Step 1. Entering the stream. We throw off the three dark emotions and recognise that life, without them as a burden, is beautiful. This is personal happiness. Turning Up

Step 2. Awareness. We develop the awareness of mindfulness. We become aware that what we think, what we do, have consequences far beyond what we can see. We become aware of the importance of life balance through health and self care.

Step 3. Effort. We learn the 4 secrets of right effort. We recognise that there is a limit to the time we have and that time itself is extremely precious. We learn to manage our efforts for success. This includes how we manage our workspace.

Step 4. Success. We discover the basis of success and in doing so tap our deepest humanity. Here we create clarity for self and others through a vision, inspiration and life purpose statement.

Step 5. Powers. The five faculties of the leader lift us into positions of social responsibility. We become capable of guiding others. Coaching and teaching others to deliver results while remaining good hearted within themselves and toward others.

Step 6. Awakening. Seven factors of awakening bring us closer to realisation. We become absolutely unconditional in our work. This requires a deeper understanding of the process of self-motivation, how to sustain it and work with the challenges that face us.

Step 7. Humility. We return to the first step, and begin the journey a second time with loving kindness, compassion joy and equanimity. We are teachers, or helpers and extend a hand to those who reach out for it.

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