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Take the Self Leadership Test

A Reality Check

Self-leadership is holistic. It covers all aspects of life, and it’s really easy. Only those with low self-worth or those going through radical drama drop the ball on self-leadership. So here’s a reality check survey for you to do privately.

Q 1. Evolving?

Get more done in less time.

Are you actively streamlining your efforts to focus on what truly matters, boosting your productivity without burning out?

Q 2. Loving

Move from Got to to Love to.

Are you doing things – all tasks with enjoyment? The secret of great performance is loving the process

Q 3. Inspired?

Replace motivation with Inspiration.

Are you pushing yourself with incentives or inspiring yourself forward with a compelling vision? Feeling the power of inspiration over mere motivation?

Q 4. Empowered?

Know your destiny.

Are you clear on your life’s purpose and direction? Empowering yourself to take control of your destiny with confidence.

Q 5. Engaged?

Turn up fully Present anywhere anytime.

Are you fully present and engaged in every moment? This mindfulness approach enhances your connections and productivity.

Q 6. Super Charged?

Learn the Mind Game

Do you have mental and emotional balance? Are your thoughts and actions aligned, maintaining equilibrium in any situation?

Q 7. Centred?

100% alignment.

It is your core strength aligned with your values and goals? Being centred helps you navigate life’s challenges with ease.

Q 8. Calm?

Deep-rooted stillness.

Is your inner calm unshaken by external chaos?  This deep-rooted stillness is your anchor in turbulent times.

Q 9. Visionary?

Leader's #1 Asset.

Do you have a visionary mindset that allows you to lead with clarity and foresight? Visionary thinking helps you see the bigger picture and steer your team toward success.

Q 10. Being Teflon

Bounce back spontaneously.

Do you have the resilience to recover quickly from setbacks? Can you bounce back stronger?


Q 11. Inner Smile?

The cosmic giggle.

Do you carry a deep sense of joy and contentment that bubbles up from within? An inner smile lights up your life and those around you.

Q 12. Cool Headed?

Relax with confidence.

Do you stay relaxed and composed, even under pressure? Confidence comes naturally when you’re grounded and at ease.

Q 13. Thriving?

Love the Journey.

Do you enjoy the journey of life with enthusiasm and passion, thriving, not just surviving?

Q 14. Sharing?

Care for others.

Do you share your personal and professional growth and well-being with those around you? Caring for others is second nature, enriching your own life in the process.


Q 15. Energised?

Fuel your fire.

Do you feel that you have boundless energy? Do you stay inspired and enthusiastic no matter what comes your way?

Q 16. Clear?

See it clearly.

Do you have clear insight into your goals and the path to achieve them? Sharp vision and enhanced decision-making?

Q 17. Self-Aware?

Be your true self

Do you feel authentic and living your truth? Staying true to yourself in all situations.

Q 18. Grateful?

Appreciate the little things.

Do you have an overall sense of gratitude that enriches your life, recognising and appreciating the small blessings to bring joy and fulfilment

Q 19. Connected?

Build meaningful relationships.

Are your connections with others strong, present and engaged?

Q 20. Joyful?

Live with joy.

Do you feel a profound sense of joy in all aspects of life?

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