It’s Only Natural

Innerwealth is a global initiative to introduce a new way of thinking based on Nature’s Universal Laws. A more powerful, compassionate, deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Our mission is to change the world one heart at a time in business and personal life.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where every individual feels connected to nature. Our mission is to invest in education in order to empower the next generation. We do that, by providing necessary resources, creating educational personal development programs, corporate keynotes and our speciality, hosting retreats in the wilderness of the world. We leave a strong footprint in underprivileged areas and believe in smart experiential awakening, resource allocation, and therefore we employ only local staff in the areas we explore.

How You Can Help

Be An Advocate

Giving has never been so authentic you integrate nature’s universal laws into your thoughts, works and actions. Spending time in nature, slowing down to smell the roses and sharing from a real expression of your true nature. Our books and training programmes can help.

Organise a Group

You can get involved today by becoming a group leader. Connect with us to arrange a retreat in your favourite location and we do the rest, or bring your group to special locations in Nepal and Bhutan where you will be joining a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of people throughout the world.

Love Life

Living your vision, inspiration and purpose. Find your true vocation and live the story in every step by becoming a REAL model of a different way to think. Use nature as your guide to business and personal excellence in both process and outcome. A way of being that brings everything to the most beautiful simplicity.


What People Say

These inspired teachings enlighten all aspects of human life with simplicity and clarity and yet with the greatest depth. When you stop praying for what you think is missing, and simply attune yourself to the extraordinary richness, the quality and the love that is at the core if your heart becomes apparent.

Cheryl – CEO Canada

Love is the nature of life, beauty is the outcome of life, harmony is the means by which life accomplishes its purpose, and the lack of its results in destruction. 

Kelly B – Entrepreneur – Australia


Recent Articles

  • THE Important Art Of Letting Go
    When the wealthy tycoon died, someone asked, “how much did he leave?” and the answer came, “everything.” I think we forget this and in the course of our lives start to worry about the livelihood of those we leave behind. This is nice. However, there are some things we hang onto that don’t serve us
    As above so below: it’s a great quote for those looking to live authentic lives – it means something different for everyone. For me, a student of nature, it means big theories (opinions) are fantasies unless we can also witness what we say (opinion) in small things too. Here, the picture of BONDI looks wonderful
  • Leaders DO Not React – Using Red Flags to Prevent Leadership Failures
    There are only two things make leaders react: guilt (grief) from the past or fear of the future. In the present neither exist. A leader never reacts. If they react they are in fear or guilt. Either of which destroys trust. The only thing that triggers leaders to be in reaction is one of those

Become an Advocate

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we enthusiastically welcome any individual who chooses to step out of the mass, to rise above the social norms and embrace the universal laws of nature. We sponsor orphanages in Nepal, Nunneries, individuals and female athletes such as international triathlete, Lotte Wilms (ITU World Triathlon and Chris’ partner) Please contact us for more info.

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