WHY “MORE” is my Favourite Word


If there were three things you could change in your life, what would they be? Be honest with yourself, what three things would you change as a priority? If you could change three things in your life, any three things, what would they be? And how would the outcome look? In other words, you’d change them, but what would it look like once you’ve changed them? And then ask yourself the question, what would you change then? It’s a really important question because this goes right to your motive, goes right to your sense of purpose, and goes right to your core of what do you really want in your life? Any person who says they don’t want more is dying, is claustrophobic, is stuck in a bubble, is in a cesspool of swamp. Whereas a tree drops its bark, a coconut grows a shell. And if we grow a shell, we always answer the question, I don’t want to change anything.

I’m happy as I am. It’s contentment. I’m fulfilled.

I don’t want anything. That person is dying, rapidly dying. So let’s see if you can answer that question.

What are the three things that you would love to change in your life? And what would it look like once you change them? And once you’ve changed them, what would the three things next be that you want to change in your life? Be honest with yourself.

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