, you gotta give to me today.
04:18 That’s a prisoner mindset. The debt collector, be careful of this person. They’re going to be calculating everything they give you and putting dots on the iron crossing the T.
04:29 And then they’re gonna be going, whoa man, you owe me, you owe me time, you owe me money, you owe me something because I gave to you.
04:41 But what they’re not telling you is what they got from given the next one is the one who takes the higher ground.
04:48 How dare you do that? How could you not give me something that I won’t? You’re not fair. You never do something.
04:57 Watch out for these two. So the winning position for a powerful influence is called selfsufficiency. You gotta give absolutely a hundred percent genuine.
05:13 You gotta know what you want. That’s the first thing. And you’re going to get what you want without their approval.
05:20 That means you give it, you give away abundance. You go, I already got everything I need just in some form or another.
05:30 I’m going to convert it into the form I want. We’re going right, right and right gud. Little get that. There will be when we the we’re killing deal.
06:08 So we get up to gratitude. Our appreciate the greatest fulfillment in life comes from given. And when someone says they got a debt from given, that ain’t no given at all.
06:22 So the greatest fulfillment you’ll ever get, self-sufficient comes from given you don’t need anything in return. You already got it.
06:31 Clarity. Well, you gotta be self-aware. Our control, how I feel. I control how I think and I control where I’m going.
06:41 And that is my responsibility and not yours. Your intention, well call it your, call it your purpose, call it your faith in something.
06:53 But you gotta have a good intention because people are gonna hold up an iron shield and you say, I want to give you something.
07:00 I wanna make you something. I want to care something. They’re gonna say, no thank you, I don’t want your thing.
07:06 And you’re gonna say, I’m gonna get around your iron shield. Because behind that shield, I know there’s a good person behind there somewhere, no matter what they say.
07:16 , you’ve also gotta recognize that being self-sufficient life is push and pull, push and pull support and challenge. And when people reject you that only rejecting your expectations, they’re not telling you you’re wrong or something’s wrong with you.
07:34 They’re just telling you to change your expectations and you’ll find happiness. So let’s move on to the understanding of being self-sufficient.
07:51 You have to be ambivalent. You have to be ambivalent. When you give, you do not attach yourself to the consequences of that giving.
08:01 That’s how you become able to receive. You look at that emotional shower, we’ve been through that before. And remember, nobody invests in desperation.
08:15 Clean, given. Well if you’re gonna give, you gotta make it clean. Ambivalence and gratitude to essential factors. When you give, you give.
08:29 So when you give rew, reward yourself. Now watch this graph. When you give something to the world or you give something to somebody in order to get something or in order to influence them, you give them what they want.
08:43 The gratitude you’ll get back is, let’s say something, the personal gain you get from doing it is something. But the biggest reward you get get is the feeling of the act of kindness you are doing for somebody which authenticates what you’re doing.
09:04 And of course you become self-sufficient and independent, strong and powerful. Now that’s the sequence of thinking you need to go through.
09:16 We also talk about the act of receiving because we are given in order to influence somebody to get what we want.
09:24 So there are four things I’m gonna show you here. You should always remember one kiss, keep it simple. Two, what’s in it for me?
09:36 Take no credit, take no blame, nothing comes from you. It only comes through you. Pay it forward. Free the universe and supports and challenge you.
09:46 It’s an act of love. So remember, if there’s pushback is not because you’re wrong, is because you need to go around something, nah.
09:58 Or through something in order to get to where you want to go. And last but not least, be real. R e a l, reality, energy, attitude, and life.
10:12 So we’re coming to the end. All human beings want power. The power change things. Power to prove things, the power to make it better.
10:19 The power to control things. Ultimately the power to influence. And I believe inner wealth is focused on putting that power squarely in your hands.
10:29 But treat it carefully. Treat it responsibly. It’s a very big power in the world. So it all comes down to self-sufficiency, which comes to down to know your destiny in all seven areas of life.
10:46 Be abundant in trust in all seven areas of life. Be grateful for the process of support and challenge in each area of life.
10:54 Clarity of outcome and all seven areas of life. And have faith in your purpose or your intention in all seven areas of life.
11:03 This is Chris Walker wishing you a happy, happy day. Right? And get that pony. There will be no. So, cause when we get the we’re deal and holler.
11:32 Right? Right. Get thats all up.

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