The poorer people are, the messier their world. In a community where many people are unemployed there is the maximum rubbish on the street, broken things lying around, rubbish left and unpleasant environment. One would think that with excess time on their hands a gheto would be spotless, a low income area maintained to perfection, but it is not the case. The less people care about their surroundings the poorer they seem to be or, the poorer a person seems to be the less they care about their surroundings. This is one great attribute of private over public schools, growing up in meticulous and quite profound environments is an affirmation for success. And yet, in your undies draw will be a range of underwear from the latest victoria secret g-string (yes guys that includes you) to an old pair of skid marked undies you got from grandpa. We clutter and we do wear an extraordinary amount of really terrible underwear, socks and gym clothes that would be rejected by homeless people. Our shoe cupboard is filled with those “one day” I’ll wear them, shoes. And the “when I’ clothes that represent the possibility that one day in the next 200 years you will walk on the moon or really go camping where those disgusting shorts would be acceptable. (don’t wear them in the Himalayas please). And we do not always get the best advice from our loved ones. When my current wife moved in she needed cupboard space and we went through my wardrobe. I threw out the most beautiful Georgio Armani black label jackets she didn’t like and replaced them with H&M $10 tees. In a flash of Declutter I lowered my clothing from the community I served to the financial status of my new partner, which, let me say doesn’t stop me loving her, just realise that what I wear is a really important part of what I do. One client I worked with was a senior partner in a big firm with a shitty cheap suit and old pair of dirty shoes and couldn’t work out why he was struggling. His partner too was not of the wealth world and obviously never saw wrong in buying cheap suits.


It’s time, today, now, to go to your undies drawer and throw. Throw undies and sox you should never be tempted to wear even gardening. Dump it because the brotherhood bin does’t want that gooey stuff. Then tee shirts and shirts and blouses that are for others, then stuff you haven’t worn for 6 months. Give, sell, dump, throw. Then shoes, hats bags. then jackets suits and more. It’s time. Once done, get rid of it before you have a change of heart. Now to your office and boom, dump. Then look around the house for complexity. Clear it. Simplify. And last and as important, your hard-drive. This is your opportunity to create stillness, performance and mindset all in one within an hour. I guarantee you’ll feel lighter and better. One of the hardest things for me was throwing out the “one day” clothes that I bought on sale, hated wearing it, but say to myself “one day” I’ll get a chance to wear that and justify the money I wasted. Don’t. Ok go……. that’s homework #1.

DDD and OSD – Defining High Performance at Work.

I want you to think of your work as small boxes of things you do. Each day you pack them, ship them and hope they arrive where you sent them. The question on the top of your mind is how do I pack more boxes faster? That’s the definition of high performance. Nobody cares about your stress except you so the key here is to add, “how do I pack more boxes, faster, without getting stressed?” Great question right? So, there are a few solutions that come quickly to mind: 1. Organise the process so you pack the hard boxes first – that’s prioritisation of the important stuff. 2. Work out which boxes you pack the same every day, boring, and create an automated system for it so they pack themselves, or someone else just packs them according to your well oiled instructions. 3. You use your personal time and bring boxes home to pack and just get things done no matter how long it takes. Option 3, is what most people do, and what most people suffer stress, busy-ness, and don’t have the best health or family situation. So let’s get rid of Option 3. In saying that, some people just ask the company to ask them to pack less boxes and only do it 4 days a week or 3. That doesn’t solve the issue of productivity and is sort of painting themselves into a corner. So let’s explore DDD and OSD. It turns out that in my past life as a business consultant I used to make a bet with clients. That bet was that I could do their job in half the time they did. I won every bet. Why? because I asked what’s mission critical, what’s political, what’s repetitive the same and what’s the objective of every single thing they did. So, I knew where to dump, what to do and what to delegate. DDD – DO-DUMP-DELEGATE. You’ll see the form below. THE OSD is a doozy. OSD – ORGANISE-SUPERVISE – DEPUTISE. Many people dump their overloaded to do list on others. That’s not cool. So, what i work with people to do is to turn anything they do the same twice into a system. Then I try to teach someone the system, (Organise – Supervise). When the teaching reveals that I have not made the process simple enough, i go back and do it again. Then try to teach it again. Once it’s easy to teach, I delegate the system, not the job or task. Form below.


Getting outdoors has one key and vital condition for forest bathing and that is your ability to count your blessings. I think, from my work with monks in Nepal and Tibet that this forms the foundation of happiness, counting your blessings. Did you know that you can’t be grateful and unhappy at the same time. So gratitude walk is healing walk too. From those same teachers in Nepal Himalayas I learnt that we must start with little tiny thinking to count our blessings, ants, worms and butterflies are all life and we may not worry if we squash one but at the same time, we can feel blessed that they exist. Every ant, no matter how small, has a heart and digestion system. Amazing right? So, a Walker Talk starts with counting our blessings that small things are great. Then we can expand to big things, trees etc and finally to ourselves (you know that without an arse hole you’d be dead in hours) so, even be grateful for that tiny blessing. On your Walker Talk, fight the tendency to look at what’s wrong – like plastic bags, or noisy dogs or whatever and instead, be a spin guru and see how those things being on the road, are a blessing. I mean, if you can’t count your blessings walking around the neighbourhood then there’s zero change of doing it in a sweaty office filled with emotionally charged and half interested souls. One 20 minute walk a day morning and or night. Fast or slow, including the breathing or not, but no phones please unless it’s to superhero Chris Walker who is here to help you grow an attitude of gratitude rather than attitude sickness (feeling critical). Keep it up for 30 days… smell the roses.

Ancient Greeks defined beauty as “symmetry, proportion and order.” That means the ultimate in simplicity is anything that has organisation, is symmetrical (balance) and pleasing to the eye. We define a face that is beautiful because of those same criteria. Declutter and make small things count.”

Chris – Da Vinci Walker



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