Depression Management

Depression is Human

Depression is the opposite to Elation. They co-exist one expressed, the other repressed.

This is a broad catch all topic and cautiously we need to proceed here with recommendations. There are many levels of depression, including chronic, some are dangerous and self destructive. So, please proceed here with due caution. Gratitude and depression cannot exist in the one heart. I have tried this and I know that when I am not thankful for what I have, when I’m discontent, or disappointed, I become forlorn, depressed.  When things don’t go as we want we get depressed. There are many cures, including medication but I prefer not to use those. I recommend the following process.

1/ Become a fitness/health fanatic

2/ Learn to be thankful for small things

3/ Create an adaptive vision for the future

4/ Change your diet to alkalising food and get off stimulants

5/ Change your posture

6/ Consider letting go of a few things

7/ Remind yourself that disappointment is one of the most spiritual awareness there is

8/ Link your depression to an upper you are addicted to.  –


Very often we get a depression because we are not letting go. To hold back from letting go, we hold back love, and that makes us angry. Depression and sadness are similar but sadness can last days while depression can go much longer and harder. In letting go, we can appreciate that we can’t lose anything, it just changes in form. This means, it is emotions that are depressive, not you. You can control emotions, if you intervene in the process early enough. This we can help you with.


Much depression comes because we have hopes for the future that get smashed and we don’t get time to re-invent ourselves. A lost future is confronting and frightening. And until we replace it with a new one, believing it to be better than the old one, we are depressed. Hence, a vision setting, confidence resetting, ambition rebuilding process becomes important yet, in a state of feeling depressed such an achievement becomes impossible. Therefore, between the past and the future we have no option but to learn how to turn up in the present, enthusiastic and inspired. This skill we can teach.


Nothing affects the future more than the story of the past. Stories of the past, reveal our viewpoint, and therefore are predictive of the future. While we tell dark stories of the past, the future remains awful and we will in turn become depressed. Retelling our past stories and events to friends therefore becomes a way of healing. But telling old stories of hardship and difficulty about the past reinforces our depression. Our coaching supports and challenges clients. It therefore listens, but does not reinforce old patterns, it challenges them to be wiser and more predictive of a great future.

Depression is human. However, it does not have to last more than it needs to, roughly an hour.

Chris Walker


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