When we shrink to worry about what we cannot change we create disturbance in our mind. This disturbance is called noise. Mind noise will never be followed in business or home life. Mind noise is internal but it is mirrored in disease, defensiveness and lack of heart. We call mind noise half hearted. When a person is worried they do not turn up in life. They then sabotage what they are doing. So eliminating mind noise is the art of resilience. The further you get away from something in both time and space, the clearer it is. But we cannot sit on the moon all the time, or fly to the Himalayas each weekend to cool off from taking the small view. What we must do is step back every now and then to get a “helicopter view.” From the helicopter, moon or mountain top we will achieve what is called the “overview effect.” —

When astronauts see the Earth from space, they often experience a sense of awe and clarity known as the Overview Effect. This feeling can trigger a sense of cosmic interconnectedness, unity, and responsibility


We do not need a space ship. We need the universal laws of nature so that we can always find order in the chaos. Each law is dependent on the other laws. When you apply these universal laws of nature you are looking at life from a space ship even though you are sitting on the grass or touching a tree or even sitting in a board room. The viewpoint – the overview effect, does not require actual distance, it requires a new lens on things. It is the difference between an emotion (right up close caught in the story) and reality, a very detached, and inspiring view.


Innerwealth Chris Walker Consciousness Image

There are seven levels of the mind, seven brains. Each thinks differently and has a different purpose. The least evolved is your GOT TO – primal brain. It is there to get you in and out of danger and as you can imagine, has a tightly focussed view of the danger zone. This is the brain that causes most severe stress and high reactive emotional debt. A dictator or “my way or the highway” leader might use this brain to intimidate and bully.

Each time you rise up a brain level, the view gets larger. The Should brain is not in severe reaction like the GOT TO brain, but is incredibly righteous. Moral and ethical imprisonment usually dealing with either a religious fundamentalism or a severe reaction such as a post traumatic stress.

The Need to brain was once called the Soul by ancient Greek philophers because this is the SOLAR-PLEXUS area of the body.. The seat of hara, or emotion. Many martial artists bring themselves to this powerful level in order to be in combat. It’s view is broader and multi dimensional view comes alive.

Want to is the western definition of “empowered” and many leaders will be heard saying “this is what I want and don’t want.” It’s romantic too: I want you. And it’s sad, “I don’t want you.” at this level of view there is considerable awareness of many diverse options and there’s a keen desire to wrap it all and have it all.

These bottom four levels are laced with emotion. Decisions are not always wise and there’s a significant personal cost because they all require a significant amount of combative negotiation to deal with opposition. It’s what I refer to as “Management.”

The next three levels are inspired. They do not, as their lower cousins do, require a polarised view in order to function. In other words, instead of reacting they are acting. Of course, the higher you go the bigger the viewpoint, the larger the vision, the more the overview effect is similar to a space traveller. You do not get caught in the forest.

Getting from GOT TO TO LOVE TO is the journey of the emotional shower but there are other skills that are essential. We’ll cover those later in the programme.


The smaller we shrink, the more we think we are under threat. It is easy to lose perspective as in the video above. Keep your head on straight at work means resilience, the ability to be clear about what is your hand and what is your reaction to your ego. If you can separate these two, you’ll be less reactive and more easily recognise which hand is yours.


A stressed person is misdirected. They are focussed on themselves while someone shifts the work. To see the illusion of stress is really important. Stress is a lopsided thought. When we live in the past we get stressed. When we live in fear we get stressed. The solution is always a balanced thought.


The bigger your view on life the better it is. A small view creates a small life, don’t sweat the small stuff.


Chris – Da Vinci Walker


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