Why A Vision is Important

Reason #1. VIP represents a huge dimension in executive performance at work and at home.

When we lose touch with or lose hope for our vision, we gravitate to emotional gratification and when this happens, we are our own worst enemy. To avoid this the Vision, Inspiration and Purpose process focusses on continued development and reinforcement of cause rather than effect in personal development.

Reason #2. It separates our development into three absolutely compartmentalised aspects of self-awareness making it real and easy to improve any aspect of life that’s not on track.


Vision has the power to travel through walls. It’s the glue that binds. A personal vision is more than words, it is a message from the heart. Developing clarity of vision is by far the single most important secret of success in any endeavour.


Development Health, peace of mind, vision, self awareness and an ever expanding awareness of life’s wonder are essential ingredients of motivated people. Individual commitment is an essential part of our process.


A purpose greater than self raises human motivation beyond Ego. We have unique ability and process in guiding people to understand life purpose. We have and the tools to translate this vision into meaningful business and family culture..

Reason #3. VIP builds self-motivation

Life is too short to learn from experience. Aligning personal goals with those of the organisation creates self motivated people. Self motivated people just can’t wait to jump out of bed and rush to work. When we cannot connect our vision to that of the company, we lose motivation and demand more attention and organisations just can’t afford it (fired).

Reason 4. ViP is absolutely individual and authentic

You own it. It’s simple. It’s portable and it’s inside of you. It affects your productivity, your health, your happiness. It affects your relationship, your friendships, your children and your P&L at work. If you tap it, there’s no stopping you, if you don’t then it’s all just hard work and struggle.

Reason #5. Everyone needs VIP

There are three things every human being on earth needs:

  1. Someone to love
  2. Something to do
  3. Something to look forward to

VIP materialises these three intrinsic objectives into a clear and real expression of exactly how we’d love to create all 3. It’s inner motivation speaking louder than the outer. This is the key to inner drive all champions must have and it integrates it perfectly in a written document.

Reason #6 It’s magnetic

Your VIP affects everything important and is are without doubt the most important ingredient in determining the quality of your life, work life balance and the essential exchange in relationships. It’s not fluff, just try being without hope for your future for a day and see how many people want to invest in you. It’s presented so you can bring your best self home and be in complete control of your dialogue with life.


What the world needs now, is love, and your genius comes from that space. You can change the world if you find that love for life that’s in your heart. This space isn’t fiction. Nor is it a place inside your body. Your genius is immeasurable and your VIP is the key to unlock it.

Let’s build something together.

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