Self- awareness is an ongoing and continuous journey.


Set up your chair or floor mat and arrange the mirror candles as already shown. Have a musical instrument nearby (anything).

Do the preparation exercise as presented in week 1. for 10 minutes.

Strike a note on your musical instrument (it can be a bell even), hold it sustained (keep it sounding – let it ring) , close your eyes, attempt to see the note as a colour, an overtone. You will see rapid changing series of tiny specks of different colours, each speck being a different overtone (one note has many different components).

Strike another note and close your eyes, each different note creates a different series of overtones and a distinct series and ranges of colour.

This exercise helps develop inner centers by translating sound into visions. Interpretation of sound and light are one.

Work on this for four weeks.


The law that says take no chances is the best of all human laws, and leads to success at all times. Another law which says “be patient” is perfect advice for the astute. Be willing and able to wait, for everything. This does not mean going to sleep. Waiting should be with intensity, but without frustration. It requires continuous diligence and vigilance. Waiting is not sleep it is action.


Use knowledge to extinguish risk. Much of the trouble of life has come from believing other people. Take no chances. Do not believe what you are told. Do not believe advertisements, all your judgments should inform you that. If there were the golden opportunities that you see so often in print, the idle capital of the wealthy would absorb them in a short time. As you find yourself with more capital, you must invest more in learning something about the financial markets and conditions. They are worth studying. You can find out many facts that will give you a keener judgment. In making a land investment, the better way is to first place the money where it will draw interest in some first-class and high-grade savings bank, or in bonds. There it will be safe. Then look around for a good real estate bargain. There may be none for awhile. Do not believe anything told to you by a real estate dealer. They can make simple truth stagger like a drunk, or loosen your mind with friendship and charisma, friendly advice, even sexual overtones. Accept their opinion as biased from a sales person and it will be of extraordinary value.


The Bible gives the advice to take no thought of the morrow. There have been many families who have frozen to death because of the misinterpretation this idea. There is no sure away of turning smart wise people into neophytes than to preach this as if it meant that no thought or provision should be made about the future days or years. Living in the present is suicide.

Future seeing. Is preached in all parts of the Bible, and is the basis of all human conduct. What a man sows he shall reap, is emphatic and every way. As a twig is bent, so is the tree inclined, is nothing but future seeing. “Be ye ready,” is future seeing.

Do not trust advice from those who can gain from your approval. I watched a speaker sweep through the Australia telling people how to live their lives. I saw people adopting this in no small way. Two years later he was in Jail. Nearly 300,000 people watched and paid for his presentations. And accepted his philosophies, which eventually failed. Be careful. You can’t defy nature, she is relentless.

Most financiers are people who take chances. They make and they loose. Ninety percent, die poor. This record as a bad one. Even if only 10 percent of the financiers became poor, you might find yourself in the rotten tenth..



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