Did you hear people saying that this virus came out of China? The inference is that there was nothing and then there was something… that is not possible.

A person who fears the virus killing them or others, feared something else, like sharks, car accidents, air pollution, bush fires, cancer or whatever killing them and others before the virus. Their fears just changed form.

A person who was killing themselves with bad thinking or dirty overworked toxic working was already injecting virus into their heart and mind before the Covid came along. Slow suicide or fast, either way, nothing is missing just changed form.

A person who is desperately waiting for an immunologist to come up with a vaccine was playing victim and hoping for a pill to fix their life before the virus. Now they waiting for a different pill. Nothing is missing just changed form.

A person who was guided in life by avoiding bad things like people was already socially isolating / distancing before the virus, nothing missing, nothing new, just changed the form of the type of person they are distancing.

A person who was not interested in their work before the virus is still not interested. Same shit, different packet.

A person who felt emotionally excited before by speaking out against everything they don’t like (Narcisism) is not speaking out about the virus and management. The victims are victims, nothing is missing just changed in form.

Those who fear death for themselves and others are still fearing death just a different source. Nothing is missing just changed form.

Placebo is self belief. Do you have it?

Do you believe the world is a good place or bad? Do you believe you’re a hero, a loser or villain? Do you believe you are bulletproof or not?

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