Mind over matter is a critical element of Future Seeing Future Seeing is a form of personal power.

Future Seeing allows the individual to be in the affirmative.

Future Seeing leads to the power for control of mind over matter.

Future Seeing is acquired by the practice of shifting the defensive attitude.

Future Seeing is capable of accomplishing the great things of life.

Future Seeing links cause and effect.

We have explained what the mystics have found to be the keys to life and now it is time to practice the mastery of them. This process of mastery takes one year. It should be done religiously, fanatically without break.

The commitment is to build the mastery, through regular practice. Although we have defined the perfect environment here in these notes, the exercises, learned one at a time can be done anywhere that there is no disturbance possible. Follow these instructions where possible.

Thought power is all power.


Rather than control thought, we choose to direct it. This is the art of creation, idea, thought, vision, visualization, detail, manifestation. This amazing program is for all individuals who choose to remember their true home in the universe, the power that has been invested with them and the responsibility to create destiny with it. It is yours.

Here are more steps to mastery in the material world. They will take you over one month to complete.

  • Arrange the mirror and chair and incense etc as before.
  • Do the preparation exercise and while doing so breathe slowly and deeply only through the right nostril for ten minutes.
  • After that, light the incense, do not light incense during the breathing exercise.
  • After lighting the incense, close your eyes, create your cloud.
  • Spin it to left, stop it, spin it to the right, stop it again.
  • Will it to assume a circular shape, not a ring, but a full disk.
  • Spin it to left, stop it, spin it to the right, stop it again.
  • After you have spun your coloured disc to the left, stopped, and then to the right, will the disc to become a ring of coloured matter, first white, then any colour.
  • Turn the ring into a triangle, then a square, oblong, or any other shape.
    Return to the white disc again, then bring it to life in the form of a flower. First a rose, add stems and leaves, then change it to any other flower you choose.
  • Work on this for four weeks.

By Chris Walker

Chris Walker is CEO and Founder of Innerwealth Technologies. Adventurer, Life Coach, Management Consultant and Author Chris inspires change.

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