Choose an environment with absolutely no interruption. There can be no sudden starts or shocks during this exercise period.

Place a mirror against a wall and sit on a chair, or the floor (whichever is most suitable for a straight spine for you) 2 meters away from the mirror, facing the mirror. Place the mirror straight in front of you (standing on a small table or box at a height where the top of the table is at the level where your lower sternum in the centre of your chest parts with the ribs) so you can see the upper part of your body and head.

Place a tee light candle on each side of the mirror, 10cm ahead of the right or left side of the edge of the mirror in front on the table where the level of the table is as where your lower sternum in the centre of your chest parts with the ribs. (Leave the mirror unobstructed) make the room completely dark, except for the light of the two candles. Cut out of strong white paper or cardboard, an equal sided triangle measuring 450 mm on each edge.

Place the triangle on the floor midway between you and the mirror. Have the base of the triangle toward you. At one side of the triangle base (The side facing your left as you face the mirror) place a bowl of clean earth. At the opposite side of the triangle base place a glass or crystal bowl of fresh clean water. At the center of the base of the triangle between you and the triangle place good quality incense.

Place the legs of the chair (or sit directly on) a rubber mat or yoga mat…

Keep the triangle clean. Light the candles. Sit in your chair or on the floor for ten minutes. Focus your mind on inner stillness, have your eyes open.

After ten minutes, light the incense.

Look into the mirror with the inner (third) eye. (the area between the eyebrows)
Remain calm, blot out all and every form of thought. Hold this position dead still. 10 minutes

Work on this for four weeks.


Have you ever experienced a moment when everything seems to stand still and time completely stops. This is a moment of hesitation, needed in all walks of life that shifts you from spontaneous reaction to considered action. For example: someone you consider important asks you a question and you engage this moment to value your response. It might even be to question them on what they really want. (good listening) – The triangle practice, Called the SHEKKI – delivers you that nano second after a very short period of practice. Remember, eyes open and use peripheral vision to soften your eyes.


When they measure the reaction speed of Mohamed Ali on camera during his fights, it seems as if he knows where the punch is coming from before the hand moves. Predictive accuracy can not be mastered at this level unless it’s a gift, but you can come closer to it in all walks of life. The SHEKKI is one practice that creates this perfectly, the ability to stop or slow time..


Before a person speaks you know what they are going to say. Everyone has this talent but some of us, those who had violent childhoods, are gifted this skill as a form of survival. To learn it the hard way is one path but sitting with the SHEKKI is another. Learning to predict the future is a good asset, work, sport and play.

Thought power is all power.

Chris “The SHAMAN” Walker


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