50% of the time you spend worrying about work and career is wasted. It’s just hard to know which is which.

As we enter an era of hyper accelerated decision making and working remotely, the demands on individuals to bring their total capacity to their work, including their heart, creativity, inspiration and non rational intellect, while dealing with distractions, means we need this new understanding of high performance in the workplace (home and office) – This requires the introduction of “Total Human Awareness.” This is what Chris created through study in human nature. He brings it to business, sports and performers looking for that balanced edge and fast track without the stress.


I’ve spent a lifetime helping people grow, often by taking them to the bush, to nature and to the wonders of the Himalayas. But I needed a more portable way of saying the same thing, especially with the new world, currently without travel.

After my office was caught up in the aftermath of 911, I asked myself how can I really make a global shift? You see, people are different in nature, more inspired, more grateful, more generous, more visionary, more compassionate. So what happens when a person goes bush and why do they change so much? Why, when I walk executives up a mountain do they let go of the ego and luggage that costs them time and energy back at the office? Why do senior leaders at a country spa out in nature let go of most of the tension that holds them back?

I wanted an answer that crossed boundaries, an answer that embraced the full spectrum of cultures. Not everyone loves the bush or the tough trek to a mountain top. Some prefer a barbecue in their own back yard with a beer and sausage. But one thing for sure, outdoors we are different and I needed to know why. And this is where I came to understand and translate the Universal Laws of Nature.

The Universal Laws have been around for millenia. They are inscribed on Pyramids thousands of years old. They’ve been known long long before my discovery. But, for the most part they remained the knowledge of the elite. Understandably so, because this knowledge is powerful. By using nature as a guide the universal laws of nature give access to those who want to study and master self-discovery. For the executive to win better work, for the athlete to achieve performances and for the entrepreneur to stay on target. High Human Performance is, in a nutshell, the application of the universal laws of nature to any chosen field of life.

I bought nature to the city.

The process works for those who are ready. My company has undertaken hundreds of large and small interventions using the universal laws. We have worked with the Federal Government of Canada with Indigenous youth at risk and community health programs, we Canadian Police, Human Resources Canada and more. We worked with 18 Fortune 500 Companies, management consulting firms and many entrepreneurs on an individual basis. we have trained over 200 licensees to use innerwealth in their human development programs’.

All this brings me to now. After many years, i realised that the world changes, one heart at a time. That the difference between mass thinking where one shoe fits all feet and the universal laws of nature is that each individual is absolutely so unique that their touchpoint finger print specific values bring them to self-awareness and performance not by emulating a group or by compliance, but through the creative journey of self-discovery. A journey we can all take intellectually but it must be experienced personally.

Success + Quality of Life = To Wonder and Explore

Chris Walker

In Self-Discovery we do best when we are help accountable for our progress. As Einstein wrote “we cannot solve a problem at the level of thinking that caused the problem.” Hence I now see that to “change the world one heart at a time” we need individual coaching. A process where an individual can immerse themselves in a safe space of self-discovery with trust and vulnerability to learn using their own unique skills, goals and ambitions. Growing by solving problems and challenges along the way. A conversation that asks “what would my coach think?”

The scope of the 30 days is wonderful. We step through essential phases of the foundations of self-awareness. We integrate, apply, explore and spend time to wonder about the experience of thinking differently. The key here is nature based and therefore holistic thinking, total human awareness. Change one thing in life Change all. This saves time and energy and gets things done in an ever reducing demand on time. The champion lifestyle, always makes being the leader, the easiest job and that’s the way it’s meant to feel.


Business Coaching

Keynote Presentations

Culture Of Human Potential Consulting

Culture Audit

In-House Inspirations and Training Days

Life Coaching

Organisational Change Advisory

Individual Outplacement Support


Mechanical Engineer with Environmental Engineering Specialisation
(1978- 1984)
By the time Chris graduated with an Engineering degree he owned three thriving business’. He worked for a short three years with Huyck Australia travelling extensively throughout Asia designing and building paper making factories to use rice straw as a resource for paper. He bought a bankrupt engineering business after leaving that firm and built it into Australia’s #1 Environmental Air Pollution Control firm (LUHR FILTER) under licence to Heinrich Luhr Staubtechnic of Germany travelling extensively into Germany for training and technology transfer. With a manufacturing facility in Melbourne and offices throughout Australia Chris sold Luhr back to its parent company in 1984 as a thriving market leading business.

Management Consulting – Professional Speaking
(1984 – 2001)
After selling Luhr, Chris returned to the university of NSW – AGSM to complete a two year full time MBA. During this period he spent time working with the now BCG Consulting and by the time he finished his first year had started a consulting firm with a second tier accounting firm in Melbourne BGBW. The company thrived presenting over 60 World Competitive Manufacturing programs with Australian companies. He sold this company in 1988 as a thriving business and moved to New York to establish Innerwealth, a professional speaking, life coaching and culture change consultancy. Innerwealth, based in New York, worked with clients such as Federal Government of Canada agencies including indigenous communities, police RCMP, HRDC (human resource development Canada and PWGSC (public works). He also was lead speaker at many conferences such as World Convention on Corporate Consciousness in Mexico and agencies representing the White House.

Retreat Specialist – Professional Speaker – Corporate Training
The transformation of the world post 911, evolved Chris’ work to specialise in taking executives, entrepreneurs and community leaders into nature for recovery and personal development. Chris ran over 2,000 retreats in these years in exotic locations such as the Ritz Carton Bali, Camp-de-Base in Namchi Bazaar Nepal Himalayas, Uma Paro in Bhutan, Camp Eden In Australia and wilderness resorts in Canada and the US. His retreats were designed to allow participants to “wonder and explore” how they managed themselves and others. This included over 60 trips to the Himalayas creating life changing experiences for busy people.

Life and Business Coaching – Training
(2012- present)
After writing his 20th book on Innerwealth and Self-leadership Chris’ emphasis transitioned to scale the retreat environment and give more people, especially time poor individuals access to the opportunity to “wonder and explore” different and more productive management technologies. Moving to a primarily online environment and coaching individuals to coach and influence others expanded the reach of Innerwealth to over 1.5 million people world wide. Chris continues to evolve this online coaching and training facility where clients get unique coaching based on their unique circumstances. The mission has always been environmental, to connect people to their true nature, through an awareness of nature. We take pride in the feedback that, 1.5 million people on the planet have learnt the difference between ego, mass consciousness and the truth hidden in nature’s universal principles.

If you find the right coach for life and business mixed at some point in every day you’ll ask yourself “I wonder what my coach would think about that?”

And that’s what coaching is for.. Wonder and Explore





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