Motivation versus Inspiration

At some point in our life we decide or have decided for us that motivation must evolve into inspiration. They both do a great job the only question is how high can they take us? From a very early age we learn the art of motivation: that is to determine whether what we are about…… Continue reading Motivation versus Inspiration

Covid virus is the least of our problems …

Making a stand in life seems to be the new “brand” of freedom. It isn’t. It is the complete opposite. But when the voices of the ignorant become loud enough, the sheep follow until it hurts. Domestic voilence is the perfect micro mirror of this story on a smaller scale. One ignorant individual makes a…… Continue reading Covid virus is the least of our problems …

Inspired By Nature for Perfect Mental Health

It’s not just what you think but how you think that matters When we climb in the mountains, paddle an ocean ski, swim the ocean or ride our road bikes, mental health is essential. There’s a no bull approach in the outdoor world but that doesn’t always translate to the indoors of work and love.…… Continue reading Inspired By Nature for Perfect Mental Health

The Purpose of Innerwealth Coaching

The overriding purpose of Innerwealth coaching is to help you navigate your “life” and by defining “life” as all seven areas of life, it means all aspects. This is an important distinction between Innerwealth coaching and conventional one or two dimensional guidance. Your career is impacted by and impacts your relationship, they cannot be navigated…… Continue reading The Purpose of Innerwealth Coaching

Chris Walker Innerwealth Daily Power Hour … Absolutely Unique..

In 2010 Chris relocated his entire business back to Australia and decided to focus purely on inspiring individuals through coaching. His motto became “changing the world one heart at a time.” This shift came at a conference. He was speaking to over 1,000 people and asked for a show of hands “Who thinks this company…… Continue reading Chris Walker Innerwealth Daily Power Hour … Absolutely Unique..

REALSPIRIT™ – A Course in Self-Leadership

THE FREE MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE HERE On Itunes A rhythm exists in the deepest levels of our being. The person who attunes themselves both externally and internally to what is natural, will possess an insight to the essence of the whole universe. This harmony, this rhythm, is a capacity that could change the world.…… Continue reading REALSPIRIT™ – A Course in Self-Leadership