3. The Law of Interconnectedness

Nothing is ever missing, it just changes in form

If one spent their whole life doing nothing other than opening their heart and developing the qualities of the heart, it is no exaggeration to say that this effort alone would bring them to the highest goal of human life. And the key to open hearted living is the understanding of abundance.

People say put your heart into it; it means to become fully invested. It means to throw the full weight of your humanity behind something. There are no half hearted success stories. We must be vigilant. Our heart must remain invested. When the heart goes out of something we automatically sabotage it. So, if we can invest ourselves in maintaining the commitment of our heart we will automatically achieve many of our dreams in life.

But How?

It is said in the east that the first thing to be learned is to unlock what has already been learned and then unlearn it. This unlearning is what is called real knowledge, wisdom. Knowledge is learned from the outside – wisdom comes from within. In other words, we have to learn how to become a good student, to let go easily. To see a person and say, “that person is bad”, is learning. To see further, and recognise something good in that person, is unlearning. When you see the goodness in someone you have already called bad, you have unlearned. You have see with two eyes. You learn by seeing with one eye; then you unlearn and see with two eyes. This makes the learning complete. It requires humility, being humble. It means losing our individuality, that individuality which has been collected and accumulated. To surrender in the awareness that one’s ideas and opinions are just a collection of erroneous facts that, through conditioning or experience have been adopted as truth? They are simply collections of data and knowledge that need to be unlearned.

How can one unlearn all these stories that have been collected in a lifetime? It is said by some that the personality is engraved on the mind (and hence, that things cannot be unlearned). But I heartily disagree. For the sake of humanity, we all need to disagree. What we can do is add truth to half-truth. What has been learned is possibly only half the truth; we need to add the rest. Rather than take away, it means to unlearn is to add the missing pieces. Like a child learns by being open, but an adult learns, and locks onto that knowledge and no longer remains open to add more. They say, I know about you. But this is half learning.

When we contemplate and learn to become one with nature, our hearts open to its music. We say, “I enjoyed nature”, but what is it in nature that we enjoy? It is a harmony that can be lost in the dissymmetric artificial life. When you learn Nature’s Universal Laws it is like standing in the midst of nature with an open heart – it’s like a lifetime of fulfilment: within you, wherever you are.


Overcome the Fear of letting go – Seek Abundance.

We only hold onto the past because we think the future holds no hope, it’s a lack of abundance. We stay attached to people, places and stories because we fear, that in the future, there can never be anything as good as, as happy as, as kind as, as loving as, as bad as the past. The person who lives in the past lives in fear of the future. Small problems become big stress, this is how they stay in the past, and they refuse to move on. 

The person who is stuck in the past will be meagre. They will be tight, ungenerous and self focused because they fear loss. Ultimately, you will know those who are stuck in the past: they are the ones who are most attached, to people, places, things and stories.

Abundance comes from a universal perspective, and from this vantage, there is no wanting. There is nothing to change. Nothing is missing, just changed in form. Then there is no holding on for everything that we release will appear in a new form, instantaneously. 

You’ll need confidence in the future to be abundant. In the human condition there can be a lot of insufficiency, and therefore desire; and out of this desire is born a particular mode of life or a method of action which keeps us from fully experiencing life in the present. We struggle for improvement day after day and therefore are never content. Never satisfied. It is the drive built from insecurity and insufficiency. With this mindset, this reaching out there must be conflict; there must be misery and a sense of shallowness and emptiness and of the utter futility of life. What is gained is feared to be lost. Like reaching out for a feather, the more we grope and grasp the further away it goes. Insufficiency means we seek from the outside world what must already exist within. 

By the laws of nature, nothing is missing. There is no insufficiency. Nothing is missing it just changes in form. It’s universal. So there can be no wanting from a universal viewpoint. Nothing is missing in anyone’s life, it just changes in form.

Nothing is ever missing – it just changes in form.

The attachment to form can ruin our lives. When a father dies while the child is young. The child may claim and then spend the whole of their life acting out the consequence; “my father died when I was young,” they may say. We can have great compassion for their experience. But is it the truth from a universal viewpoint. From a universal perspective, the father did not die – he was not missing. Like a house that burned to the ground, he was not in his body, the form is gone, the house is now in atoms and dust, but he is not gone. We grieve the old form. We are very attached to having things appear in our lives the way we want them. Actually, the whole story is a myth; in truth even those things we thought were missing are not missing.

You can examine this. One lady in a seminar said, “My father died when I was a child and I have had relationship problems my whole life” So I asked, “what was it that you missed about him?” It was very painful for her, but she had motivation to do the work, her life was really in a mess and the man she loved was leaving her and the children. She answered with 100 things, like “his confidence, his advice, his friendship, his security, his strength, his guidance, his eyes, his hands, his voice his love and more and more.”

If nature abhors a vacuum, then nothing can be missing. I asked her, “then, I know he was passed but in what form did these parts of your father still exist?” for example “his confidence – who, came into your life to replace that missing element? She remembered her brother stepped in to do that more. And his touch? – “my mother.” You will find everything step by step the whole story will become strangely transparent. “And who came into your life to fill the void of his advice?” and you will find it. Sometimes the individual themselves took over that missing element but very often it is a new friend or old associate who steps in. Nothing is missing; every single thing that was seen missing was there. It is all a story.

And then she ran out of things that were missing. She was very angry now because her whole personality was based on this story and in such a short time, after 10 years in therapy, the whole story was gone. And now I asked “so what is missing” and she said “nothing, I just wanted to tell my daddy that I loved him” tears were running down her cheeks and mine and everyone because it was love that was coming from her now, not pain. I said, “close your eyes, who do you feel standing behind you right now, who do you feel with their hand on your shoulder?” she burst into tears and there was no mind games anymore, there were no words anymore, just love and she spoke to him, in front of 100 people, and everyone was in tears because that was real. All her pain was that she forgot to say, “I love you.”

This lady was very brave. Not only that but she was a Native American woman and she was really going against her culture doing this work in a conference room. After the loving tears went away, she looked 10 years younger, she had a big open face and love was there. She was in the present for the first time in a lot of years.

The fathers’ love was not lost; it was and is always there in the heart of the child. Once you get past the insufficiency, the idea that something was missing, then there is nothing to block the love and there is nothing missing. Any person who goes through this process will feel the presence of the “missing person” once they feel that nothing is missing.

Do what you love.

When your emotions override your inspirations, when your body mind becomes over stimulated or depressed, when you are not doing what your love, you dissipate and waste your life force. If every human is gifted by nature with an identical amount of this energy then the first step in taking responsible personal steps in life are to stop the losses of it. 


“Life moves not on a straight line but in rhythmic curves.”


Your heart is the core of your deepest humanity and so, putting your heart and soul into whatever you do makes perfect sense. It saves you energy, reduces anxiety, solves problems and in so many ways, gives you more enthusiasm for life and work. The heart is the centre around which your life can revolve. But it is not the emotional centre. The heart is often mistaken as a nice fuzzy feeling in the centre of the chest, but that is the emotional centre. The heart is different.

The Impact of Your Open Heart

When we explore the term heart in common language we find that ‘heart’ means the central or innermost part of something such as the ‘heart of the city’, it also means the essential or vital part of something such as “what is the heart of the matter?” A person with a ‘lot of heart’ is someone with determination. To ‘lose heart’ means to be discouraged so we see that the will of a person emanates from their heart. We refer to the heart when we talk about generosity or sincerity as well as consideration, understanding and helpfulness as when we say, “He has a big heart.” or “She is a dear heart.” When a person is cruel or mean or when someone shows no regard for others we say, “His heart is closed or small or cold or that he has no heart at all.”

Find Your Own Path

To find your heart is to find your path, a path that doesn’t waver, it’s also to hold a certain centre, and be true to yourself and others. It all begins with gaining a true sense of your being. It’s a way to think and feel that reflects your true nature, it is natural, and, it creates a certain inner confidence, a strength, and builds a foundation from which your life may evolve. It can’t be separate practice from daily life because it is life itself. It doesn’t mean rushing around solving the world’s problems either, because those obstacles are countless and that rushing around is in itself part of the world’s problems. By listening to your own heart, to your own particular gifts, it enables you to focus on what you really love to do and to express yourself without tension or reaction. The deepest experience of life is awakened when each individual finally takes this opportunity. We become the mirror of the change we would love to see in the world; we must first learn to love ourselves and to find peace and harmony within.


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  1. Seek Harmony
    • Nothing of the senses ever satisfied the soul, so what does? The answer is harmony. Listen to music and when there is harmony we are pleased. Disharmony makes us unhealthy. All disease has disharmony at its roots. Seek harmony. But what is harmony? If you look to music for answers it is incredibly complex. There are so many sources of harmony. But if you look to nature you will find it easily. Harmony is the rhythm of nature. This is translated to thought. Thoughts that are in harmony are beautiful. Thoughts that are not in harmony cause illness and stress.
  2. Celebrate Interconnectedness
    • That all things are somehow connected seeks trite at first but what if there is a forgetful mind that seeks what is missing? This forgetful mind – mindless – runs on autopilot and therefore operates from fear of the future and guilt of the past (the only two emotions). Mindfulness is therefore recognition that there is an interconnectedness between all things – cause and effect, order and chaos, support and challenge, masculine and feminine, loss and gain, pleasure and pain. Learn how to create this connection and you will have an open heart forever.
  3. Balance Your Mind
    • What is stress? It is an imbalanced thought. What is fear? An imbalanced thought. What is hate? An imbalanced thought. What is anxiety and depression? An imbalanced thought. What is judgement? An imbalanced thought… And, what is leadership? A balanced thought. What is love? A balanced thought. What is Success? A balanced thought? What is great health and longevity? A balanced thought. Can you see the immense benefit of learning how to balance your mind? It is a learnt skill.
  4. Evolveyabastard
    • Our bumpersticker. Are you stressed? Then Evolveyabastard. It may jump at you at first, but all the entire universe has one single song, Evolveyabastard. You want to stay one step ahead? Explain why things happen? You want to predict the future? You like to inspire people with their future? You will need the skills and sciences of Evolveyabastard. All the universe evolves at the border of order and chaos and the tighter you keep yourself to this border, the more you grow. Learn this skill and you will have less bad and more good luck in your aims for life.
  5. Inspiration
    • That there is an organising principle that governs the world is identical to the organising principle that governs your life, your heart. What is in your heart can be the central theme of your existence as long as you know what that is… and it is a multidimensional thing.
      • A Purpose… a far distant sense of intention for everything you do
      • A Vision … a closer navigation system that guides your actions and thoughts toward the love you have for what draws you into the long term
      • An Inspiration … a moment to moment connection between the love of life and your actions in life


The surface of our being is mind, while the depth of it is heart. The heart is clarity the mind is personality. It is through the heart that we feel ourselves or know ourselves. Once a person understands their True Nature, the character and the mystery of heart, they understand the language of the whole of creation because they know truth. So we have choices. Listen to this heart or listen to the mind and its stories or fear and uncertainty.

It takes a certain trust A trust that, when faced with what seems to be an insurmountable challenge, we will survive. It does not necessitate becoming religious. The spiritual life is not lived in temples, or on particular days of worship, nor is it only reverence to a statue or icon; it is lived every single moment of our lives. From what people see of us, and what we think, to our secret thoughts and our secret ideas.

People say put your heart into it; it means to become fully invested. It means to throw the full weight of your humanity behind something. There are no half hearted success stories. We must be vigilant. Our heart must remain invested. When the heart goes out of something we automatically sabotage it. So, if we can invest ourselves in maintaining the commitment of our heart we will automatically achieve many of our dreams in life.

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