East – Balanced, Centred and Calm

The East teaches us how to stay balanced, make better decisions and reduce stress. It’s a technology to instantly balance the human mind. This is a revolutionary process that can centre a person in seconds and has been declared as one of most powerful discoveries in human psychology this century.

West – Vision, Inspiration and Purpose

You own it. It’s simple. It’s portable and it’s inside of you. It affects your productivity, your health, your happiness. It affects your relationship, your friendships, your children and your P&L at work. If you tap it, there’s no stopping you, if you don’t then it’s all just hard work and struggle. Your Vision, Inspiration and Purpose affect everything important and they are without doubt the most important ingredient in determining the quality of your life, work life balance and the essential exchange in relationships. It’s not fluff, just try being without hope for a day and see how it feels and how many people want to invest in you. It’s how we build success, what you think about you bring about so why not make it your vision?

Why it’s so important to include both East and West

We live in revolutionary times and our lives are being altered in ways we cannot predict. Every major institution is being transformed. Our most deeply held values are in dispute and the nature of personal relationships is changing drastically. So anyone who wants to generate meaningful responses to the events of the times must engage both sides of their mind.

Why add East Meets West to Your Life?

When there is a need for growth, when there is urgency and a commitment to a new and inspirational paradigm in your personal or professional life, then East meets West work is truly the best solution.

EAST – A Conscious Mind Burns less Fuel

East means: development of human potential:

• Make better decisions
• Don’t react to people
• Focuse on the outcomes
• Sustainable Longevity and build success
• Learn to center your mind -peace of mind.
• Make decisions with clarity and absolute certainty
• Stable, wise and healthy individuality
• Help others eliminate stresses that are invading productivity and quality of life

WEST: From perspiration to inspiration.

With higher consciousness you’ll tap into your ego and feel better inside and out. Clear head, better decisions and maintain your well-being.. It’s about being healthy at 100 years of age. If you’re not more vital, more energised and more relaxed at the end of the day compared to the beginning then you’re burning out and change is essential.

What does East Meets West Offer You?

• Personal Balance and decision making for Growth
• The Psychology of success without burnout
• Peace of mind, more clarity, more certainty, Less stress • Create changes resolve uncertainties
• VIP Process –
• Evolutionary Business
• Understand the human side of change management • Manage change to maximize effectiveness
• Implementing change in your life and business
• A working lifestyle that embraces change
• Maximizing Human Potential with change
• Complete fast and accurate decision making
• Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
• Inspire versus motivate people
• Self and other management technology
• The psychology of Success
• Keys for vitality, health and Stress management

What will you cover? Results

You’ll live longer, save precious time and make more money. You’ll feel better inside and out. Clear head, better decisions better teamwork more responsibility.


From perspiration to inspiration If you have less energy at the end of the day than at the start, experience worry and/or excessive thinking, or have uncertainty about what your future holds, it may be time to make some important changes to your way of life.

Mind power

A centered, balanced mind burns less fuel. Makes better decisions, doesn’t react to people, focuses on the outcomes, is essential to longevity and health and builds success.

Self responsibility

Entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs listen to their inner voice. They practice daily routines that support their life. To go within requires discipline and practice.

Attitude of Appreciation

It creates a magnetic disposition, saves lives, cures disease and transforms relationships. Gratitude is the most powerful, focused mind state for both business and personal life that you can create.

Find a Common Language

Inspired individuals build inspired teams. Breaking down the barriers means finding a common language, cutting through the fog that creates uncertainty. We’ll create the arena for this to happen.

Workplace Harmony

Understanding others and ourselves creates an amazing willingness to be flexible and adapt to change. Remove the tensions and worries replace them with an overwhelming focus on future possibilities. Conflict resolution and interpersonal skills include and attitude of co operation.

Embrace Change

Change was once an annual event. Now it hourly. Flexibility is a key to success in any field. Learning to adapt to others and marketplaces is about playing to strength and not to victim.

Build Loyalty and Commitment

The LCM process – is a system based on personal responsibility it develops an obvious and very personal motivation to work. People jump out of bed and just can’t wait to get to work in the morning.

A Powerful Purpose

A purpose or personal vision is more than words, it is a message from your heart. Developing clarity of vision is by far the pinnacle of success in any endeavor. Whether it’s a sports team, a business or a family group vision is the glue that binds individuals to a common inspiring cause.

Have a huge vision

The size of your vision determines the size of your life. Its clarity determines your destiny. Take the time to step back from the day-to-day duties to develop a global vision.

Listen to your Body and Mind

It’s doing everything it can to help you live your vision. It’s aches and pains are the symptoms of imbalance and a great signal for you to re evaluate your direction.

What Others Say

“The ‘Real Spirit’ course was exceptional and is definitely a turning point in my life.”

Robert Leamon – Director

“Blew me away… Far exceeded my expectations”

John Fountain – Pharmacist

“An awesome week where inhibitions were crushed and hearts opened. I was given the opportunity to face my fears, knowing I had the love and support of the group around me.I feel alive and invigorated and would like to thank all the staff for making my stay so enjoyable and unforgettable.”

June Bray – IT Technician

“I’m soooo very glad very glad that Chris Walker is sharing his ‘special blend’ of love to the world… I feel deeply moved by his courage… to do what is most precious to him. Bravo Chris, you have made a difference! Thank you!!!”
Diana Misiak – Massage Therapist

“Chris, I write to record our gratitude to you and your team members for making our stay educational, inspirational and motivational, and an experience we will treasure for a long time. Every one of your staff displayed courtesy, experience, and a sincere dedication to their roles. Your program is first rate and rest assured we will be recommending Real Spirit to all our top clients.Thank you for opening our hearts. Robert J. Kirby & Charlotte Tsang President & Chief Financial Advisor

(Robert Kirby and Associates Hong Kong)

“East meets West: Everything flows, out and in: Everything has tides: All things rise and fall: the pendulum swing manifests in everything: the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left: Rhythm compensates.” 

The Kyabalion.

Christopher Walker is one of the worlds formost speakers on consciousness. His understanding of the human condition and the ability to transform challenges, conflicts and stress to inspired action is phenominal. Chris has presented over 2,000 presentations on V.I.P –Vision, Inspiration and Life Purpose. His retreats and workshops have been attended by some 35,000 people over the past 7 years.


VIP – Vision Inspiration and life purpose

This presentation is a true inspiration and a wake up call where complacency and comfort have taken the place of drive and inspiration. An accute reminder of the essential ingredients of personal satizfaction, the joy of living of purpose, the motivation of following a dream and the ingredients that make people combine in a magical way to produce winning and caring results. A powerful, straight from the hip presentation by a down to earth, great sense of humor presenter with style.

101 health giving, vitality boosting, life changing, business growing ideas

101 health giving, vitality boosting, life changing, business growing ideas that you can implement within a week. Sound unbelievable, try this. How long is your neck right now, is your head heavy? try stretching your neck just by straightening your back. Hmmmm just one. Chris’s mastery extends into Yoga, tai chi and instantaneous personal magnetism, he’ll have people out of their chairs and the changes are permanent. A culture of human potential means peope looking after themselves in a way that supports their goals. Did you know that tapping your finger on the deslk is a means of disipating excess energy? How much of your ebnergy is spent thinking and what proportion of that is helpful, want to increase this productive relaxed thinking process, you will.

Consciousness – Positive Personal Change through Higher Consciousness

It’s the most powerful insight into the human condition available today and is the core of Chris’s unique work in change. His consultants throughout the world work with Indigenous communities, Corporate Change, Organizational Change, Youth Suicide and human development. Chris’s work includes some of the worlds best known sports personalities, movie stars, rock legends and more. Hear the stories, understand the insight, see the possibilities for change, personal and global.

Develop Personal and Life Mastery

Stay Focused be more present. Do what you Love. Inspire others. This program answers questions, provides a reality check and aims to improve quality of life. You’ll develop more certainty, personal balance and vision. Three core ingredients of all great leaders Wisdom, power and Vision. Over 4000 individuals have developed their dreams through this program over the past 5 years. The results speak for themselves. Working better, a clearer direction, peace of mind, a reality check, strategies implemented and a vision to live by.

A set of business principles based on Natural Law

These universal principles delve deep and beyond to find the foundation from which an indiviudal can build certainty, confidence and personal presence and cope with radical continual change.

The psychology of success.

How to stay balanced, make better decisions and reduce stress. Introducing a technology to instantly balance the human mind. This is a revolutionary process that can center a person in seconds and has been declared as one of most powerful discoveries in human psychology this century.

Making it happen and Manifesting outcomes.

Maximum performance in any organization or individual is at the border of Chaos and order. The outcomes reflect the quality of the incomes. Managing change is an essential part of building good business.

Personal Development Program –PDP

We live in revolutionary times and our lives are being altered in ways we cannot predict. Every major institution is being transformed. Our most deeply held values are in dispute and the nature of personal relationships is changing drastically. So anyone who wants to generate meaningful responses to the events of the times must become a change agent.


When there is a need for growth, when there is urgency and a commitment to a new and inspirational paradigm in your personal or professional life, then ‘Innerwealth’ work is truly one of the best there is. Offering retreats, seminars, keynotes and workshops that create a place and time when truth and honesty will radiate as brightly as the midnight moon. Where a sacred space sets the scene for self-reflection and a return to center.


Recent advancement in our understanding of natural systems, coupled with a growing understanding of the subtle neurological and physiological functions associated with contact with nature, have allowed us to identify the elements of executive performance improvement we call “Nature’s Universal Laws.”

With this we have strategies to increase self leadership, economic gains, improve productivity, and strengthen the social fabric of communities, improve family life without leaving town. Although the cognitive benefits of biophilia are still well studied by the scientific community, the economic benefits of biophilic thinking are usually accrued anecdotally or through trial and error. With Innerwealth Technologies in place, this improvement is changing rapidly.

In our research over the last twenty years, studies examining the human attraction to nature have yielded convincing evidence that the next real leap in human development is a reconnection to natural systems. However, we have also observed that real change must take place at an individual rather than a collective level. The Universal laws and culture change is driven from new norms but the implementation is best achieved through one on one coaching.

We simply link interactions with nature with positive gains in productivity, increased healing rates, and even enhanced learning comprehension, in a wide range of sectors.

These investments in health and productivity may affect more sectors than initially anticipated. The monetary gains from providing people access to biophilic design elements as well as biophilic thought modelling, produced results ranging from unforeseen productivity improvements, astounding results in lowered health costs, remarkable sales boosts in retail stores, to taxpayer savings stemming from improved student test scores, to safer urban communities.

All things evolve at the border of order and chaos. Expect this

That everything in nature has a purpose is self-evident. When we are in tune with that rhythm, our purpose, we feel gratitude, presence, certainty and love. This is what people are searching for all over the world, and it comes naturally when we finally become aware of the intention, the bigger picture of our lives. Life is meant to be lived with great happiness and this happiness must be experienced in context. If we are always viewing our life from a self-interest position, we are always healing and growing, never content. So grasping this last law is the pinnacle of self-development, finding a cause, a passion and love for something bigger than us. This is the key to happiness.

Small physical gains like integrating quality daylighting schemes into an office space can save over $2,000 per employee per year in office costs. Additionally, we examine office design, workspace design and more. The environment changes aligned with biophilic research create immediate results in productivity and wellbeing at both individual and organisational levels.

The birth of the wellbeing industry has created a magnificent awareness at an individual level of the cost of stagnation in workspace design and self-leadership. However, it has throw the light on exercise and diet and therefore completely distracted organisations and individuals from the real source of wellness. Life Balance. We speak about the “total package” of wellbeing, which includes a loving home environment, adequate sunlight and many other aspects that have been deemed “unrelated to health and productivity.” Time out, time alone and time in the zone.

Nothing affects the child more than the “un-lived” life of the parent. But nothing affects the parent more than what they can’t let go of. What we judge we breed, attract or become. So, the judgement we can’t let go of, creates the disasters of lost productivity today. The more we hold on, the more we struggle with the pace of life. Then we can’t arrive in this moment because we’re not refreshed, rejuvenated recovered from yesterday. I’m not talking about overnight, that’s the T model Ford of rejuvenation. I’m certainly not talking about weekend recovery or busting for an annual break. No, I’m speaking of one minute to one hour of recuperation from the worst. That’s the real power of letting go.

Biophilia is not just limited to environment. People are different in nature because they think differently. We bring that thinking back to the boardroom, bedroom, headroom. So we don’t need to fly to the himalayas or Tasmania’s to get inspired, we think it. The big shift here is aligning personal values (what we’re good at and love doing) with what we do. So we know what is valuable to focus our self-respect, self-worth and self-esteem toward. Values are nature’s authentic planning tool.

Biophilia and human behaviour demonstrate that all nature seeks direction. We grow in a direction and that for nature is the SUN. For us human’s it’s a purpose, vision, dream, goal set and as important as it is for nature, it is for us. We are in this aspect, nature. We are the environment and without purpose, direction, we fail. Nature destroys anything that does not fulfill its purpose. Including us. Health, productivity and wellbeing depend on this. You must, in self-leadership, maintain a strong respect for your vision and purpose. VIP.

Based on scientific research, the adjustment of self-talk serves to demonstrate the real power of comitment to a developmental attitude. Left to circumstance we will speak a negative self talk, nobody beats us up more than we do to ourselves. Hence, the financial potential for a large-scale deployment of biophilic principles would fall to waste if this self-talk aspect of human change consciousness, and performance for executives were not included. Whether it is for the purpose of boosting productivity, improving test scores, creating retail outlets with higher sales, or simply to lower health costs in organisations, self-talk at an individual level makes the business case for incorporating biophilia and Innerwealth Technologies Real Spirit process into the places where we live and work.

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