How to Improve Your VIP Score

I created this PDF and explanatory video for a little weekend contemplation.

It’s a wonderful review of the week.

The common thread to both sports both our personal and our business world is the word causation. In both of these situations we wish to cause the outcome we wish through the process we enjoy. There is little benefit in creating our personal life through a process we don’t enjoy and, there is a little likelihood of creating our business life through a process we don’t enjoy. So enjoyment becomes the Measure of our process and goals become our measure of outcome.

It has been my duty to ask people for the last 40 years whether the process they are engaging in will best achieve their outcome. It is extraordinary to think that we might be enjoying a process of living which is going to cause an outcome we did not expect. It’s the equivalent of eating pizza all day and trying to lose weight. But people do this on a very subtle level over and over and over again.

The process of causation becomes more and more important the more senior we become in life and leadership. And immature person will sabotage their outcomes by engaging in processes that they have or do enjoy. It is this benchmark of making sure we enjoy the process but also have that process lead to the outcomes we want that is the foundation of the work of people development with Innerwealth.

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