“First of all, the leader must be one with the Earth”.

“First of all, the leader must be one with the Earth. He/she/it/they/them has had to find the time to understand themselves through the eyes of nature, learning who he/she/it/they/them are and where they fit in. They have have to break down the barriers that keep them separated from the natural world so that there is no inner or outer confusion. Their prime source of understanding and knowledge must come to them from the Earth, and they must realise that they are nothing more than a vessel that the Earth uses to guide others. They listen with their heart not just with their head, and they truly care for people. They love their enemies, for they believe that no matter what they send out, so too will they get in return. He/she/it/they/them care toward the land and their brothers and sisters, this is a powerful driving force. They are not only a leader of people but a leader of animals, plants, and Earth. Their power can be felt in the love they have for life and the faith they have in the Creation.”

When people ask me about what I’d change if I lived my life all over again there is really only one thing: I’d remove any angry or harsh words I’ve thought and spoken. So, I’d just focus on four great virtues: kindness, joyfulness, equanimity and compassion. 

The intellect, which humans very often confuse with wisdom, is only an external structure, a bridge to wisdom.  Wisdom is that which is learnt from within, whereas intellect is that which is acquired from without. The method of learning used to obtain wisdom is not the same that used to become educated in intellect.

From within we learn that giving joy and happiness to others is a great key to leadership, relationship and friendship. It is the key to abundance because all resources flow to a person who helps give joy and happiness to others. We feel stronger and more healthy in doing this.

Leaders also know from within that happiness for ourselves and others that causes no harm is powerful. This is a great awakening because there is often a need for a choice. Our pleasure versus the happiness of others. When this is no longer a compromise, a person has found their way.

To give happiness to others unconditionally without sacrificing our own happiness requires enormous self awareness. One must achieve the highest state of self-contentment before this is possible. In this giving, there is no wanting anything in return, no attachment, no sense of pride, or loss or gain because they are already full, no need for return. To this individual there is a great abundance. There is plenty to spare.

Giving happiness means removing the suffering from others and this is the highest of services to humanity. The key to it is that we must be happy, satisfied, content first. If we are not happy, content with our lives and know how to stay that way then the purpose of our giving, which is so often the case, is to make ourselves happy by making others happy. This makes huge trouble and is not leadership.

All the great leaders who have delivered on this earth have set removing the suffering of others as their highest standard. Whether it’s Steve Jobs or David Beckham. A leader must take people to where they want to go. All too often the leader is taking people to where the leader wants to go, and therefore playing all sorts of tricks to convince people that it’s a good idea. This is not leadership. I good leader finds out where people want to be and takes them there and in return gets loyalty.

Great leaders don’t invent the future. They find out where people want to go, and then show them how to get there.

Chris “Ghandi” Walker

I think this is an amazing discovery. If you want to be a leader, find out what people want, know how to get it for them, and start helping them. You’ll be a leader overnight.

Suffering and Real Yoga – My Mate Eddie

Listening to Eddie Stern he is so humble but lives and breathes yoga as a life.

Can You really Lose something

No Fear

Their is no greater enemy than doubt and yet, we must welcome it with the same open arms we do with love. However, we must let it go, faster.

Chris “Goethe” Walker

Letting go.

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