Innerwealth Heart and Soul Mastery #1 BEYOND REACTION BCC

Of course with all this drama going on you’ll need to be super vigilant around your headspace.

People will be emotional… they think that they think, but don’t think. They react.

To avoid reaction three steps are essential.

  1. Be Balanced in Your Mind
  2. Be Centred in Your Body
  3. Be Calm in Your Nerves

1. Be Balanced In YOUR MIND

All stress comes from lopsided perception. You know that already.

Emotion is an out of balance thought. You also know that already.

You know that the more imbalanced the thought, the more primal you act. 7 to 1 imbalance is the largest gap you can have to truth. You want to lie to yourself and others (often called marketing) deliver imbalanced perception of anything at the ratio 7:1. You can change it any time.

You don’t have to be a victim of imbalanced thinking. Media will deliver imbalance. Theatre will deliver imbalance. Marketing will deliver imbalance. Mind control experts (professional speakers, book sellers, thought leaders, motivators etc) will deliver imbalance. Bullies and abusers will deliver imbalance. Fearmongers will deliver imbalance. But you don’t have to buy into it. That’s your choice.

Garbage in = Garbage out.

If you swallow poison don’t blame the poison for your illness. Blame your choice to swallow it. Same goes for thoughts. Let rubbish in, lopsided thinking, opinions, media, hype, etc and you will spew it back out in your “approved format.” But either way, approved or not, garbage in (lopsided news) garbage out (lopsided views).

You can argue all you want about the doom of virus, but really? You want to let the half truth run you? You are no leader if you do. Do you want to argue with your best mate, your spouse about the impending doom or let them have their garbage while you have yours. Are you going to think or react? This is your call…. your choice.


Where does your body begin and the mind finish? I’ve taught yoga for 20 years and just moving an arm or leg has caused an individual to cry like a stuck pig. Boo hoo tears of emotion stuck in their body, protected by hard muscle. So, we’re not thinking machines at all, we are “BEING” machines. The mind is only a small bubble that sits on top of a thing that thinks for itself. Mind is sort of a processing system and if it misinterprets a situation, so the body reacts. And, visa versa. Body bent, mind bent. All meditators in the east are first taught years of posture strength, because a cultivated mind cannot sit on top of a bent up body.

A centred body is not a pretty one. It doesn’t even need to be flexible although that helps to allow energy to flow and toxins to go. Nobody does to you more than you do to yourself and if your body is a twisted wreckage of slouch and jammed up poo, then so too is you. The body is the key to thinking well. Stay centred.

What is that? What is centred? Well if you’re not centred you fall over. A runner is centred over their feet so they do fall over and that makes them run fast. A swimmer is centred around their hips so they don’t drown. Centre isn’t centre. But there is, in all cases, an alignment between the corpus callosum and the pubis and spine base. It’s this alignment that has powerful affect in thinking. Emotional people have twisted and arched spines, in either direction. Elation and depression reveal themselves in spinal distortion, and hence, impact the alignment between brain and bum. This is centring. It is the subtle art of Tai chi and more internal Eastern arts.

3. Be Calm in YOUR NERVES

As you face stuff you’ve not dealt with before in either complexity or volume your nerves begin to reveal your incompetence.

You evolve between competence and incompetence. So, nervousness is evolving you as long as you learn to deal with the situation without nervousness. In other words, instead of running from what makes you shit your pants in fear, you evolve to grow beyond it.

All human life is this. All failures, all succcess, all growth, all health, all love and great life is the journey from one shit your pants situation to the next. Two reactions that don’t work and therefore can’t be sustained are run and fight, fight – flight. To fight an incompetence (shit your pants situation is a bulldozer approach that works to diminish the situation, to make opponents smaller or situations less important, and serves simply to increase the volume and intensity of the challenge next time, and there’s a limit to your bulldozer angry self. Then there’s flight, this is escapism and is similar to poorly taught meditation. (run from shit). Running from shit, like getting a divorce or changing jobs because you don’t like the people, is a guarantee that you’re going to run into the same shit in the next scene of your life movie.

LOVE – it before you leave it. Grow to love your situation (ambivalence with thankfulness) before you leave it.

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