Why I Love Life Coaching

I have spend half of my 45 years as a business / life coach in the high Himalayas of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. I’ve studied yoga in India and owned 3 yoga schools. I have an MBA and B.Mech eng. I love coaching people because it makes a huge difference. It’s the difference between knowing things and doing them.

I love working with unique individuals to create unique and inspired decisions, great quality of life and success in their chosen arena. In each field of work there are those who lead by the rule book, autocratic and demanding and then there are those I love coaching who throw the book out the window and lead with heart and soul. The human spirit is magnetic, joyful, fun to follow. It’s not hard work that makes a great leader it’s the joy of someone really loving what they do and it’s infectious. That’s what I love about coaching, seeing individuals throw out the biographies, the science books and roll up their sleeves and live with spirit.

I love coaching because I believe in my company motto “Change one – Change All” when people come home from work inspired and happy, the whole family benefits. That is one thing – if any one thing drives me more than any other, that makes me want to do this amazing work for the next 45 years, the impact coaching has on families, especially the little ones. It’s quite amazing the mess two loving parents can make of something and someone, when their own lives are so unexamined that they project their worst onto those they love the most. Coaching changes that in it’s tracks. It throws that light on ourselves, reflects back on us the individual responsibility to turn up in a good, loving healthy way, because it really is the only way, only way, yes, only way to impact the lives of others. Turning up inspired after work.

I even created an inspired podcast with Troy Jones “change one change all” to share the gift with the world. Troy is hilarious and pushes me to all sorts of fun places – he’s never without a story and is loved by all who follow the podcast. There are no ads, no product placements, so it’s our contribution to the world of families, helping people come home with more energy than they left with in the morning. Try the podcast, you’ll be truly entertained.

Every human being is unique. Their human nature is fingerprint unique. But all humans connect at that level. Our love of life, our joy of work, our sense of purpose, our care for others and the environment binds us all into a humanity that is just magnificent. I love coaching because it helps every individual find that bond, that love for life and in doing so, change one, change all.

And, that’s why I love coaching so much, unique solutions for unique individuals, it’s just so wonderful to see the difference when a struggling mum, dad, leader or owner finally finds their unique voice and in so doing finds that bond with humanity that is way beyond the temporary glimpses we get through righteousness, book study, emulation and opinions.

Positive personal change through higher consciousness. How to find it, sustain it, nurture it, protect it. Fast, conscious, sustainable personal change. That’s what I love about coaching….

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