Happy teams happen only when the individuals in it are personally inspired.

A Balanced team vision brings creates a confidence in the future.

Magic happens when personal inspiration aligns with the company/team vision.


Mental Strength Training


  1. STEP 1. INSPIRE THE INDIVIDUAL: Moving motivation to inspiration means we empower individuals to have a very strong sense of their own future. We encourage individuals to have an inspired vision that encapsulates all seven aspects of life so that there’s a strong balanced approach to life. What we aim to achieve is that individuals TURN UP inspired… instead of hoping the work will inspire them. This puts the empowerment into the personal domain of the individual and unloads it from the shoulders of the team leader.
  2. STEP 2. BALANCE THE CORPORATE VISION: It is often the case that companies and team leaders are obsessed with the financial and market targets because they too are measured and rewarded by those criteria. However, most people are, based on their age and stage, not driven by such metrics at a personal inner level of motivation. As such, a disconnection can take place. This disconnection cannot be overcome by great leadership. A balanced company vision offers seven handshake links too engagement.
  3. ALIGN (LINK) PERSONAL VISION TO COMPANY VISION: Reduced absenteeism, reduced presenteeism, more productive, less stressed, better decisions, more health, less costs. The story in still unfolding regarding the intrinsic benefits of linking personal vision to company vision and visa versa. Suffice to say, it’s incredibly positive and helpful to know that when an individual is inspired, they do what they do, with authentic enthusiasm. Stuff you just can’t buy.

Lessons from leading teams to the Himalayas of Nepal…

Innerwealth Book Cover Christopher Walker

You may already know Chris from his corporate work. Challenging corporations and business people throughout the world to reconsider the human equation in business, to look more authentically at the whole individual, and for individuals to look more authentically at their work – life balance. “Quality of Life is cumulative” says Christopher Walker, “daily forgetfulness adds up to life long regret” Chris published Innerwealth, putting the heart and soul back into business as a part of his mission of bringing deeper and more holistic human awareness to the workplace.