The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask.

A quality question is one that will bring balance to your perception and equilibrate your mind. Your intuition is attempting to bring to your awareness, the other ignored half of the human condition, so as to balance your perception. 

What you bias with your values and turn into emotions – your intuition is attempting to rebalance and turn into love. 

Chris “ANTI GURU GURU” Walker

The more biased your perceptions become the weaker your intuition becomes the more balanced your perception becomes the stronger your intuition becomes. Biased perceptions and their resultant emotions can be reinforced or dramatised and act as a positive feedback loop on negative behaviour leading to excessive virtuous or vicious emotional cycles (bipolar, borderline schizophrenia). Intuition can dampen such extreme emotions and act as a negative feedback loop leading to gratitude, love, certainty, presence and inspiration. In other words, CENTRED and REAL.


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