HAPPINESS ISN’T AN ACCIDENT In just 30 days learn and apply the world’s fastest most sustainable process to “How this simple 60 minute a day process guarantees your HAPPINESS 24/7”

And how you can be living it effortlessly for the rest of your life after just 30 days of practice….Ready?

  • Instantaneously turn every challenge into wise learning.
  • Add wisdom, knowledge and experience to your life way beyond your years.
  • Save the cost of wrinkles, butt kicks and burnout.
  • an effective day, combining the elements of healthy food, exercise and focus on the current task and making time for the big picture
  • Live without competing alternatives for any given minute or hour
  • Gain years of experience every time you spend a few minutes to get back on track.
  • It’s about clever use of time & resources to be absolutely present in each of the different pieces of the puzzle.
  • Clear a rolling fog that if allowed, will persist throughout the day/week/month/year.
  • the relief and release that comes with knowing you have had a solid, effective crack at something without the fog of distraction

Masterclass in happiness is a reversal of the unhealthy model that starts with motivated and ends with happiness. Instead, we create an absolute commitment to Happiness and from that we go out into the world and do what we love. It’s the opposite to what most people try to do. We replace motivation with inspiration.

The Way I see it:

Hidden in the meme of the Western mindset is a paradigm that needs to be questioned. Every achiever in life who sustains their achievement and holds onto the quality of their life has done what I’m going to share with you, they’ve reversed the paradigm, shifted their mindset. They’ve become happy, content, satisfied and fulfilled (lets call this inspired) before they’ve gone out into the world to love, work, play, perform, earn, invest, build and improve.

The foundation principles of this work are easy to grasp: That’s the starting point.

  1. You can’t give what you haven’t got and if your intent is to make others happy and fulfilled, ie motivate and inspire them, then the process starts with you.
  2. Reaching out for perfection is a toxic toilet trained habit. If you aren’t perfect, and in the perfect space, place and race already, then no matter where you end up, it’ll be imperfect. Can you see what’s got to change here.
  3. Going for broke, reaching out for the big goals, putting your heart into it, having visions is motivating and wonderful for resilience and essential to keep a feeling of control, but this is not achievement math. Achievement math is to know what you want, that’s great, but the first step before that is to be bloody happy with what you’ve got.

What others say

Peter… Halifax, Canada

Chris Walker brings love, romance, happiness and abundance into real life everyday reality through the understanding of natural law, and how we can live our life Inspired and in tune with it. 

Trudy – PEI Canada

This is truly the mastery in which Christopher Walker has over his own life and teaches others. His work is a magnificent response to the stresses of modern life, for people who are tired and overwhelmed and are yearning to take charge of their lives and make authentic statements of who they are. And in doing so simply be happy.

Sharon – Toronto Canada

Since that first meeting with Chris my life has taken on a new dimension, I understand myself more, the world and people around me, I am more at peace with myself, which I had not been for several years. I sought advice / solace from Chris when I was really struggling and hurting from a relationship and I was given the tools to help me through.

My Story

My mother died when I was just 30 months old. I watched happiness drain from the faces of my father and others around me. I watched people make choices to try to get themselves happy, like my violent and alcoholic step mother, and sabotage everything in the process. I was happy, my nickname was “sunshine” in spite of it all. But that didn’t last. Bullying and abuse caused me to grow a hard crust, a brave shell to stay happy on the inside even if the world around me wasn’t so great. That dichotomy, inside happy, outside overachiever, eventually bought me undone. I had to rebuild, but to what, where and how? I invested the best part of half of my life searching the stories, the myths, the promises and process for happiness. I eventually found it, and that’s what I share in this masterclass. I really do not like to see people hurting, or being hurt, least of all by their own approach to themselves.

My Guarantee

  • You’ll be happier all day everyday
  • You’ll rebound from unhappiness fast
  • You’l know when things are affecting you badly
  • You’ll know exactly how to overcome happiness destroying stress
  • You’ll look younger and feel healthier
  • You’ll solve problems faster and more calmly
  • You’ll waste less time in a funk
  • You’ll sleep better
  • You’ll have great sex and intimacy because happy is sexy
  • You’ll be trusted more

Learn how to recognise what makes you miserable and stop it before it starts and before life has to kick your butt – shunt you – knock you around to get you “Back to Happy again™” …

Here’s a short insight into the Back on Track programme

Audio created as a part of the Chris Walker Podcast

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