A New Way To Work and Play

Thought power is all power.

I have explained what the mystics have found to be the keys to life (Universal Laws of Nature and the Manifestation Process) and now it is time to practice the mastery of them. This process of mastery takes one year. It should be done religiously, fanatically without break. The commitment is to build mastery through regular practice. Although we have defined the perfect environment here in these notes, the exercises, learned one at a time can be done anywhere that there is no disturbance possible. Follow these instructions where possible. Please note they are not essential until the more advanced practice but help build focus and mastery in the mind from the beginning.

Thought power is all power. Rather than control thought, we choose to direct it. This is the art of creation, idea, thought, vision, visualisation, detail, manifestation. This amazing program is for all individuals who choose to remember their true home in the universe, the power that has been invested with them and the responsibility to create destiny with it. It is yours.


Mind over matter is a critical element of Future Seeing

Future Seeing is a form of personal power.

Future Seeing allows the individual to be in the affirmative.

Future Seeing leads to the power for control of mind over matter.

Future Seeing is acquired by the practice of shifting the defensive attitude.

Future Seeing is capable of accomplishing the great things of life.

Future Seeing links cause and effect.


There is an incredible value in the importance of making yourself worth more to others and to your family than an owner of money. You must also acknowledge your worth as a friend, a family member, a guide for others, your thoughts., your example, your strength and your courage. Your persistence is worth something, your constancy of purpose, and your integrity. These are more precious than pearls and diamonds. They should be valued as such and not diminished. Money and wealth give freedom and this is independence. It is important. But more important is the necessity to find integrity in the development of awareness of beauty within and the valuation of this for others. Here lies true self worth and from it, material wealth may grow in abundance..


Vacations tire and waste body, mind and purpose. They are not advised and badly executed as a rule. There are two extremes for everything. Things that are good for a person may become injurious if done to excess. Certainly the family that spends all its surplus income and more, as is too often the case, in a wearying and disappointing vacations, and returns weakened, to the same worries as before, is not receiving good, but rather harm, from the venture. Instead, make each day an adventure into the unknown. Explore and practice as I will share with you. Teach your children over the age of 8 years these practices. It would be a profound capacity you will ignite … but do not teach others.



We teach self-fullness – not selfishness. Feather your own nest. Birds do it, and they out taught by the Great Mother of us all; so why not you? Don’t take this wrongly. Don’t steal or deceive. Don’t lift one finger to hurt or abuse your neighbour. Try to make them like yourself, saving and cautious, creating wealth for the future. Universal prosperity is better than a wide distance between the rich and the poor. But, after doing all you can to help others, never fail to take advantage of wanton wastefulness. People waste money on all manner of things, alcohol, indulgence and more. Take your advice from nature.

Material progress is the best of all as a basis. People think it is against the true spirit to accumulate property; but if you do not do this, you will depend on others or on the public; and commonsense tells you that it is better to be able to pay your own bills than to beg for existence..




By Chris Walker

Chris Walker is CEO and Founder of Innerwealth Technologies. Adventurer, Life Coach, Management Consultant and Author Chris inspires change.

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