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Duration: 30-90 Days
Benefits: This is a deep dive into self-mastery in the shortest window possible. For some this window is 30 days for others, longer by agreement. These materials do not stand alone. They are generic and you are not. The purpose of learning the contents of these videos is to become familiar with tools you will need. for the rest of your career/life. Best practice is to do one video a day. I have not locked that, so you can do whatever you choose. However, if you get to the end and have not given yourself time to journal thoughts on each video, you've missed a golden chance to explore you. Most days are video. Some are audio. Try to make notes where possible for discussion with me. All the best.


Hey there, nature lovers and truth seekers! Welcome to this transformative journey where we distill thousands of years of wisdom into simple everyday language. It’s easy to underestimate the value of these teachings, but remember, personal growth is as simple as watching grass grow. While we are all unique, the formula for growth and development is identical for everyone. The secret lies in its application.

We often overcomplicate human development, but it’s all about staying real and embracing the messiness of life. These materials change frequently as I continually distill concepts further into simple truths, modernising and adapting them for business people and families while honouring their origins. So, let’s dive in with a reality check: be real, stay messy, and keep practicing.

The Five Basic Principles

You will revert to five basic principles that define the function of the universe, nature, and human nature. It is wise to make note of these and refer to them throughout your study.

The Law of Balance

The law of balance governs most things. It suggests that there are two sides to everything, and nature seeks, but rarely finds, balance. This constant state of flux means that emotions, as lopsided perceptions, are a natural part of being human. Emotions are essential—they shape our stories, perceptions, and beliefs. However, life is more beautiful and successful when we know how to experience emotion without being led by it.

This ancient teaching tells us that disease results from an excess or deficiency of something, which in simple terms means emotions. Emotions are lopsided perceptions—seeing more of something or less of something else. These emotions, though deluded, are essential to the human experience. However, chasing unrealistic dreams or “pots of gold at the end of rainbows” can lead to disappointment. Instead, knowing how to have emotions without being controlled by them makes life poetic, beautiful, and successful. You’ll see this concept explored throughout the notes and training materials.

The Law of Growth (Evolution)

Everything in the universe is growing or evolving. Evolution means moving toward an endpoint, occurring at the border of order and chaos, or in business terms, support and challenge (success and failure). In relationships, growth happens when we are both supported and challenged. Many people seek personal mastery by trying to eliminate challenges, but true growth involves embracing both support and challenge.

Change can seem random, but growth implies direction and purpose. Everything evolves at the border of order and chaos, or support and challenge. In business, this translates to success and failure. In relationships, it means being both supported and challenged. Most people expect more support than challenge, leading to an imbalance. Personal mastery involves choosing and embracing challenges, a powerful step toward balanced growth. This principle is clearly shown in the video materials.

The Law of Interconnectedness

Gain and loss drive much of human behaviour. This drive can be healthy if it inspires worthwhile pursuits. However, when growth is motivated by a sense of loss or lack, it becomes corrupted. This law teaches that nothing is ever missing in your life; it may just be in a different form than expected. Appreciating what you have can transform your life, business, and family quickly.

The lives of people in the Western world are often driven by gain and loss. When this drive is healthy and inspired by worthwhile pursuits, it leads to positive growth. However, if growth is motivated by perceived loss or lack, it becomes corrupted—garbage in, garbage out. Understanding that nothing is ever truly missing, just in a different form, empowers you. As the saying goes, “If you don’t appreciate what you have, you won’t get what you want.” This simple truth can transform your life and business.

The Law of Vibration

Everything vibrates in the universe, including thoughts. Thoughts are vibrations that can transmit success or failure, affecting your health and well-being. Your emotions communicate with your body, and having the right emotions means your body doesn’t have to fight against itself. Similarly, your mindset can impact your business efforts. This training will explain how to maintain high-vibration thoughts, even during challenging times.

Every thought is a vibration, a fact proven by mobile phone technology. Thoughts travel through the airwaves, converting back to sound and becoming thoughts in another’s mind. Your thoughts can transmit success or failure, affecting your health and body. Your emotions communicate with your body; getting your emotions right means your body doesn’t fight against itself. Similarly, if your mind isn’t fully engaged or views things through the wrong lens, you may end up fighting against yourself while pursuing your goals. This training will explain how to sustain high-vibration thoughts, even during challenging times.

The Law of Hierarchy

Consciousness refers to your state of mind and the level of judgment you apply to your surroundings. The more balanced you see things, the greater your consciousness. Owning your vision of the future and planning it consciously is crucial. There is a difference between a fantasy vision and a reality vision—one leads to depression, the other does not. Understanding the law of hierarchy explains many interactions in business and society. We cannot work for a leader less conscious than ourselves. This concept is integrated throughout the training program.

Consciousness is often discussed in terms of environmental or social responsibility, but it goes deeper. It refers to the state of your mind and the judgments you apply. Seeing balance reduces emotional reactions and raises your consciousness. A conscious vision for your future, grounded in reality rather than fantasy, prevents disillusionment and promotes mental health. Understanding this law explains many business and social interactions. We cannot follow a leader less conscious than ourselves. This crucial concept is woven throughout the training materials.


Once you open your mind to different ideas and perspectives, you’ll find a new way to see life, different from what the media often presents. This puts you in a unique position: motivated and inspired to achieve great things without being driven solely by external incentives. This is why we focus on vision, inspiration, and purpose as a trilogy. Vision is wanting what you haven’t got, inspiration is wanting what you have got, and purpose creates an inspired motive rather than mere motivation. Motivation tied to emotion can lead to mental health challenges and disillusionment.

At the end of each session, I encourage you to stay real and share your notes and reflections with me, either through the form below or via WhatsApp. Taking notes and sharing them prevents unhealthy introspection and promotes growth. Thanks for tuning in to this journey. Keep it real, keep it messy, and keep practicing. See you soon!

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