The single key to success in life is understanding leadership. What makes a great leader, makes a great parent. What makes a great leader makes a great friend. It’s all connected. However, it’s all a matter of scale. What you can do for one person, or a family, you cannot do for 50 or 10,000.…… Continue reading LEADERSHIP – WHEN TO LEAD FROM BEHIND OR FROM THE FRONT


HISTORY OF INNERWEALTH Around thirty years ago I was on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne and from my isle seat looked across to see, seated across the isle someone I’d done business with. We started a really great conversation and he shared how much money he’d made over the past years since we’d met.…… Continue reading WHY INNERWEALTH IS SO COOL

Self ~ I would rather have the whole world against me than my own soul

I ask everyone I meet, using word or sense, “who are you?” And in 45 years of travel across this beautiful planet, I have only been answered twice. Yes, I have heard people say “this is what I read, and I will be that” and I have heard, more often than not, “this is what…… Continue reading Self ~ I would rather have the whole world against me than my own soul

Why I Love Life Coaching

I have spend half of my 45 years as a business / life coach in the high Himalayas of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. I’ve studied yoga in India and owned 3 yoga schools. I have an MBA and B.Mech eng. I love coaching people because it makes a huge difference. It’s the difference between knowing…… Continue reading Why I Love Life Coaching

Rescue or love

Rescuing the weak. Saving the broken. Feeding the impoverished. Inspiring the depressed. Fixing, repairing, rescuing…. These are jobs, not relationships. How many fall in love by thinking they are the solution? Their partner is messed up and they are the miracle cure. It feels like love, smells like love, but it is only gratitude. Never…… Continue reading Rescue or love

The human spirit

The human spirit is a competitive animal. It loves competition. Give it a challenge and it is awake. Give it peace and quiet it rests. It does have patience. The greatest opportunity to tap the essence of your spirit is in your vision of life. A large global or even universal view of life means…… Continue reading The human spirit

Hard work is bad management

Who would promote a stressed, emotionally drained, worried, tired and hunched over in sadness individual? Only a cruel individual would add another KG to the back of an overloaded camel. It just wouldn’t be fair. Sometimes human nature and our ego get into a fight. The ego wants to be right, human nature wants to…… Continue reading Hard work is bad management


Positive Self talk is essential to success. Words matter. The way we talk to each other matters, but the way we talk to ourselves is even more critical. The most important conversations we have are the ones that take place in our heads. This constant, internal dialogue, what psychologists call “self talk,” isn’t just idle…… Continue reading YOU ARE AMAZING

Finding Balance – Inspired Thinking

It is really important to recognise that there’s a vast difference between an easy life and a balanced one. If you are looking for “balance” that makes your life easy, then good luck with it, that just doesn’t exist. If however, you are looking for more productive, more enjoyable, better communication, turning up at home…… Continue reading Finding Balance – Inspired Thinking

Inspired By Nature for Perfect Mental Health

It’s not just what you think but how you think that matters When we climb in the mountains, paddle an ocean ski, swim the ocean or ride our road bikes, mental health is essential. There’s a no bull approach in the outdoor world but that doesn’t always translate to the indoors of work and love.…… Continue reading Inspired By Nature for Perfect Mental Health

How to Grow Beyond Being Frustrated

Welcome to Sunday thoughts…. My amazing client (they are all amazing really) mentioned that in conversations with me he loves to “UNPACK” his thoughts. It’s a beautiful thing because for the most part, his commitments to work, family, spirituality, health and financial strength take priority over musing about the hidden recesses of his mind. And…… Continue reading How to Grow Beyond Being Frustrated

The Purpose of Innerwealth Coaching

The overriding purpose of Innerwealth coaching is to help you navigate your “life” and by defining “life” as all seven areas of life, it means all aspects. This is an important distinction between Innerwealth coaching and conventional one or two dimensional guidance. Your career is impacted by and impacts your relationship, they cannot be navigated…… Continue reading The Purpose of Innerwealth Coaching

Me Time

I spend an incredible amount of time alone. Always have. I don’t enjoy crowds or groups, I prefer to speak to an audience than to be in one. I love ocean paddling where I’m all alone and I ride a bike, even in a peloton I ride at the back of the pack. Being alone…… Continue reading Me Time

THE Important Art Of Letting Go

When the wealthy tycoon died, someone asked, “how much did he leave?” and the answer came, “everything.” I think we forget this and in the course of our lives start to worry about the livelihood of those we leave behind. This is nice. However, there are some things we hang onto that don’t serve us…… Continue reading THE Important Art Of Letting Go

Chris Walker Innerwealth Daily Power Hour … Absolutely Unique..

In 2010 Chris relocated his entire business back to Australia and decided to focus purely on inspiring individuals through coaching. His motto became “changing the world one heart at a time.” This shift came at a conference. He was speaking to over 1,000 people and asked for a show of hands “Who thinks this company…… Continue reading Chris Walker Innerwealth Daily Power Hour … Absolutely Unique..


https://anchor.fm/chris-walker70/episodes/EXCELLENCE-AT-WORK–CHASING-THE-UNICORN-e170df9 There is no better metaphor for excellence than weight lifting. A 73Kg person from China has the world record for clean and jerk of 169 kg… more than twice their body weight. For Women, 71kg person, 152 kg. The difference is negligible. For the unlimited weight person, men, the record is 265 kg, for…… Continue reading EXCELLENCE AT WORK