Christopher Walker

Staying balanced means:

  • Doing the right thing.
  • Preventing doing the wrong thing.
  • Creating good things.
  • Being healthy and happy enough to enjoy the journey.



Christopher Walker


A balanced person is balanced in all seven areas of life. In this program we help individuals address the symptoms, cause and solution to imbalance in any aspect of life. We help individuals address chronic imbalance as well as immediate and short term triggers such as emotional and physical illness.

The Balance program has seven elements: They are…

HOW TO: Let Go the Past

Nothing affects the family more than the unloved life of the parent. Regret, sadness, guilt and anger disrupt a life more than any single source and so a balanced person needs to learn how to let go. Whether it’s in a coffee shop where food didn’t arrive on time or in life where a colleague wasn’t honest, or a life partner or family member disappointed us, we need to learn to let go so that we can live balanced in the present. This is an important part of the balance program.

HOW TO: Create Perfect Cellular Health

Balanced living is neither excess or deficiency.  Neither overeating nor under eating. Never too much, never too little.  The result of balanced living is obvious.  Our body is always in a state of flux, evolving, adapting, growing, ageing, healing and responding to demand. How do we remain steady when the vehicle we occupy is in such flux? This is an important awareness that we focus on in the Balance program. Cellular health looks at wellbeing from a micro level and frees us up on the macro level to get more enjoyment from what we do and eat.

HOW TO: Use the Environment To Support Success

A person needs to be in the right environment to create success. An environment that is out of balance, in any way, will create an imbalanced person. If the environment is corrupt, the individual will be corrupted, if the environment is toxic, the individual will become toxic. If the environment prioritises self interest over right action, then there will be an imbalance that creates troubles. We cannot become our best if our environment isn’t right. There are two things we can do to fix our environment to be balanced. One is our perception of people, places and things to see order where otherwise it might appear like chaos. This is a perception and mindset shift, and a very important skill. The second is physical, relying on improving the sensory environment, such as what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Of these, sight is key and nature is one such environmental trigger we harness for balance.

HOW TO: Stay Engaged and Get Over Speed Bumps..- Values Alignment

Authenticity means we put our heart into what we do. When our values are out of align with what we do, we become half hearted. In the balance program we clearly define individual intrinsic and extrinsic values to create alignment between action, process and outcome. When buying a house recently my friend asked me to share a meeting with the real estate salesman. He explained only the positives, no negatives of the deal, he shared market news that was only good no bad, to try to infatuate my friend into buying the house, (old style selling techniques) he was just dishonest and disrespectful to himself and my friend in this perspective. Now there was a lot of money at stake, and he knew it, so it took allot of integrity when I challenged him to put his true self, heart and soul into this conversation. To speak like the sale was not as important as his integrity. We refer to this as values alignment – your true I.P, Brand.

HOW TO: Use Your Vision, Inspiration, Purpose for Leadership

As there are seven areas of life a balanced person will have seven visions, seven areas of inspiration (passion) and one single sense of a purpose greater than themselves. Vision is the key to mental, emotional and physical health, few things are more important, this topic alone can bring a beautiful balance to life even when striving for singular success on any stage.

Taking a snippet from the yoga sutra,

When you are inspired by some greater purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.


HOW TO; Evolve Yourself through Self Talk

A balanced person will be always present, focussed.  Whatever the situation, the attentive attitude will not be lost.  Unconditionally, their attention will stay focused on whatever they are doing. They are not thinking of answers while listening, they are lisening. While walking they are conscentrating on walking, the environment. If they walk into a room and then out in 10 seconds they can name 50 objects.  A person who is at the center is always in the moment, present, magnetic.  Even if the death of a loved one comes, they will not react.  They will receive death as they receive birth. If misery comes they will receive it as they receive joy.  Whatever happens it cannot dislodge this person from their center.  This powerful presence is an attitude, it is a consequence of being balanced.

A Balanced Person is Balanced in All Seven Areas of Life

Balance Program

The Balance Program is both a preventative and a maintenance program. It can be in the form of a 2-day workshop for corporate teams or private coaching or an intensive 30-day programme.

The unique feature of the Balance Program is that you not only get balanced in a sustainable healthy way but you learn a process for catching imbalance early for the future.. it means you can regulate your life balance and not be caught with your pants down in the future.

What do you think? Does it resonate with you? Do you know anyone who you think might benefit from this?


Life is one long series of never ending transitions. Moving from one job to another, from one boss to another, from one love to another, from one sport to another, from one age to another. Transitions are life.

Nature, and therefore you, never move in straight lines. You must already know this about life. Your month is never a smooth end to end experience. There are waves of happiness, sadness, ups and downs, ins and outs, confidence and insecurity, peace and disruption. You know this. But how well do you manage those transitions and fluctuations?

Arguments, depressions, confusions, uncertainties, reveal a poorly managed transition, nothing more. Most, if not all of your problems would go away if you did nothing.

Poor health is also a sign of badly managed transitions. So, it would be appropriate for you, your children and your sports club to engage in education around the topic of transition, and become good at it. Certainly it would save you a massive amount of time and energy.

I coach people through transition. It is my life work. I believe that at an executive level of leadership, transitions are a tsunami, a literal minute by minute consequence of responsibility. Hence, the better you are at transition, the more of them you’ll have, and the better you are at them, the more of them you’ll have. Getting help, support and being coached through continual transition is certainly no shame. In fact, anyone who has achieved any level of performance in their job, work, family, sport or leadership deserves that support.

As an outline of what I do in transition management I’ve created the Walker Transition Model. It works to address the various facets of transition. I’ll explain:

  1. Create a MAPPED IMAGE of exactly where you are. This demands honesty and insight.
    1. THE PAST
  2. Find CAUSE of what created the past, present and future you’ve MAPPED.
    1. Mental Imbalance?
    2. Social Imbalance?
    3. Career Imbalance?
    4. Health Imbalance?
    5. Financial Imbalance?
    6. Spiritual Imbalance?
    7. Relationship Imbalance?
    1. Let Go the Past with Love
    2. Reboot your physical systems
    3. Evolve your environmental influencers
    4. Re-evaluation authentic actions – Change Behaviour – New Habits
    5. New Mapped Reason – 7 Visions, 7 inspirations and 7 Purpose
    6. Love Life – Restore beauty into everyday life…

Lets review

  1. Take an honest snap shot of where you have: been, are and going.
  2. Find what needs to change in order not to repeat the past or go back to old habits
  3. Build a solid and beautiful life in all aspects of sustainable happiness and fulfillment.
  4. Learn from this an be more proactive in transition in the future.

Pain isn’t essential

Pain is not an essential part of living. However, when we do fall asleep at the wheel of life, it becomes the only way we grow and learn. A coach’s role in your life is to predict and prevent pain that comes through experiences that could have been learnt without the cost. Burning $10 teaches you that $10 burns, however, there’s really no need to burn money to find it out. A coach must, through their own footsteps be able to prove that $10 burns for the small cost of $1. – or $2.

If you’re an executive, want elite pain prevention, want to evolve and stay one step ahead of your own transition management, at home, in health or at work, then elite executive coaching is exactly suited for you.

Life Balance – Mental Health

Arrange your life so that mental health does not become a hindrance. Adhere to the laws of balance in all your mental activity. See that be getting elated to will breed a depression. Acknowledge that righteousness, the idea that you are right, is the cause of all mental diseases. Breakthrough your expectations. Expectations are the root of all breakdowns. Expectations are like the contamination that breeds suffering. If you can be a person whose expectations become the most flexible part of their world then you become a champion of the highest order. 



  • Over 35 years of coaching with famous people and companies (You would know them)
  • 18 years international professional speaker
  • Culture change consultant to Government of Canada and Fortune 100 firms
  • 56 led adventures to Nepal Himalayas (Australia’s friend to Nepal)
  • 3000+ speaking engagements (from Calgary to Kalgoorlie)
  • Worked with United Nations and First Nation communities throughout Canada on Youth at Risk and community wellbeing.
  • Author 30 books, 000’s of podcasts, TV presentations and radio interviews on relationship, business and social development.

“One person I have used for some time as a sounding board, life coach and career development is Chris Walker – ex engineer, entrepreneur and life coach master who has made and lost millions, written loads of books, led 10s of groups into Nepal, spent serious time in Zen and the Himalayas, and worked all over the world including with indigenous first nation communities in Canada. Simple to say he is not your normal life coach.” Principle Partner. Sydney Australia – Read More

Australia’s Anti Guru Guru

In the area of human transformation no one is better known and more respected than Christopher Walker. For more than 30 years, Christopher Walker has focused solely on helping people, families, communities and organisations reshape their personal lifestyle to embrace a more loving, peaceful and happy way of life. His powerful messages of authenticity, appreciation, and love have helped transform and create startling change in thousands of organisations, and millions of individuals worldwide.

With his natural Aussie style and tough love approach to real life success, Chris challenges people’s perception and captures his audience’s attention as well as their hearts. With his love and connection to all that is natural, his provocative technique and masterful authority of his work, time and again he compels his audiences, to think different, act different and be different. Nothing changes until something changes. He breaks the spiritual mould, steps out as a real person and is often referred to as one of the most dynamic and controversial speakers of our time.

You may know Chris better from his corporate work. Challenging corporations and business people throughout the world to reconsider the human equation in business, to look more authentically at the whole individual, and for individuals to look more authentically at their work – life balance. “Love is cumulative” says Christopher Walker, “daily forgetfulness adds up to life long regret” Chris published Innerwealth, putting the heart and soul back into business as a part of his mission of bringing deeper and more holistic human awareness to the workplace.

But Chris’s background is not limited to the business world, his attraction as a change agent and keynote speaker comes from the diversity and seeing contradictions of his life. His credentials include a lifetime of turning challenges to success. Starting from an alcoholic and violent childhood home he went on to self fund his own university education and start a successful entrepreneurial career. From the disaster of a marriage breakdown and disastrous journey through a divorce his ex wife and three children to a magnificent loving relationship with his soul mate. From street thug and car thief to a long time friend of spiritual monasteries high in the Nepal Himalayas. From bruised and broken football player to adept yogi.

Chris Walker is also a prolific writer which, for a “dyslexic moron,” as his high school teacher referred to him, is quite some surprise. He’s written over 20 books yet Chris acknowledges, he still hasn’t read his first one. Chris has also made a profound influence through his extensive work with indigenous people in Canada, during which time he had a gun pointed to his head, had his life threatened and was run out of town by some radical activists. He also credits this experience working with indigenous people in Canada, to one of the greatest transformations in his own life.

His new book, “Sacred Love, The honeymoon that lasts forever” will inspire those who are ready to change the way they perceive relationships. For those wanting the honeymoon to last, for those wanting to enjoy the fruits of their work rather than pay the price of their personal life. Chris says he’s fighting an epidemic, “busy-ness” that is sweeping the world and killing relationships everywhere.

Chris Walker’s energy and love for his mission travels still further through mediums such as television, print, radio and newspaper interviews. His internet site offers help to those who are struggling to keep up in their relationships. DR Love, Chris’s online aias, offers advice to those who are looking for something different. “The honey-mood” says Chris Walker, “can last forever, you just have to know how”

Chris is the founder of Innerwealth Consulting. A leadership coaching program aimed to impart the principles of good, heart driven, balanced and conscious leadership to people throughout the world.

Chris is also known as a passionate environmentalist and humanitarian, working to help the people and children of Nepal live the life they deserve while preserving the sanctuary of this great Himalayan paradise.

Chris Walker’s global work is, as he is, understated yet committed. His contributions to Nepal in support of monasteries and under privileged children goes on, as it has, for over 30 years.

Chris coaches sports stars, athletes, CEO’s, mothers with new babies, youth at risk, entrepreneurs, couples looking to repair a broken home. His compassion is not in making his achievements public, but in the individual happiness of his clients. Changing the world. One heart at a time.

When Chris is not speaking, coaching or writing, you’ll find him riding his road bike in the hills around Sydney, swimming the ocean at Bondi, taking photographs out in nature or taking clients on a journey up into the high Himalayas.

Christopher John Walker believes in the power of love, he’s on a mission of reality, to share natures law, to teach the world that, love, contentment and happiness come, when we stop and find stillness, which, according to Walker, is the only antidote to that global epidemic of Busy-Ness. Christopher John Walker is an inspired man, driven to create a global change, and for Chris, this begins at home.

Individualism – A New Era for Self Management in Business.

J.Walter Thompson just released a significant and expensive report on the “Single Age” in which they link individualism, with a massive trend for people to remain single for life. They write:

“Individualism is on the rise, bringing with it a new set of values. In an age defined less and less by traditionalism and more by self-expression, independence and authenticity, singledom is a natural evolution alongside job hopping, coliving, sexual openness, digital connection and a nomadic workforce. The Single Age explores the shifting habits and expectations of this growing global and multi-generational cohort; the cultural groundswell reframing single people as they really are—confident, fulfilled and empowered; and the implications for brands and marketers.

J Walter Thompson

How Will this Impact You?

More of your team at work, potentially your children, and friends are going in the direction of individualism. Self expression, independence, and authenticity are going to be valued more and more. This will have significant impact on your business career:

  • People will not tolerate leadership that stifles contradictions in opinions. You are going to have to deal with more creativity, diversity of opinion in the “best way to go” in most areas of life.
  • You’re going to have a significant increase in errors in your process as individuals strive for independence they will be wanting to learn for themselves and hence by experience.
  • Fake will not cut it. Good hearted, well balanced and respectfully mannered people will rise to the top while the arrogant and bullish old style of rude and crude, but we make it happen, will be “a part of history” the “dinosaurs of business” will be left in the past.

What does this mean for your personal development?

  • Your understanding of human nature must stretch beyond the dinosaur models of “Maslow, Personality tests, Age categorised behaviour models (millennials) etc. It will be too complex to define individuals by any such antique approach to human development and work performance. A more holistic approach to human nature is needed that cuts across age, gender, era, style … in order to embrace the individualism that all teams will experience.
  • You will need to know yourself much better than ever before as the microscope of authenticity will bounce back directly at you. This means the old “you can’t really see what’s going on in my private life” will be extinct and you’ll therefore have to “turn up” even if things aren’t going perfectly “off the ball” at home.
  • You’re going to come up against systems that refuse to change due to old school networks of “partnerships” and “old boys” where individualism is seen as disobedience or non conformity to strict cultural norms. This means greater dexterity and skill at managing upward.

What does it mean at home?

  • Less tolerance will be given to extended periods of “out of balance” as lost respect by family will lead reactions and rejection of your guidance. Disharmony with children will be accentuated if you are not really living your true self. (living vicariously through children will have greater consequences than ever)
  • Resolving work conflicts at home will no longer be viable. Your family and friends will no longer serve as the churn room for personal problem solving and option development. All high performance business exec’s will therefore need objective sounding boards and independent coaching from outside their firm and family. This industry will be a significant growth market.
  • Happier, balanced and calmer individuals will thrive as leaders. They will be the individuals with massive soft skill capability applied firstly to themselves and secondly to others.

What to do about it?

  • Learn how to explore yourself and others with “total human awareness” – the whole person comes to work and therefore needs to be considered in a more human way for performance management.
  • Break away from scripted formula for group management and rather skill up on bringing more of your total humanity to work. Results must be balanced with process.
  • Learn to detect trouble early. Individualism comes with mighty problems. It can lead to undetected mental and emotional health issues going unchecked, it can lead to group poisoning by those with the biggest personal troubles masked under individualism banners, and it can lead to excuses for poor performance such as blame validated under the banner of pride and free speech. Smaller voices need a platform other than conflict and aggression to be heard.

Next steps?

  • Shorten the waiting period between emotional, mental and personal problem and resolution. Learn new skills in self-management for fast, conscious and sustainable mind, mood and heart happiness.
  • Be clear on your long, medium and short term ambitions then set and forget. Once ambition is set, focus on process – make it heart driven.
  • Fully study “Total Human Awareness” so as not to be reactive to partial information.
  • Hire continual personal coaching to both educate on prevention and move process for trouble shooting before respect is lost in order to maintain authenticity.

Individualism and your High Performance Self Management for Business training

For many years Corporations have made the mistake of compartmentalising the development of people with the aim of increasing productivity and yet, the total human being, the heart, quality of life, relationship and other aspects of the human condition have been ignored. As we enter an era of hyper accelerated decision making the demands on individuals to bring their total capacity to work, including their heart, creativity, inspiration and non rational intellect, means we need a new understanding of “the Total Human Dynamic.” We are people first and fragmentation doesn’t exist. We must restore and preserve that awareness.

Beyond Doubt

I am standing on a narrow ledge, the wind is strong, my grip is small, the drop is huge and life threatening. One single doubt will throw my balance. Let my doubts be cleared.

Christopher Walker

In a search to conserve the Energy with you, the emphasis is not on questioning but on doubt. 

“Let my doubts be cleared”. Is the call of Devi to Krishna.  This is significant because if you are asking intellectual questions, you are asking for a definite answer so that your problem can be dissolved.  But you are really asking, let my doubts be cleared.  And if you knew this you would not the asking for answers, you would be asking for a transformation of your mind.

A doubting mind will remain at doubting mind no matter what the answers that are given to it because it is separated from the heart, it’s perspective is too small.  A doubting mind will remain a doubting mind no matter what intellectual knowledge is provided to it, the answers to the questions are really irrelevant.  If we given one answer and we have a doubting mind, we will doubt the answer.  If we get another answer, and we have a doubting mind we will doubt that answer also.  If we have a doubting mind, then a doubting mind means we will put a question mark on everything. To anything and everything that is presented to us, including love.

So how can doubts be cleared? 

You can hypothesize, study philosophy, attach yourself to dogma and religion, but doubt will always exist until there is an experience beyond all of these intellectual pursuits. When you awaken to your heart you find to your surprise that your heart is empty. You find to your surprise there is pure space. You are what is in your heart and if you look closely you won’t find anything tangible. You find nothing, except feeling, an intent, a caring. And this is beyond doubt, all answers exist in this empiness, not as words or ideas, but a knowings. You may say that you really know the answer but just can’t or don’t want to hear it.


If your goals require the participation of someone else, spouse, kids, boss, economy, judge, race director, umpire, competitor, you will have doubt. When you need to participation of someone else to do your thing, your mind becomes spaghetti because it is uncertain that this other person will participate. You get doubt.

Self-reliance is necessary to tap the energy of removing doubt.

Learning to think for yourself, to look after yourself, to wait on yourself, and to act on your own judgments is a crucial part of the development of the freedom of clarity, do clear your doubts.

All humans are dependent, socially, commercially, nationally, and emotionally. Therefore independence is not isolation or withdrawal but the ability to follow your own convictions amongst the questions and turbulence of life. You must become immune. A conviction must arise in you where there is no need to go into defence, no mention of doubt or uncertainty, no panic or fear, just centered, committed and certain. Therefore you must get to know yourself, and your own heart well because there will be obstacles and in these times true depth is essential.

This begins with clear UNFUCKWITHABLE Goals.

A goal that included others for their achievement is a toxic goal. We can say “I am going on a world tour” or “My partner and I are going on a world tour.” Latter is weak, the former is unfuckwithable. We are inviting our partner to join us on a world tour, but if they say no, we still go. There is a huge difference in the certainty of these two goal statements. Goals that have a condition on others are therefore at the root of doubt.

The heart holds this doubt free space well, and the main thing that takes people away from their true heart is seeking approval, emotional dependence. This of course is extremely disempowering and the drain of energy is enormous. Getting out of the habit is easier said than done.. For the average person what others think about them is fundamentally how they live to achieve, feel about themselves and manage their lives. Trying to do the right thing is an extraordinary ambition. Especially when right changes from person to person, even between parents and this effort is all but a waste. No one can approve of you more than you do yourself. In this there can be no compromise.

Beyond Doubt – Beyond Approval

We might seek approval to be paid, fed, loved and needed. We might seek approval in order to feel nurtured and safe and secure. We seek approval to get what we want and we seek approval to have some form of identity. We seek approval in order to know our place in the world, to re assure us and to overcome our fears. My goodness we seek approval in order to feel good. So when one is asked to move on from that way of being it may sound extremely callous.

Self approval is also a razors edge. Did I really follow a deep intuition? Or was I just being stubborn when I rejected that advice? Self approval and fear based stubbornness are so similar they are nearly indiscernible within a person. We must therefore know ourselves well to be able to use this razor’s edge well.

The start of knowing yourself is to learn not to trust your emotions, but at the same time be willing to experience them. It sounds confusing. To be aware of your true self in contrast to your emotions, know that you cannot be right without wrong.

Then move beyond reacting, trickery and manipulation. Be real, honest with yourself and others. You are free to be and there is no need to pretend. Get past malice, emotion and anger. Get past retribution and condemnation because these are all signs of stupidity, ignorance and unconsciousness and truly – if you mission becomes to reach for your deeper truth, these are the blockages. If you are poor and ignorant, or deficient in any important range of education use your time for study; pursue a line of study that will better your circumstances.

So beyond doubt means living from the heart. It means that there is a resting within. Home is where the heart is and the heart is, in fact, really empty. Some people think that the heart is full of voices and advice, or past memories of living in Egypt 10,000 years ago. But the heart has no voice. There is simply a knowing – and this knowing requires an absolute stillness to detect.

So how do we detect the difference between head and heart, between emotion and truth? How do we know when we are in our truth, and therefore self accepting or in our mind and therefore deluding ourselves?

Stillness – The Key to the Door of Your Heart

Quiet the mind means to isolate the mind, this is weak and vulnerable. On the other hand, to still the mind means to go somewhere deep. Quiet the mind is vulnerable, like the surface of the lake and is always exposed for something to disturb its surface. To still the mind means to dive beneath the surface of the lake. Where surface ripples (emotions) do not disturb the stillness.

All we need to do is find a way of being still in the world so that even if the sun rose in the west instead of the East we would still follow the same path.

“Give me a few hours by myself, let me alone, shut out all interruptions, and I can bring myself down to my work. I take my pen in hand. I write a few thoughts. I see the future. And realize my responsibility.”

Christopher Walker


Aloneness is essential. But the mind cannot come to it with a city built understanding of it. The whole problem of loneliness is that it is not seen for it’s worth. All people are, at times lonely, but for those whose city life does not embrace it, they spend so much of their life running to escape it, and in that life, all activities are the activities of frustration. The happy person is not afraid of loneliness, it is for them the sublime truth from which the beauty of life can be appreciated. Happiness is happiness, alone or in company, and the action of aloneness is to create that awareness, permanently.

Great composers, artists and inventor’s have always had the capacity to be alone for extended periods of time. The greater their achievements, the more alone they were. Edison, lived, ate and slept in his workshop laboratory for weeks at a time. Interruptions would bring his mind back to the surface layers, so he would immerse himself in the inspiration of silence for days at a time. It was through this isolation that his subconscious mind could access that great ocean of knowledge known as the Akash. It is from there it can tap discoveries.

All this means that you have to be careful. You have to think it through before you let yourself get absorbed in avoiding being alone. Avoid emotion as a guide to action, avoid reaction as a true guide to your life and what will remain is the truth, yours. Do not trust your emotion, never will emotion take you where you want to go, or even where you thought you were going. Instead all they do is convert your energy into tension, in a self reinforcing feedback loop. The mind feels isolated and confused because it is afraid of that loneliness.

In city life we must be alone, alone from all influences, from all compulsions, from all demands, longings, hopes, so that the mind is no longer in the action of frustration. Ultimately, loneliness is the incomplete sense, not being able to depend on anything, not having anybody to turn to, whereas, aloneness is to embrace that we are never alone.

To be alone, to allow the mind to pass from its workday layers down to the universal sea, is the secret.

Christopher Walker

Beyond Doubt – Opening the heart

An open heart just means no tension, an inner smile and not reacting to anything that happens. Beyond reason, fear, doubt, anger and blame, your heart is the core of your deepest humanity. When we have finished exploring intellect and attending ceremonies, when we are exhausted trying to change the unchangeable, then we come to rest in our heart. In this place your heart and my heart are one, we are interconnected, no need to compare, we are a part of something bigger, where our individuality is transient, the moment becomes important and we all relax in the knowledge that we have no idea of what will happen next. This is a beautiful reality, the core of confidence, love, beauty and a healthy, life.

It takes a certain trust.. A trust that, when faced with what seems to be an insurmountable challenge, we will survive. Faith in the higher order can hold us while we search our heart for comfort and rest. In times of challenge there is often a search for reason, and the mind finds comfort in its logic, it’s a sort of faith. But the heart will not rest in reason or logic. Reason is what is used to thwart the heart. Eventually we must feel, feel, feel and then know from within what is true, and the faster this can happen the faster we can return to our true nature .


It overwhelms me with hurt to witness the misinterpretation of good thinking, when people translate positive thinking as the lack of negative thinking. That is the equivalent to being good and never bad. It’s the equivalent to success without failure or right without wrong. It is a notion of terrorism in our own lives and homes. Positive thinking without negative thinking disrupts families and defines yoga and meditation as experiences of only the sweet, soft, fragrance of frangipani and incense in a sweet warm bath of coconut oil while watching the sun go down with a freshly squeezed mango smoothy in hand drinking through a biodegradable straw and a bamboo cup, under solar lights with recycled water.

The parallel paths of Western spirituality and it’s self help teachings coincides perfectly in fit with the increasing rates of depression and mental health. It seems the more we become aware of our body, and treating it like a “temple” the more we struggle mentally. I trace it all back to the ridiculous notion that positive thinking, positive living can exist without the negative thinking, negative living.

Recently a client became quite violent when I suggested her passion for the environment was a fantasy of righteousness. Her anger and mean minded approach to those who didn’t agree with her verged on crazy, and her mental – emotional state revealed it. The environment is our responsibility and it is great to see us protecting this planet from excessive destruction but the real environmental issues begin at home, not so much with recycling, but with mind.

A bad mood emits toxins as severe as any fossil fuel engine. A nasty criticism is as noxious as the plastic we discard to the ocean and lasts as long. Judgements not expressed are powerful poisons equally as life threatening to our own and through secondary impact on the heart and lungs as cigarette smoking. Anger and hate are bullets as powerful as those used in mass shootings. We underestimate the power of the mind to do good and so too we underestimate its ability to do bad.

A company wants to turn its fortunes around, improve its performance and gain more traction. It will focus on the engagement of employees and sales, attitudes and skills but what little focus is put on the energy of thought? What if individuals are left in their inner realms to think as they please even when on the outer they engage? Is it considered that many of the greatest achievements have arrived at their supremacy not through the science of product differentiation or even company strategy but through the cumulative mindset of it’s loyal followers.

A sports team is encouraged to win by loyal fans. That energy creates a “home ground advantage” which is witnessed in nearly every sport. A new coach can change the fortunes of the exact same team simply by creating a new inner environment in the team hearts. This is not guesswork, we know it works.

But we’ve not been so clear on the application of mind powers and life force to individual environmental responsibility. Not so much the act of recycling paper but the potential to “spoil” the party, “dishearten a talent” or even self harm through the judgement of a friend, relative or family member.

Positive thinking is corrupted by misinterpretation. The emotional shower and other innerwealth skills aim to give the experience of positive thinking as it is intended. Not in the hap of hype but in a new powerful understanding. There are two sides to everything.

Positive thinking is really a cause of pain. Balanced thinking is the cause of ambivalence. Neither are really attractive. Grateful thinking often parallels positive thinking in the appetite to be all thankful and all positive which denies reality, confronts universal law and causes inner and outer turbulence.

The answer.?

See the two sides to everything and then focus on the positive”

Chris Walker

This skill of seeing truth and expressing one half of it is the secret to success, romance and health in life. Try it before you buy it, you may be pleasantly (and unpleasantly) surprised.