Vividness brings vitality. To bring anything into your life, Imagine that it’s already there.”

See yourself in a picture where your dreams are already being lived. What you see is what you get. Stretch your vision. Your vision is the spark from which your actions make the inferno. Visualise and focus on your dreams. Exclude all other interests from your mind.  Whatever you consistently see in your mind’s eye, germinates, grows and manifests into reality. Clearly focusing your mind’s picture define ever finer detail so as to become present with the image. “Vividness brings vitality. To bring anything into your life, Imagine that it’s already there.”.

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Resilience to opinions

If we are surrounded by people who doubt out skill, or measure us by their own conservative choices, then, we must become immune from their opinions. This is an important skill, and doing this without offence or judgement is not as easy as it first sounds. The way to achieve it, is compassion. That’s how to recognise people’s limits and not be affected. You feel compassion for their limited view. In this way, there is no feeling sorry for them, feeling guilty about your Path and, there’s no reaction. You don’t even get stuck. You just understand their limited perspective. With Compassion.

alue in what you give. Value the benefit of what you give the world hold this more important than the financial or ego-centric benefit. You have to know your own value before others do. This is more than a dream it is real value. What can you contribute? Is your music really that good? Find out, and value it. Bull dust does not sell at a real value level. Know your strengths at the true nature level (Effort) and focus your process.

Mental and physical rest is a vital part of success. If sleep is poor mental and physical capacities are limited. The first step in this plan to to make sure you enter sleep with a clear mind, so that you can surrender to the deeper realms of rest. To achieve these meditative states of sleep you will need to clear the way. This begins with gratitude for the day past. Recount each and every interaction of the past day, recall the day, and finish any unfinished emotional business. Are you holding guilt? Are you angry? Are you blaming someone? Anything that holds you in the past, will inhibit the deep meditation state achievable in sleep.

Success is nature’s wish for you. When you have your heart set on a dream, nature is your greatest friend. But impatience can bring us into conflict with nature. So, learning patience is both ideal for intuitive communication with the elements and self, however, when we speak of patience we are not talking of waiting quietly. Patience is the ability to say NO. Too much energy is wasted on dead ends or ego gratifying side tracks. Such things feel good and appear good but only when we don’t have patience. To say no, means, “thank you, but I know what I want.” The majority of people people waste 80% of their energy working on things they don’t really want. They have no patience. So, the skill of success is patience and the ability to say, No.

Correct Daily Habits. Commitment without compromise to daily habits of success is the focus on quality of the doing rather than the result. The result will take care of itself if you have chosen the correct habits of your day. To trust patience you take your vision, chunk it down to sub-vision (like what are the smaller achievements) and then goals, steps, and finally habits. Your habits must not be random. To be confident and therefore send yourself subliminal messages of a positive nature you must be confident that what you do everyday will bring you what you dream in the future. If your daily habit is eating chocolate and your dream is marathon then, unless the chocolate is part of a diet for calories, you are going in two different directions. There will be no patience.

What you think and thank about, you bring about! The subconscious mind and the conscious mind wander to the nearest watering hole. They are easily distracted by the four substitutes for joy. Food and substance, greed, sex and spirituality. To keep your mind on your success you will need to repeat the mantra of your success, your objectives to yourself daily, sometimes hourly. There are always excuses, always side tracks, always easier things to do. But when we work on low priorities we sabotage our self worth, and our self worth builds our real worth. Create and hold focus on your mission and avoid those things that distract your mind, like, for example, a spirituality that does not build your success. 


Your VISION of the Future. There are very few more important skills in energy management and direction than the ability to see the future. If you can see the future you can create it by putting your energy into it. The Real vision of the future lacks drama. If you are seeing the future as exciting, fantastic, wonderful or enjoyable, you are probably investing complex emotions and causing highly uncertain results. By adding more drama and excitement to your vision, you may be inadvertently sabotaging your efforts. Practice holding a picture in your mind’s eye. The longer you can hold it, the more it comes to reality. See how long you can maintain an inspiring idea in your mind. If you can truly hold any one picture or idea in your mind for more than seven seconds, you are exceptional. Until you can hold on to your picture or idea long enough for it to begin manifesting, your many other scattering pictures or ideas will overtake and weaken it. When any other picture or idea enters your mind, pluck it out and return to your chosen focus. By focusing on ever finer detail of the desired picture or idea you minimise other scattering pictures and ideas. 

Having a sense of your overall purpose in life, is a huge gift. It gives a quiet confidence to your daily routine and anchors the subconscious mind in a clear direction.

Affirm tomorrow, not next year, as the most joyful day of your life and let nothing break it. If the day ahead is not bringing you happiness, and you choose to ignore this, then you are handing yourself a very negative subliminal message. What would that message be? You are not worthy of happiness in the future? You are going to struggle? If guilt of the past is so bad, then it will sabotage your hopes for the future. Fear of the future or resentment about a negative experience you might expect to happen will break your spirit for the future.  Before going to bed write on a note pad, a bucket list of tomorrow’s activities. Create this list as you would create a dream. List every activity, every meeting, every thing you need to do but spin it to make it something you love to do and look forward to. Subliminal forces will be designed into your tomorrow throughout the night and right from the very first breath on waking you will feel the power of it. If it is not an impressive list, then, you must re write it creating a new impression. Do not enter a bed with reluctance about tomorrow, it can set into the subconscious an awful chain of events. Eventually, your listing may become mental only, but this is, in the early stages of success, prone to error because there are some things that are about to happen and we may forget them. 

Practice – between performances. A young man came to me looking for help. He wanted to be an artist, and was well educated in that field, but, he was unable to earn his livelihood from it, so, he took another job. He was asking me how to make a livelihood from his art so he could fulfil his dream. It was a youthful question. I admired his open minded approach. I answered, “do not give up your day job. Nature has given you sustenance but, she has not tied your hands behind your back. What do you do at lunch time at work?” Diligence is practice, practice, practice. Do the thing you love in between the work you do for sustenance. Don’t always be in a rush to live the dream. Do the job, do it exceptionally well, but do it so that it makes it possible for you to follow your dreams. Do not become boring to yourself or you will drive out every gift that nature has given you, including your immune system, your love life, your self respect and the respect of those around you. Pay any price, do any job, but never give up your dreams. Practice between time. On the way to work, on the way home, at work breaks, when you wake up and more. Be an artist who’s day job gives the gift of abundance so that you can develop your art. Nature never destroys things, she evolves them. So, if you stay with your art, and your work with diligence you will one day merge the two and find yourself being paid for your art.

Link All Seven Areas of Your Life TO YOUR SUCCESS. Spiritual, Mental, Career, Health, Relationship, Social, Financial. How do each of the seven areas of life help you fulfil your success?  Create a list of how how time spent within each area will help you fulfil your success and allow you to experience more of your life’s balance.

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Did you know that subliminal advertising can cause us to buy goods, drink drinks, eat foods we don’t really want or need? Billboards placed at strategic places on a highway can cause us to become hungry and with a choice of 5 food stops ahead, choose the one, subliminally suggested to us on that billboard. We are highly affected by our environment, relationship and circumstances, all of which are subliminal signals.

Clothing. Success demands that we control these subliminal factors. We must treat ourselves as we wish to be treated, dress as we wish to become, act the success we wish to achieve. These are not, on their own, the means to success but, like those billboards on the highway, powerful influences on our choices.

Office design. Our physical environment is another continual subliminal message that we need to control. A person committed to success must control their environment to reflect a positive influence on their subconscious. They must create the environment that is symbolic of their desire for success.

Books and papers that sit around. Subliminal messages are accidentally presented to us on newspaper headlines, book spines, letters from banks and things we do not even recognise. I bought some polarised sunglasses from the Cancer Council of Australia and left them near my desk in a branded sleeve. The word CANCER was so clear that I dreamt it the following night. This is how powerful subliminal environmental messages are. At this point on the Path, you will need to consider all the book spines that speak to you in your home, the messages in antiques, gifts and your choices of ornaments. Are they authentic and positive to your success.

The subliminal message we give ourselves when human nature goes against our expectations is highly destructive. Do not be naive. Separate your hopes for humanity from the true nature of humanity. There can be no greater trust than the one based on truth. Truth about human nature is not the same as hopes for human nature. Truth about human nature comes from the laws of nature. This includes duality (there are two sides to everyone), purpose (people sabotage anything that is not linked to their purpose), Harmony (people grow in the direction of their dominant thought) and Connectedness (what we judge we breed). The hope that people will be worthy of our trust, is a naive hope that empowers them, and makes us the victim. We cause people to be trustworthy. This is an important subliminal strength to know we cause the world around us.

What you think and thank about, you bring about!.

Chris “Aristotle” Walker

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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